FP Behind the Scenes: The Parents Saying No to Smartphones

Join us this Wednesday for a subscriber-only event. Plus: watch the recording from last week’s event about the sorry state of high school debate. | Continue reading

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Flight Club: Is the Movement to Rename the Audubon Society for the Birds?

John James Audubon owned slaves. The famous conservation organization bearing his name is now riven over what to do about this history. | Continue reading

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Things Worth Remembering: An Ode to a Delicate Soul

John Keats, who died tragically with little renown at 25, wrote poignant poems that eventually gave him everlasting life. | Continue reading

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Dr. Peter Attia on How Live Longer and Feel Younger

A conversation with the longevity expert about his new book 'Outlive'—and what makes life worth living in the first place. | Continue reading

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TGIF: Instigators, Investigators, and Aliens

Prince Harry gets sued. James Beard winners are exposed. BLM’s cofounder loses her Warner Brothers deal. Plus: Biden stumbles again. | Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Forever with Dr. Peter Attia

Listen now (78 min) | It’s almost hard to believe, but in the 1950s doctors were frequently portrayed in TV commercials for. . . cigarettes. That’s because smoking wasn’t just seen as cool and glamorous, but as an actual health-enhancing activity. Fast-forward t … | Continue reading

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The Revolt of the Farmers

The Dutch government wants farmers to give up their land to save the planet. They're fighting back. | Continue reading

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FP Behind the Scenes: The Hijacking of High School Debate

Find the link here for our live event at 5:00pm PST this Thursday, June 1. | Continue reading

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RFK Jr. and the Populist Wave

Why are Kennedy and Marianne Williamson polling so highly against Biden? Says one Democratic backer: ‘There’s a reckoning coming.’ | Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About That High School Debate Story

A subscriber-only event this Thursday with James Fishback and high school debaters. | Continue reading

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H. R. McMaster: The Soldiers I Remember

If we are to honor all those who’ve died in our names, we must remember each individual soul. On this Memorial Day, I pay tribute to Private First Class Joseph Knott. | Continue reading

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Things Worth Remembering: The Extraordinary Courage of Tatiana Gnedich

Condemned to ten years in the gulag, the scholar sat in her cell and translated an epic poem—all 16,000 lines—from memory. | Continue reading

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The Time Billionaires

A concept that changed my life. | Continue reading

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TGIF: Cruising for a Bruising

Canadians say yes to death. South Koreans say no to birth. Plus: DeSantis, flat-earthers, a Citi Bike Karen—and Bezos’s amazing love boat. | Continue reading

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At High School Debates, Debate Is No Longer Allowed

At national tournaments, judges are making their stances clear: students who argue ‘capitalism can reduce poverty’ or ‘Israel has a right to defend itself’ will lose—no questions asked. | Continue reading

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The Tech Messiahs Who Want to Deliver Us from Death

They see death as a software error—and they have a plan for fixing it. But should they? | Continue reading

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Disney v. DeSantis: The Mouse Bites Back

In a fit of pique, Florida’s governor decided to go after one of America’s most beloved companies. It could cost him the presidency. | Continue reading

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Get To Know Tim Scott: The GOP’s Newest Presidential Hopeful

Listen now (56 min) | Earlier today, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott entered the race for President. That makes him the sixth Republican candidate to get into the race, in a crowded attempt to beat the current frontrunner, former President Donald Trump. So for today’s epis … | Continue reading

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The Parents Saying No to Smartphones

‘How you help them learn to be present, in a task or with a relationship, is one of the top challenges of our generation. Part of that is going to be saying no.’ | Continue reading

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Things Worth Remembering: Lord Byron’s Zest for Life

The great Romantic poet lived fast, died young, and scorched it all onto the page. | Continue reading

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Down With Pickleball! Long Live Tennis

Plus: The Great Light Beer War of 2023 in today’s culture war double feature. | Continue reading

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Death to Pickleball! Long Live Tennis

Pickleballers must be stopped—for the good of the courts and the nation. | Continue reading

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The Great Lite Beer War of 2023!

Can stoking the culture wars make a can of suds relevant? | Continue reading

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Death to Pickeball. Long Live Tennis!

Pickleballers must be stopped—for the good of the courts and the nation. | Continue reading

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TGIF: The Suburbs Are Back!

Polygamy is in. DeSantis and #MeToo are out. Plus, conservatives save an anarchist coffee shop. | Continue reading

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The FBI Didn’t Persecute Hillary. It Protected Her.

That’s the big reveal in the 306-page Durham report. | Continue reading

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Event Recording: Is Justice Still Blind in Canada?

For those of you who missed last night's Zoom with Peter Savodnik, Rupa Subramanya, Nadia Robinson, Danardo Jones, and Ryan Handlarski. | Continue reading

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Miracles and Madness: Israel at 75

In 1948, a handful of Jews performed an act of political resurrection when they re-established a state in the land of Israel. Daniel Gordis asks: Has it fulfilled its founders’ dreams? | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 20 days ago

Israel at 75: Miracles and Madness

Listen now (96 min) | Seventy-five years ago this week, the Jewish community of Palestine (known as the yishuv) gathered in the art museum of Tel Aviv—then a city of less than 200,000 inhabitants—in order to perform a resurrection. Thirty-seven people—36 men and … | Continue reading

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How Therapists Became Social Justice Warriors

‘They are training people who will not be able to see half the population as human beings who need compassionate treatment.’ | Continue reading

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Live Event Tomorrow: The End of Blind Justice?

Join FP reporters and sources for an exclusive conversation about an approach to criminal justice poised to reshape our legal system. | Continue reading

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What Neither Side Gets Right About Jordan Neely’s Death

Many of the people who argued vehemently against giving men the benefit of the doubt during MeToo now expect women to shrug off menacing men on the subway. | Continue reading

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Front Row at the World Series for Teenage Bible Scholars

At the national Hebrew Bible Quiz, kids try to answer questions even rabbis don’t know. ‘Yeah,’ says one 12-year-old, ‘it’s nerdy.’ | Continue reading

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Things Worth Remembering: A Poem for Parents

As C. Day Lewis wrote for his own son, ‘love is proved in the letting go.’ | Continue reading

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When Motherhood Requires Lifting a Whole World Off Its Axis

I spent years desperately trying to solve the mystery of my son’s illness. A chance encounter with another mother changed my life—and is now poised to change his. | Continue reading

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Weekend Listening: Peter Thiel Says We Have Bigger Problems Than Wokeness

The ‘pariah of Silicon Valley’ on China, TikTok, AI, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, Florida and California, God, new moonshots, and how to make America great again. | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 25 days ago

TGIF: The Greatest Show on Earth

Trump & Tucker are baaack. The Bidens make bank. George Santos finally gets busted. Plus, the culture war over Cleopatra. | Continue reading

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America Needs a Self-Help Book. Tim Urban's Got One.

Listen now (76 min) | A few years ago, writer and cartoonist Tim Urban started becoming troubled by what he saw going on in the world around him. He noticed that while technology was progressing in unbelievable ways—people were going to space on private rocket ships and com … | Continue reading

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The Race for Clicks Was a Fool’s Game

Capitalism’s brutal lessons for BuzzFeed, Vice, Gawker. And: Will Tucker Carlson’s Twitter bet pay off? | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 27 days ago

Can Joe Rogan Make Austin the Comedy Capital of America?

Comics like Dave Chappelle and Roseanne Barr are free to do ‘third rail stand-up’ at Rogan’s new club. ‘We don’t do it as an alternative to comedy. We do it because that is comedy,’ he tells The FP. | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 28 days ago

Why Steven Crowder’s Marriage Matters

Treating your wife like an indentured servant is not conservative, writes Bethany Mandel. It’s abusive. | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 28 days ago

Is Justice Still Blind in Canada?

Equality under the law is the cornerstone of liberal democracy. But judges across the country are now factoring race into sentencing. | Continue reading

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Things Worth Remembering: The Poet Who Captured Immortality

Stephen Spender was not a great poet. But he came close to greatness when he wrote about those who were. | Continue reading

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King Peter Pan III

Britain’s monarch, the 40th to be crowned at Westminster Abbey since William the Conqueror in 1066, travels with his own bed and toilet seat. | Continue reading

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TGIF: Writers of the World, Unite!

Goodbye and good luck to Vice, Steven Crowder, and late night. Plus, the stone of scone, the strike of the scribes, and much more. | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 1 month ago

There Is No Turning Back on AI

The only question is: will we learn how to live in moving history? | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 1 month ago

The Inside Forces Upending Medicine

DEI in our med schools, trauma in psychiatry: two stories explore the sabotage of science. | Continue reading

@thefp.com | 1 month ago

Peter Thiel Says America Has Bigger Problems Than Wokeness

Listen now (81 min) | Peter Thiel doesn’t shy away from taking big bets. From Facebook (he was the company’s first outside investor) to Gawker (he successfully conspired to put the website out of business) and, of course, to Trump (he threw his support behind the nomi … | Continue reading

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