A peaceful desk lamp concept evokes a feeling of Zen with its form and soft light

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes depending on where they're used. Some are more decorative than others because they are meant more to enhance ambiance rather than provide illumination critical for getting work done. Of course, that doesn't mean that these utilitarian lighting c … | Continue reading

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This Minimal Metallic Coffee Table Takes Inspiration From the Simple Shape of a Safety Pin

A well-designed coffee table is the ultimate pick me up your living room needs. Once you pick the perfect coffee table, setting up your living room becomes child's play, because you've already set the tone and decided on the theme with the table, now you simply need to build on i … | Continue reading

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Apple to Announce Their First Ever Augmented Reality Glasses in 3 days… Here’s What to Expect

Apple to Announce Their First Ever Augmented Reality Glasses in 3 days… Here’s What to ExpectApple hasn’t launched a single new product category since they unveiled the AirPods back in 2016. Sure, the AirPods Max debuted in 2020, but it... | Continue reading

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Garmin Epix 2 Pro series arrives in three sizes with enhanced battery life, Endurance and Hill Score features

Garmin Epix 2 Pro series arrives in three sizes with enhanced battery life, Endurance and Hill Score featuresGarmin is renowned for its impeccable GPS-enabled technology. The smartwatch watchmaker is back to raise the bar with the introduction of their highly anticipated Epix... | Continue reading

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Your Mouthwash is Outdated… The OENKLEN Transforms Water into the Most Effective Mouthwash Ever

https://youtu.be/fTcXTd0ymPs Although Ozone-enriched mouthwashes are still considered cutting edge technology, most dentists will agree that traditional mouthwash like Chlorhexidine is pretty bad for your teeth when used regularly. Your mouth needs good bacteria for maintaining h … | Continue reading

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Rain Harvest Home in Mexico was designed to capture and reuse rainwater

Designed by Robert Hutchison Architecture and Javier Sanchez Arquitectos, the Rain Harvest Home, or Casa Cosecha de Lluvia is nestled in the rural town of Temascaltepec, which lies about 140 kilometers west of Mexico City. The family nature retreat features an extensive system fo … | Continue reading

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The Sony PlayStation ‘Project Q’ Controller Already has a Potent Xbox Rival That Plugs to you Smartphone

The Sony PlayStation ‘Project Q’ Controller Already has a Potent Xbox Rival That Plugs to you SmartphoneAlthough Sony just debuted their first handheld gaming console ever since the PSP Street in 2011, the device, codenamed Project Q, received a lot of... | Continue reading

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This stool and side table set can be interlocked together like a pair of LEGO blocks

There's just something about a smartly designed piece of furniture, that can meet a number of needs, that ticks all the checkboxes of me. And if they also manage to be space-saving, and somewhat transformative, that's some additional brownie points for them. Since space constrain … | Continue reading

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The fanciest tap I’ve ever seen is built from bamboo & is super sustainable…

One of my favorite times of the day is bathtime! As we’ve grown older and life has gotten super hectic, bathtime is that precious hour of the day when we can fully indulge in self-care, and pamper ourselves - whether that’s in the form of a bubble bath or a long warm shower, havi … | Continue reading

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Watch this AI-powered Chessboard with Autonomously Moving Pieces in Action

https://youtu.be/cp1L21aMt3I Someone needs to 3D print some Harry Potter-style chess pieces for this AI-powered chessboard RIGHT NOW! This AI-powered chessboard features a backlit checkered surface that gives you color-coded move recommendations, autonomous moving pieces, and the … | Continue reading

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How this AI-powered ballpoint pen brings the joy of analog writing to the digital world

https://youtu.be/VdagLihEgjA The pen is mightier than the sword, and that aphorism remains true even in this highly digital age. In fact, there has been a renaissance of interest and even passion for handwritten notes, giving birth to a myriad of paper-based productivity systems … | Continue reading

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2.1 Million Views in 6 Days… What Made This MIDI Synth’s Launch Video SO Viral?

https://youtu.be/Ivuy9QYLFVY Visually, the Nopia looks like quite a basic synth. No display unit, no labeling, basic construction, and just 12 keys... yet the synth's launch video has over 2 million views since its debut last week, and the Nopia Instagram page has more than 17 th … | Continue reading

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This quirky mouse redesign reuses mechanical keyboard parts for buttons

The venerable computer mouse hasn't changed its basic format in decades, though there have been additions like the middle mouse button or scroll wheel and shifts from trackball to laser. That means that this essential tool for modern-day life still bears many of the ergonomic fla … | Continue reading

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The Adidas M is a Leica-inspired film camera concept to tantalize shutterbugs and sports aficionados

I'll be waiting for my Nike 360° camera and my Under Armour FPV drone too, thanks... Although I'm fairly certain Adidas isn't trying to enter the photography world after abandoning its $1.3 billion deal with Kanye, this Adidas M film camera concept absolutely made me do a spit-ta … | Continue reading

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Sony launches PlayStation 5 Access Controller with highly customizable design for gamers with disabilities

https://youtu.be/HwjmIMBOUik Briefly teased at CES 2023 this year, Sony finally lifted the cloth on the PS5's Access Controller, designed for gamers with limited mobility. Previously known as Project Leonardo, this highly customizable controller was formally launched today, on Wo … | Continue reading

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Top 5 wooden cabins to plan a getaway to this upcoming summer

There’s something about wooden architecture that is simply so humble and endearing. Wood has been a material of choice for construction for ages galore. Wood ages beautifully – anything built with wood will retain the character of your house. And it also manages to incorporate an … | Continue reading

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Stretch Desk is a minimalist desk with a spinning leather bookstand that let’s you customize your workspace

I spend a substantial amount of my day on my desk, typing away to glory. Most of the time I also end up eating my meals on it! And binge-watching on Netflix as well. And I’m sure that’s the case with most of us, since working from home became the new norm, and our home | Continue reading

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Top 5 stool designs to replace your traditional chairs

At Yanko Design, we believe in constantly innovating, creating, and evolving. It’s a philosophy that serves as a lifeline for us, and one of the results of this lifeline is the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub! The Inspiration Hub is our ‘ever-expanding encyclopedia’ of design work f … | Continue reading

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Canon PowerShot V10 is a minimalist video camera for content creators

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w08I5RoYujc When I watched a concert a week ago, I was surprised at how many kids were holding actual digital cameras instead of just their smartphones. And then when I went on Tiktok, I found out that this former gadget staple was actually making … | Continue reading

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Teenage Engineering’s latest audio gadget looks like an alternate-universe iPod

In hindsight, it does seem natural that Teenage Engineering would launch a handheld Field Recorder just a week after debuting their CM-15 condenser microphone. Designed to be a part of their broad range of audio recording, production, and mixing tools, the TP-7 is an incredibly m … | Continue reading

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This DJI x GoPro FPV drone concept is a dream collab that NEEDS to happen

DJI is an undisputed champion in the drone market. GoPro remains at the top in the action camera market. Both companies have tried entering each other's industry but with little success. This dream mashup by Cédric Rouvroy combines DJI's unmanned-flying skills with GoPro's videog … | Continue reading

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iPhone 15 Pro Max sample appears online, looks identical yet so different from the predecessor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfs1uX5coyI Upgrade cycle of smartphones is not as frequent amid consumers as it was a couple of years back. Perhaps because the improvements are generally incremental than outright functional. But if you love the idea of upgrading to a new iPhone … | Continue reading

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Contemporary home in Prague incorporates a green roof, adding a speck of green to an urban dwelling

Contemporary home in Prague incorporates a green roof, adding a speck of green to an urban dwellingLocated in the Hlubocepy district in Prague, Czech Republic is a family home alongside a wildlife corridor. Designed by RO_AR architecture studio, the home features... | Continue reading

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Nothing Phone (2) to roll out in summer 2023 with Snapdragon 8+. Here’s what it might look like…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMP8ez39bzM&pp=ygUPY29uY2VwdCBjZW50cmFs The moment Carl Pei departed OnePlus and unveiled the Nothing brand, all of us knew exactly what was in store. When the Ear (1) TWS earbuds dropped, we knew it was just a precursor to a smartphone. Surely eno … | Continue reading

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This winding timber lookout tower in Budapest provides 360 degree views of a nature reserve

The winding and impressive Lookout Tower was designed and constructed to mark the nature reserve of Budapest and Naplás Lake. It was designed by Robert Gutowski Architects and serves as a sculptural beacon for hikers. The imposing timber structure features unique geometry and has … | Continue reading

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Irregular shaped aluminum rulers reinterpret measuring instruments

When we think of rulers, we think of thin, rectangular-shaped measuring instruments that are straight-laced and without any frills. After all, you just need it to tell you how short or long an object is so there doesn't really need to be any sort of design innovation to it. But o … | Continue reading

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Colorado Teardrops’ EC models are for adventurers who want to experience fully electrified camping experience

Colorado Teardrops has been in the league of builders' head bent on providing mini camping solutions with electric power in-charge. After the family-oriented Boulder, the Colorado company has outed a pair of patent-pending teardrop camping trailers called Electric Classic that ca … | Continue reading

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The MNL MK-1 Analog Camera takes a page from Apple’s design book with its clean, sleek aesthetic

Anodized aluminum, check. Sleek forms, check. Minimalist aesthetic, check. The MNL MK-1 from Manual really looks like something Jony Ive would craft with his own hands, but in fact, the design comes from the folks at (acasso), a Seoul-based industrial design and engineering studi … | Continue reading

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What is color psychology in interior design

Color can set your home's tone and energy level; you may have noticed that some spaces feel restful while others feel energized. As per scientific studies, colors have energy and different emotions are attached to each hue. Hence, color has the potential to calm stress, stimulate … | Continue reading

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B&O Beosound A5 Portable Speaker boasts future-proof aesthetics courtesy of swappable hardware

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y88IfePD1t0&ab_channel=Bang%26Olufsen Acoustics, aesthetics and technology are the proven mantra for Danish home electronics company Bang & Olufsen, whose latest Beosound A5 portable speaker has left audiophiles hankering. What looks like an upscal … | Continue reading

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Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch is more than a luxury item, it a practical timepiece for the active ones

Bugatti Smartwatches is making new ripples in the luxury smartwatch market with the launch of its latest masterpiece, the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch. The new addition to their collection is the third variant, and has been designed to cater to the needs of those w … | Continue reading

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This human-sized, can of beans shaped camper gives you a unique camping experience in national parks

When you think of camping, probably one of the staple foods that you can bring along with you and eat in front of the fire are beans. But when thinking about tents and camps, beans or cans of beans aren't the first things you think of or maybe you don't think of them at all. | Continue reading

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McDonald’s designs takeout bags that turn into an outdoor table in Milan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywwhG7YGbkw Most of the time, when I order take out from a fast food chain, that's because I want to eat it at the office or at my house. Because I live in a pretty humid country, very rarely would I want to actually eat outdoors. And even if I wan … | Continue reading

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XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro projector gives you a stunning 120-inch 1080p display for a $599 budget price tag

https://youtu.be/9gJNURhRqrs Unveiled at CES 2023, XGIMI's MoGo 2 and MoGo 2 Pro are finally hitting the shelves. While the MoGo 2 outputs 720p and boasts an incredibly reasonable $399 price tag, the MoGo 2 Pro takes the cake with a 1080p output, two 8W speakers built-in, uninter … | Continue reading

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Top 10 Smart Lights That Become The Center of Attention and Brighten Up Your Everyday Life

Although they were still novelties a few years back, smart homes have started to become more common these days. It's not a complete makeover, though; just a few embracing connected appliances and devices to automate the boring rote things in their lives. Some people are afraid to … | Continue reading

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This German pop-up tent turns your pick-up truck into an all-season camper

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYGP-CUk0pM&ab_channel=DaysonTracks As the mercury begins to soar and the days get longer, outdoorsy would be eager to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature. One great way to do this is by going camping, but not everyone wants to rough … | Continue reading

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This chic Origami-inspired flower vase also doubles up as a warm ambient light

https://youtu.be/L8mEi822yGA There's a certain beauty in the Gingko Smart Vase Light's simplicity. Made from a folded piece of paper with two wooden pieces at either side, the Smart Vase Light has an accordion-ish design that opens up from a flat shape to a wonderful vase. Built … | Continue reading

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Herman Miller design exhibit at Milan Design Week celebrates company’s 100 years

Herman Miller, one of the most highly-regarded office chair designers and producers, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its brand name. To celebrate, they will have an exhibit of the rich history of their company's graphic design journey. The exhibit will begin at the Milan … | Continue reading

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Top 10 3D printed designs to provide sustainability advocates a boost of inspiration

At Yanko Design, we believe in constantly innovating, creating, and evolving. It’s a philosophy that serves as a lifeline for us, and one of the results of this lifeline is the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub! The Inspiration Hub is our ‘ever-expanding encyclopedia’ of design work f … | Continue reading

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The EBO X is a BB-8 inspired security robot with a 4K camera, Alexa voice control, and support for ChatGPT

https://youtu.be/q4FL6mn-wDk Styled with an aesthetic that reminds one of the friendly BB-8 drone from Star Wars, the Enabot EBO X is your friendly home security robot that navigates around the house to patrol your living quarters. It comes equipped with a similar bulbous body th … | Continue reading

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Square-wheeled bicycle does MJ’s moonwalk on the tarmac – and I still can’t get my head around it

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKyNqc1p2iw&ab_channel=TheQ When we think of wheels, the first thing that comes to mind is a circle. But for once, a DIY wants to mess with your perception of how anything on wheels can move in any other geometric shape. Yes, a square-shaped wheel … | Continue reading

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Minimal cafe with glass panels + floating corners is a tranquil haven to grab a cup of joe in hectic Bangkok

Nestled in the bustling and hectic city of Bangkok is an adorable coffee shop called the Double Slash // Coffee Space. Designed by Spacy Architecture, the cafe is inspired by the international style that grew popular during the Art Deco period in the 1930s. The cafe borrowed the … | Continue reading

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These Matter-enabled modular cube lights are perfect for gaming, music, and smart-home setups

https://youtu.be/FvSKOMeIavM I appreciate when products are functional and no-nonsense at the same time. What else do I say about a modular, multi-functional set of cube-based lights that are quite simply called Cube? Meet the Yeelight Cubes, a set of magnetic, modular, and IoT-c … | Continue reading

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2023 Land Rover Defender 130 Review

PROS: Clean, stately looks Stellar off-road performance Seating for eight CONS: Thirsty Lots of wind noise Optional adaptive cruise RATINGS: AESTHETICSERGONOMICSPERFORMANCEVALUE FOR MONEYEDITOR'S QUOTE:The Defender 130 is a mighty package, and not just because it's so big. Advent … | Continue reading

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Longest-range e-bike by Erik Buell lets you zip through traffic with ease and in style

https://youtu.be/y1Lcya0-GhY Personal transportation devices have become a bit more common in the past years, thanks to growing traffic congestion and the rising awareness of carbon emissions. E-scooters are more popular for those who just want to get from point A to point B with … | Continue reading

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Ikea experiments with generative AI for possible new furniture design

https://youtu.be/y7g-nRooZr8 Regardless of how you feel about Artificial Intelligence, it's an interesting time to explore what creativity means in this age. We don't believe that all these new technologies will replace writers, artists, and designers but these are tools that ind … | Continue reading

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This wallet-sized multitool has you covered for urban exploits and for weekend outdoor adventures

A card-sized EDC holds a lot of merit in a world filled with countless multitools that stuff in every possible utility in a small form factor but ultimately bloat up to a size that defies the whole point of being pocket-friendly. In comes the Tiny Survival Card that strikes a bal … | Continue reading

@yankodesign.com | 1 month ago

Minimal stackable stool features slim wooden legs that fit perfectly into grooves of the cork seat

I’m at a point in my life where I’m team stools over chairs, and I truly believe stools deserve to be given way more credit than they get. Stools are often overlooked, maybe because they occupy minimum space, and aren’t really overbearing. But these traits are what make stools so … | Continue reading

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