No App Camp for Girls in 2019

Once a promising avenue for teaching kids to code, App Camp for Girls has announced that it will not hold any camps in summer 2019. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

macOS Mojave 10.14.5 Supplemental Update for MacBook Pro (2018, 2019)

Address a firmware issue involving the T2 Security Chip on 15-inch MacBook Pro models from 2018 and 2019. (Free, 952.9 MB) | Continue reading | 2 days ago

BusyCal 3.6.2 and BusyContacts 1.3.3

Maintenance updates with enhancements and bug fixes for the calendar and contacts apps. ($49.99 new for each, free update, 21.2/11.4 MB) | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Apple Starts MacBook Pro Repair Program to Address “Flexgate”

Failing displays in 13-inch MacBook Pro models from 2016 have prompted another repair program from Apple. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Apple Updates MacBook Pros with 8-core Processors and a Keyboard Fix(?)

Apple is once again attempting to address issues with its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards with a new design for its updated laptop models and an expanded repair program for existing ones. Oh, and there are faster processors. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

No Email Issue on 27 May 2019 for Memorial Day

We’re taking a brief break from building an email issue of TidBITS next week in honor of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, so look for the next issue in your mailbox on 3 June 2019. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Apple Debuts LG’s All-New 23.7-inch UltraFine Display

When Julio Ojeda-Zapata went to his local Apple Store for a look at Mac monitors, a staffer offered him something unexpected: the 23.7-inch LG UltraFine Display. This monitor is so new there is little public information about it—it’s not even listed on Apple’s Web store. How does … | Continue reading | 5 days ago

New PDFpen 11 Introduces Split View and Font Bar

Smile has updated its PDF editing apps, PDFpen and PDFpenPro, to version 11, offering a new Split View capability, a Font Bar for easy PDF text formatting, and other welcome conveniences. | Continue reading | 6 days ago

The Top Conferences for Mac and iOS Professionals in 2019

If you make your living in the Apple world as a consultant, developer, designer, or tech, there are a wide variety of conferences you can attend to hone your skills, learn new topics, network with your fellow wizards, and open your mind to new ways of thinking. Here’s our list fo … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Discovering Apple TV Channels

The new Apple TV app introduces Apple TV channels, an easier way for Apple users to subscribe to streaming video services. “Take Control of Apple TV” author Josh Centers explains how to use it. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

BBEdit 12.6.4

Maintenance update with a grabbag of improvements and bug fixes for the long-standing text editor. ($49.99 new, free update, 13.9 MB) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Fantastical 2.5.8

Maintenance update for the calendar app now sorts event alerts by when they will appear. ($49.99 new, free update, 16.2 MB) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

KeyCue 9.3

Small maintenance release that also celebrates the 15th anniversary of the keyboard shortcut and emoji tool. (€19.99 new, free update, 4.0 MB) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4

Adds new Free Transform and ML Match Colors features. ($39.99 new, free update, 171.5 MB) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Microsoft Office for Mac 16.25

Adds display of email attachments to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. ($149.99 new for one-time purchase, $99.99/$69.99 annual subscription options, free update) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Default Folder X 5.3.7

Improves handling of file dialogs that are as large as the screen and improves how the toolbar handles multiple-display Macs. ($34.95 new, free update, 8.7 MB) | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Safari 12.1.1

Patches numerous security vulnerabilities. (Free) | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Security Update 2019-003 (High Sierra and Sierra)

Patches the ZombieLoad vulnerability in Apple’s last two operating systems. (Free, various sizes). | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Backing Up VM Image Files to Internet Backup Services

Code42 has announced that it will be preventing CrashPlan users from backing up applications and VM image files—is this just a selfish move to reduce storage needs? After chatting with Code42 competitor Backblaze, Adam Engst discovers there’s more to it. And there are alternative … | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Apple Patches ZombieLoad Vulnerabilities

Security researchers have discovered a new class of vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs dating back to 2011 and beyond. Happily, Apple’s macOS 10.14.5 and Security Update 2019-003 provide fixes. | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Apple Releases iOS 12.3, macOS 10.14.5, watchOS 5.2.1, and tvOS 12.3 and Debuts New Apple TV App

Apple has released its new Apple TV app with the iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 updates, while macOS 10.14.5 updates AirPlay 2 and fixes bugs and watchOS 5.2.1 brings ECG and heart rate monitoring to additional countries. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Supreme Court Rules Apple Antitrust Case Can Continue

Apple has lost its attempt to dismiss an antitrust case that, if the company were to lose, could result in significant financial penalties or force changes in how we purchase iOS apps. Worse, it’s coming at a time when politicians are talking about breaking up powerful tech compa … | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Don Norman Decries Design That’s Hostile to Older Users

If it seems like Apple products—and many of today's tech products—are designed solely for young people, you’re not imagining things. Design guru and former Apple VP Don Norman has an editorial in Fast Company calling for more inclusive design. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Little Snitch 4.3.2

Brings a variety of improvements and bug fixes to the network traffic management utility. ($45 new, free update, 39.0 MB) | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Piezo 1.6.0

Improves the reliability of audio recording under heavy loads. ($19 new, free update, 8.8 MB) | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Is Do Not Disturb While Driving Reducing Car Crashes?

It has been over 18 months since Apple introduced the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature in iOS 11. Has it made a difference in the number of automobile crashes and, most importantly, fatalities related to distracted driving? Unfortunately, the answer is unsatisfying. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Postal Address Insanity: Why I Switched from Spotify to Apple Music

Managing Editor Josh Centers dropped Spotify after finding out the bizarre and user-hostile way the music-streaming service tries to ensure that family members live at the same address. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

ScreenFlow 8.2.3

Maintenance release for the screencast recording and video editing app focused on bug fixes. ($129 new, free update, 54.3 MB) | Continue reading | 16 days ago

How to Work with and Restore APFS Snapshots

Regular Mac users don’t need to mess around with APFS snapshots, but if you’re a power user, Rich Trouton’s instructions for creating, managing, and using APFS snapshots could be invaluable. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

Reeder 4 Gets a Long-Overdue Overhaul

Reeder has long been a favorite among news junkies wanting an attractive, capable RSS reader. The just-released Reeder 4 for Mac and iOS provides several new interface and feature enhancements while preserving the program’s minimalist aesthetic. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

How the Apple Store Lost Its Groove

Bloomberg has spoken with current and former Apple employees about concerns regarding the Apple Store. Can Deirdre O’Brien bring back the aspects of the Apple Store that made it so successful under Ron Johnson? | Continue reading | 17 days ago

Apple’s First iPhone Game Since 2008 Is about… Warren Buffett?

Apple has honored its most famous investor by creating a game in his honor. | Continue reading | 18 days ago

The Productivity Pit: It’s the People, Not the Tools

Real-time workplace communication tools were supposed to improve productivity, but they all too often have the opposite effect thanks to too much chatter. | Continue reading | 19 days ago

How Rogue YouTube Employees Killed Internet Explorer 6

Early YouTube employee Chris Zacharias has shared the story of how he and a rogue team of developers bypassed Google’s bureaucracy to put a stake through the heart of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 Web browser. | Continue reading | 19 days ago

Prepare for Apple Dropping Old Media Formats with the IINA Video Player

In the next major release of macOS, Apple will be eliminating native support for many old video codecs. With the open-source IINA, you’ll have a Mac-native video player that can handle whatever you throw at it. | Continue reading | 19 days ago

Bad Apple #4: Reminders Stinks at Sorting

Can you believe that Reminders is almost 8 years old now and still can’t sort acceptably? The iOS version lets you sort list items only manually, and the Mac version supports only a single sort order for all lists. Bad Apple! | Continue reading | 22 days ago

How iPhone Users Can Fix Google Home Audio Disconnects

Does your iPhone frequently disconnect from your Google Home smart speaker? We’ve stumbled across a solution that might work for you. | Continue reading | 23 days ago

Aperture Won’t Run after macOS 10.14 Mojave

Apple has announced that its obsolete professional-grade photo manager Aperture won’t run in the next major release of macOS after Mojave. If you’re still using Aperture, start planning your switch. | Continue reading | 23 days ago

iPhone Sales Kept Sinking in Apple Q2 2019

Apple revenues and iPhone sales are down in Q2 2019, but Apple still managed to beat expectations. | Continue reading | 25 days ago

Overcast Gains Podcast Clip Sharing

Developer Marco Arment has added audio and video podcast clip sharing to the latest version of his Overcast podcast player in order to strengthen the open podcast ecosystem. | Continue reading | 26 days ago

DEVONthink 3.0 Public Beta

Major new release of the information management app with a revised interface, enhanced automation, and hundreds of new features and improvements. ($99/$149/$499 new, upgrades available, 88.1 MB) | Continue reading | 26 days ago

How to Cancel Apple News+

Unimpressed with Apple News+ or just don’t have time to read any more? Here’s how to cancel your free trial or subscription to avoid the $9.99 monthly fee. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Apple Recalls Some International Three-Prong AC Adapters

Apple is recalling three-prong AC adapters for the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong that it shipped with Macs and iOS devices from 2003 to 2010. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Luminar 3.1

Improves the Accent AI smart image enhancement feature. ($69 new, free update, 18.4 MB) | Continue reading | 1 month ago

LaunchBar 6.11.1

Maintenance release with bug fixes and improvements for the keyboard-based launcher. ($29 new, free update, 15.7 MB) | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Tim Cook Again Calls for Tech Industry Regulation

Apple CEO Tim Cook has once again come out in favor of regulation of the tech industry, even as he expressed distrust of government intervention. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

TidBITS Marks Its 29th Anniversary… and Earth Day!

We held off on celebrating our 29th anniversary for a few days so we could publish this article to coincide with Earth Day. In honor of that, we’re calculating just how many trees we’ve saved over the past 29 years by publishing solely online, rather than in print. Yes, it’s sill … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

How To Find the Best Deal on Digital Movie Rentals

With so many online options for digital movie rental, which service offers the best deal or the longest time to watch a film? Glenn Fleishman sorts through the options to recommend four services for different situations. | Continue reading | 1 month ago