vdirsyncer status update, November 2023

Designing the low level icalendar parser took longer than it should have taken. To be sincere, part of the problem was my trying to be too ambitious in its scope and growing beyond the strictly necessary requirements. Requirements[permalink] The main goal of this parser (now call … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 day ago

Measuring test coverage in Rust

I want to measure test coverage for the vparser library, and this is my first time measuring coverage with Rust. Some notes for future reference. First, run the tests with instrumentation enabled: > RUSTFLAGS="-C instrument-coverage" cargo test -p vparser Compiling vparser v0.1.0 … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 day ago

Setting a battery charge threshold

Modern batteries degrade faster if continuously charged to 100%. Some vendors provide software implementations to avoid continuously feeding the battery when full to avoid overloading it. Usually this is tricky, since they have to invent some kind of mechanism to determine whethe … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 4 days ago

Setting up an Alpine Linux workstation

In the upcoming months I will travel to visit family and friends. I intend to work remotely during some of those weeks (and will take some other weeks off too). In preparation for this, I’ve set up a new1 ThinkPad T14s Gen 2i laptop that I’ll be using to work remotely. This artic … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 9 days ago

vdirsyncer status update, October 2023

After having an initial version of the configuration parser, I’ve moved on to working on the actual command line for vdirsyncer itself. Replacing Box with Arc This section is pretty technical and requires some understanding of Rust. In my synchronisation algorithm, the type repre … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 27 days ago

A configuration format for vdirsyncer v2

Settling down a configuration format for the upcoming vdirsyncer v2 has taken more than I anticipated. These is a summary of my journey, considerations and the current state. The previous format My first approach was to retain the existing configuration format. I’ll call this one … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 month ago

Debugging a non-functional pylsp

pylsp wasn’t working today for some reason. It wasn’t jumping to definitions, offering any auto-completions, nor formatting code. I had to figure out why. Usually, LSPs are executed directly by the IDE with stdin/stdout piped directly into an LSP client, which means that logging … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 2 months ago

vdirsyncer status update, August 2023

I had family visiting during this past month, so I’ve taken some time off to spend with them. Progress has therefore been slower than usual. Sub-tasks missing from planning As I mentioned a few months ago, the NLnet foundation is currently funding my work rewriting on vdirsyncer. … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 3 months ago

Building and running sway-master

I wanted to run sway from upstream master branch to tests the yet-unreleased fractional scaling support. This recipe also works for trying to build sway with custom patches. First, I needed to clone sway itself and wlroots as a subproject. Building wlroots as a subproject is requ … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 3 months ago

vdirsyncer status update, July 2023

CardDav support This month I’ve worked on missing CardDav support in existing libraries. Regarding libdav itself, this has helped tidy up parts of the code that are shared between the CalDav and CardDav. This wasn’t very complicated; the latter is very similar to the former, so i … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 4 months ago

Extending an expired GPG key

Slightly over a year ago, I set up a new hardware-backed GPG key on my yubikey device. Today I needed to sign a release, and noticed my key expired two days ago. It’s time to renew it. Possible approaches When a key expires, there are three alternatives on how to address this: Ge … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 4 months ago

senpai: a modern IRC terminal client

I’ve been writing some IRC-related experiments using a bouncer lately. I don’t have anything useful yet. My code so far connects to a bouncer, enumerates bouncer networks, opens a second connection to the bouncer (you need an additional connection per upstream network), and then … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 4 months ago

vdirsyncer status update, June 2023

This month started out rather slow, with me taking a week off on vacation and then coming back home only to be sick in bed for another week. But it ended up being rather productive after all. Configuration parsing My initial goal since last month was to implement a small binary t … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 5 months ago

Understanding the XDG access portal

The upcoming version of Firefox 116 will use Pipewire for camera access. This sparked my curiosity and I wanted to know if my setup would work for this. In recent times, Firefox has been moving rather quickly, adding dependency on these Flatpak portals (even in scenarios where Fl … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 5 months ago

vdirsyncer status update, May 2023

So far, libdav seems to be working pretty solid for interacting with CalDav server, and davcli has been handy for interactively inspecting remote collections. There are a few reported issues for the previous vdirsyncer implementation that are related URL decoding. These can proba … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 6 months ago

Introducing davcli

I mentioned in the past that libdav (the library which I’ve written to interact with caldav and carddav servers) implements DNS-based discovery. This should make any tools built on this library a lot easier to configure for end users. One such tool so far is davcli, a simple comm … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 7 months ago

DNS-based discovery for CalDav and CardDav

rfc6764 describes a mechanism for caldav service providers to expose exactly where their server is located while requiring minimal input from the user. The main intent here is that if you are hosting your email and calendar for example.com, your users only need to provide their c … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 7 months ago

libdav live test results

One of my goals for re-writing vdirsyncer was to write “live tests”. These tests are series of operations against a real CalDav server, failing if the server doesn’t behave as expected (or if it doesn’t support a specific feature). I’ve had this working for a couple of weeks now, … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 7 months ago

Tracking dotfiles

The term dotfiles refers to files with filenames starting with a dot. These are treated as “hidden” files and usually not listed by default in most tools unless an extra flag is provided, a “show hidden files” checkbox is checked or some similar mechanism. Additionally, the term … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 7 months ago

Installing postmarketOS on a OnePlus 6 with an encrypted filesystem

I’ve been experimenting with postmarketOS for a long time now. My long-term aspiration is to set up a phone that I can use as a daily driver. I need to overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve this. Today, my goal is to encrypt the main partition. So if I lose the phone, it doesn’t … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 7 months ago

Thoughts on sendmail in 2023

Sendmail is a classic mail transfer agent (MTA) in the world of Unix-like systems. It’s design is simple, and worked well for many setups for decades. For many scenarios it still works. For others, it does not. Sendmail as a system-wide tool Sendmail is typically set up by a syst … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 8 months ago

vdirsyncer status update 2023-03

This is a long overdue update on the status on vdirsyncer’s rewrite. I keep thinking “I’ll just finish this one bit before publishing it”, but that always seems to be a day or two in the future, so here goes. Funding I’m very happy to announce that the NLnet foundation has agreed … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 8 months ago

AI-assisted computer interfaces of the future

I’ve been rewatching Star Trek TNG lately, and a question that often comes to mind is: If they have all these computerised sensors, and they have a computer capable of converting information into voice, why do they need technicians constantly interacting with each terminal to rea … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 8 months ago

Notes on Podman

Podman is an alternative implementation of Docker which addresses some design issues in Docker. The most obvious/notable difference is that Podman doesn’t require a daemon running permanently, which is nice, but not a huge deal. It also has other design differences, but most of t … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 8 months ago

Using a Yubikey for both GPG and TOTP

I’ve written before on how I use a Yubikey for hardware-based GPG and 2FA on the web. I also use it for TOTP. That is, the Yubikey itself generates those common “authenticator codes” like many other Authenticator apps. But the secret seed is saved into hardware that does not supp … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 8 months ago

In praise of Alpine and apk

Since the change of year, I’ve been using Alpine Linux on my main computing device (a new desktop PC that I assembled in December). These are some notes on in, some niceties and caveats. I used ArchLinux for over a decade before, so keep in mind that my main point of reference/ba … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 9 months ago

OpenWrt with KPN fibre optics

I’ve always preferred to use my own router at home when possible, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the EU actually has rules around router freedom. That is, each user is allowed to use their own hardware at home, rather than being imposed which hardware they can use by … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 9 months ago

vdirsyncer: looking for hosted Dav servers

Current state of affairs As part of vdirsyncer’s test suite, I currently run tests against a multiple CalDav/CardDav servers. The CI pipeline does this by downloading dockerised versions of all the servers, starting them up and then running tests. This isn’t ideal. On CI, the rad … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 10 months ago

icalendar bug at NS International

Today I purchased train tickets to FOSDEM on NS International. The site has a handy option to “Add to Agenda”, which generates an icalendar file which one can add to their calendar agenda. I downloaded it and tried to import it into my calendar tool of choice, khal. It crashed. I … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 10 months ago

Setting up IRC redirects

A few weeks ago I wanted to set up a few redirects on IRC. Mainly, I wanted to redirect #vdirsyncer, #khal and #todoman to the #pimutils channel (given that pimutils is the umbrella project for both of these). These are the commands I had to run after authenticating: /msg ChanSer … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 10 months ago

Notes on ruff

ruff is a tool to check and lint Python code. It’s written in Rust and it really is blazing fast. The first time I ran it on a real codebase I immediately got an error and, for a split-second, though it was an execution error. It had actually run successully in a few milliseconds … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 10 months ago

Notes on pre-commit

pre-commit is a tool to configure git pre-commit hooks. It allows defining hooks in a simply syntax and runs them only if files of a specific type change (e.g.: run mypy only if *.py files have changed). Additionally, it’ll stash unstaged changes when running, so any files that a … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 10 months ago

Selection cheatsheet

There’s multiple selections: PRIMARY: is the old-school Unix one; select text to copy it. Middle-click to paste it. Three-finger tap on a touchpad also pastes it. CLIPBOARD: the well-known ctrl-c and ctrl-v (or Super+c). SECONDARY: historical, irrelevant, don’t worry about this o … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 12 months ago

Copying with Super+C

Historically, Ctrl+c has been used to interrupt a process on terminals. This applies on Linux, but also applied to BSDs and Unixes before it. This is still true, even today, on pretty much any terminal emulator. When mice became a thing, one could simply select text and then clic … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Systemd, locking and sleeping

Locking the system logind (part of systemd) emits events when the system is about to be locked or go into sleep. Typically, one can configure logind so that closing the laptop lid triggers a “lock the session” event. However, this just emits a D-Bus signal and doesn’t provide fac … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

How the Clipboard Works

Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Shotman 0.2 development update part 2

After the initial proof of concept of the shotman rewrite, my next goal was to have an implementation that could fully replace the previous version for daily usage. My main use of shotman is “take screenshot of current window”, and I have two other (less frequent) use cases. They … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Shotman 0.2 development update part 1

Update: This article was renamed to “part 1” when publishing part 2. These last couple of week I’ve been putting a lot of time into shotman. Shotman is a small GUI tool I wrote a few months ago. It shows a small preview window when a screenshot is saved, and has controls to copy … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

My packaging policy

The open source sphere has continuously had a lot of discussion regarding packaging, and there’s often an expectation that upstream developers should distribution packages. I want to make it clear where I stand on this, what users of my projects can expect, and what how packagers … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Please verify it's you

Welcome! It looks like you haven’t logged into your account in a really long time. We need to verify it’s you. To do so, we hope you still have that one thing that people frequently change after a really long time: your phone number! Obviously you can’t have moved or simply switc … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Meson for Python applications

I’ve ported caffeine-ng to use meson rather than python-wheel for building and installing. Python’s packaging ecosystem is moving in a direction that will only support python packages, but not packages that need to install data files outside python’s package location. This last s … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Announcing caffeine-ng v4.0.0

caffeine-ng is a small tool that shows an icon on the desktop status bar to temporarily disable screenlockers, screensavers, and screen dimming. It is typically used to temporarily avoid the screen turning off for things like watching a movie, a videoconference and alike. Version … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Using a Yubikey for GPG

I’ve written recently on how I use a Yubikey as a hardware security token for two factor authentication. One item I was missing was GPG, and this was mostly because setting up GPG is a bit tricker to set up and I simply hadn’t had the time. My previous key recently expired, so th … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Quick and simple VMs with qemu

I don’t use VMs very often, so there’s no chance I can remember all the dozens of command line flags for qemu. I end up using virt-manager most of the time. It’s a GUI for managing QEMU (and other VM backends) and has dozens of checkboxes and buttons, which come in handy for real … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

The Murena Lies

I usually abstain from writing just to criticise someone’s work. Rather than say “X is wrong”, I prefer to say “X could improve by doing Y”. However, in the case of Murena, there’s just too much shameless lying to the public. I don’t think this kind of activity should be allowed … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Status update, May 2022

vdirsyncer rewrite I’ve been working on some foundational code for the vdirsyncer rewrite. I have some basic traits that all storages will implement, and have a working filesystem storage, which reads a vdir. The filesystem storage itself also helps validate that the API is sound … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

How I secure my setup with a YubiKey

YubiKeys I have a pair of YubiKey 5C NFC, which I use for authentication a lot. They’re small USB-C authentication devices which can generate multiple types of keys and are usable for different types of authentication. There's also a USB-A version if USB-C ports aren't your thing … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago

Open source platforms for open source software

There’s something that’s been low-key bothering me for many months now: the fact that so much open source software is hosted on proprietary platforms and has such a strong dependency on non-open source non-free forges. Now, sometimes we must be pragmatical, and use the closed sou … | Continue reading

@whynothugo.nl | 1 year ago