‘Fishyleaks’ website hopes to land those guilty of overfishing

Charity accuses government agencies of ignoring ‘rampant’ rule-breaking in EU waters, and encourages whistleblowers | Continue reading

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Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Supporters believe fully automated luxury communism is an opportunity to realise a post-work society, where machines do the heavy lifting and employment as we know it is a thing of the past | Continue reading

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The Great Hack

This week, a Netflix documentary on Cambridge Analytica sheds light on one of the most complex scandals of our time. Carole Cadwalladr, who broke the story and appears in the film, looks at the fallout – and finds ‘surveillance capitalism’ out of control | Continue reading

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Recycling plastic into hydrogen, methane and other gases

Breakthrough means less pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions | Continue reading

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An 'oasis' for women? Inside Saudi Arabia’s vast new female-only workspaces

The kingdom has long been a man’s world, where women have the legal status of children. Do the latest reforms represent progress – or a PR exercise? | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 20 hours ago

Perhaps the best dinosaur fossil ever discovered. Why has hardly anyone seen it?

A Montana rancher found two skeletons in combat – the Dueling Dinosaurs. But who do they belong to, and will the public ever see them? | Continue reading

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Norwich: Award winning, energy-saving, social housing revolution

The 100 homes on Goldsmith Street aren’t just smart and modern. They may be the most energy-efficient houses ever built in the UK. Could this be the start of proper social housing? | Continue reading

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I was Insta-famous and it was one of the worst things to happen in my 20s

You get trapped in your own triviality, in the mind numbing packaging and distribution of the minutiae of your day | Continue reading

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Taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year

Even short-haul flights produce huge amounts of CO2, figures show | Continue reading

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Publisher accused of 'ripping off' best-selling book on racism

Ben Lindsay’s We Need To Talk About Race has similar cover and title to prizewinning book by Reni Eddo-Lodge | Continue reading

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Great Barrier Reef authority urges 'fastest possible action' on emissions

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says ‘further loss of coral is inevitable’ | Continue reading

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The Weird Magic of Eiderdown

The long read: In Iceland, the harvesting of these precious feathers has created a peculiar bond between human and duck. What can this unique relationship teach us? | Continue reading

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The lesson from the ruins of Notre Dame: don’t rely on billionaires

The French super-rich promised to dig deep, but such philanthropy comes at a steep price, says Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty | Continue reading

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Quantum leap promises super-fast computing power

‘Ruthlessly systematic’ research achieves qubit communication 200 times faster than ever before | Continue reading

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Five-year-olds designing smart technology

Mihika Sharma’s smart stick, which helps blind people cross the road, is one of the winning entries in this year’s Tech4Good awards, says Society deputy editor Anna Bawden | Continue reading

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Goodbye, Alan Moore: the king of comics bows out

The pioneer of serious superheroes – who is retiring – has transformed the genre over 40 years of rebellious invention | Continue reading

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Kyoto Animation studio fire: at least 23 dead after arson attack in Japan

Dozens more injured after ‘man threw liquid and set fire’ to building, police say | Continue reading

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Instagram hides number of 'likes' from users in Australian trial

Social media giant says the trial, which rolls out Thursday, will ‘reduce pressure’ on users of the platform | Continue reading

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Netflix shares fall 10% as streaming giant misses growth targets

Netflix added barely half the expected 5 million new subscribers but blames quarterly figures on content slate not competition | Continue reading

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Manmade Antarctic snowstorm 'could save coastal cities from rising seas'

Blowing trillions of tonnes of snow on to ice sheet could halt its collapse, researchers say | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 3 days ago

Gym, eat, repeat: the shocking rise of muscle dysmorphia

The idealised male body has become bigger, bulkier and harder to achieve. So what drives a generation of young men to the all-consuming, often dangerous pursuit of perfection? | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 3 days ago

The Rise and Fall of Fall of French Cuisine

The long read: French food was the envy of the world – before it became trapped by its own history. Can a new school of traditionalists revive its glories? | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 3 days ago

Air France could face trial over 2009 crash of Rio-Paris flight

Prosecutors say airline knew of problems with Airbus A330 plane that crashed, killing 228 people | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 3 days ago

The greatest photos ever? Why the moon landing shots are artistic masterpieces

From a spacesuited everyman to a golden-legged invader, the lunar images were astonishingly poetic works of art that captured humanity evolving before our very eyes. Can they ever be surpassed? | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

Police shut down factory making fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis in Brazil

Father and son accused of offering the cars on social media for $45,000 to $60,000 – a fraction of the price of the real thing | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised Lyme ticks

A New Jersey lawmaker suggests the government turned insects into bioweapons to spread disease and possibly released them | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

Trump's 'racist tweets': House passes resolution condemning attack

Nancy Pelosi’s sharp rebuke of the president’s remarks prompted a challenge from Republicans who claimed rule violations | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

Modern-day 'Yellow Peril' of Google's Chinese links is just the same old racism

Claims by Peter Thiel of a Chinese fifth column within Google stoke paranoia against Asian Americans and threaten to ruin the economy – and our democracy | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

A Day Inside the BBFC (British Board of Film Classifcation)

They decide what we see. But how do they draw the line? Our writer encounters a cartoon food orgy, a potty-mouthed king and a horror film too vile to show, at the British Board of Film Classification | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

Ban on discarding edible fish caught at sea has failed

Implementation of ban ‘inadequate’ and has resulted in more waste, says Lord Teverson | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 4 days ago

Do our pets ever love us – or do they just stick around for the food?

We dote on our cats and dogs, but is it a one-way relationship? Here’s what science tells us about how to decode their emotions, whether they are avoiding us or getting a little too amorous with our legs | Continue reading

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July on course to be hottest month ever, say climate scientists

Record global temperatures this month set to beat previous record set in 2017 | Continue reading

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Real life film noir: crime scenes from the LAPD – in pictures

Crime scene photographs shot by Los Angeles police officers in the line of duty between 1925 and the 1970s are on show at the city’s Lucie Foundation. More than 80 images are on display, drawn from the thousands discovered in a warehouse in 2000 by the fototeka Gallery. Photograp … | Continue reading

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Jony Ive: 8 hits and 8 misses from 20 years at Apple

Sir Jony Ive is stepping down as head of Apple’s product design after more than 20 years. We look at the key hits and big misses of the world’s largest firm, from the company-revolutionising iMac G3 to the iPhone via the iPod Hi-Fi, the butterfly keyboard and the ill-conceived Ma … | Continue reading

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Ryanair to cut flights due to Boeing 737 Max crisis

Budget airline says it plans to close some bases and will carry fewer passengers | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Young key workers in London spend more than half of pay on rent

Harder for teachers, nurses and police to keep pace with England’s housing costs – PwC | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Replacing public transit with Uber: two years later in Innisfil

Ridership is high and there’s plenty of work for drivers, but success has come at a cost to this Ontario town | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Why Apollo 11 looked so different to black America

The civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy called Nasa’s moonshot ‘an inhuman priority’ while poor children went hungry | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?

The long read: More and more singers are cancelling big shows and turning to surgery to fix their damaged vocal cords. But is the problem actually down to the way they sing? | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Prime Day: activists protest against Amazon in cities across US

Immigrants and workers say e-commerce giant should cut ties with federal deportation agencies and improve working conditions | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

New WestConnex Tunnel Missing from Google Maps, Causing Confusion in Sydney

Motorists sent up the garden path as controversial M4 East tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield fails to display | Continue reading

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The founder of the online classifieds site is a survivor from the era of internet optimism. He has given significant sums to protect the future of news – and rejects the idea his website helped cause journalism’s financial crisis | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Boeing 737 Max ordered by Ryanair undergoes name change

Decision fuels speculation that manufacturer and airlines will rebrand troubled plane | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 5 days ago

Finding dark patterns online: Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber and Ian Sample examine how companies trick us into buying something we may never have needed, or wanted | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 6 days ago

Bond's number is up: black female actor 'is the new 007'

Daniel Craig retains title role but 25th instalment in the franchise reveals codename has been reassigned to British actor Lashana Lynch | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 6 days ago

Asleep at the wheel: Japanese rental cars used for anything but driving

Surveys shed light on unusual habits of drivers who return cars with zero mileage on clock | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 6 days ago

Who urges ban on high levels of sugar from fruit puree in baby food

High sugar content may be threat to first teeth and affect food preferences in adulthood | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 6 days ago

Healthy lifestyle may cut risk of dementia regardless of genes

Eight-year study suggests genetic predisposition does not make condition inevitable | Continue reading

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