Walk Around Rembrandt Painting in Augmented Reality

Rembrandt Reality App by Capitola VR allows art fans to walk around the artist's “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” in augmented reality. | Continue reading

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Robots Milking Cows over 5G in England

At one dairy farm in southwest England, cows are being milked by robots thanks to artificial intelligence and Cisco 5G networks. | Continue reading

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AI Written Book Is About Ion Batteries

Springer Nature and Goethe University have created AI written book about lithium ion batteries. An algorithm analyzed information from scientific papers. | Continue reading

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Google’s Wing Launches Drone Delivery in Canberra

Google's Wing will soon be making drone deliveries around Canberra. They will partner with businesses to deliver fresh food, coffee, medications, etc. | Continue reading

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How Virtual Reality Is Disrupting the Gaming Industry

photo credit: Samsung Gear VR” (CC BY 2.0) by pestoverde Virtual reality was once the pipedream of science-fiction writers. When technology caught up | Continue reading

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Finland Autonomous Bus “Gaucha” Can Handle All Weather Conditions

Finland autonomous bus called Gaucha will begin testing in Espoo this spring. The self driving bus can handle all types of weather from snow to slush to rain. | Continue reading

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Alibaba FlyZoo Hotel Uses Facial Recognition and Robots

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TrinityKids Care Uses VR to Bring Joy to Seriously Ill Children

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Bullying

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Briggo Fully Automated Gourmet Coffee Robot

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Poll Shows 1 in 4 Prefer AI to Make Policy Decisions

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Laundry Robot Ugo Washes, Dries, and Folds Your Clothes

Japanese startup Mira Robotics has recently unveiled Ugo the laundry robot. Ugo washes, dries, and folds your clothes while being controlled remotely. | Continue reading

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Mexican Scientists Create Robot to Monitor and Protect Coral Reefs

Mexican scientists have created a robot to monitor coral reefs. The coral reef robot is able to collect information without disturbing the ecosystem. | Continue reading

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect Endangered Forest Elephants

The Elephant Listening Project has teamed with Conservation Metrics to use AI to help protect endangered forest elephants by analyzing their cries. | Continue reading

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Samsung Smart Shirt Helps Monitor Lung Function

Samsung has been approved for a patent on a smart shirt that monitors lung function and breathing. It could help diagnose respiratory illnesses in real time. | Continue reading

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Comedy Robots Use Artificial Intelligence to Tell Jokes

Ai-chan and G0n-ta are two comedy robots who use artficial intelligence to help tell jokes. They analyze data to spontaneously craft a routine. | Continue reading

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Siren Smart Socks Help Prevent Foot Ulcers in Diabetics

Siren Socks help monitor foot temperature to help identify signs of diabetic foot ulcers early on. Neurofabric Sensors send information to your smartphone. | Continue reading

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Amazon Delivery Robot ‘Scout’ Begins Testing in Snohomish, Washington

Amazon recently announced they have begun testing their own autonomous delivery robot named Scout. The robot is making deliveries in Snohomish, Washington. | Continue reading

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Shopping Robot ShopPal Follows You Through the Mall

ShopPal is a companion shopping robot that follows users through the mall and helps carry their stuff. It can be controlled and booked via an app. | Continue reading

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Chinese Surgeon Performs Remote Surgery Over 5G Network

A surgeon in China has performed the world's first remote surgery over a 5G network. The doctor controlled a robot that was located over 30 miles away. | Continue reading

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Grocery Store Robot Marty Patrols Aisles for Spills

Badger Technologies and Ahold Delhaize are launching a grocery store robot named Marty to help patrol aisles for spills and other hazards. | Continue reading

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Self Driving Robot Bar Brings the Drinks to You

Carlo Ratti and Makr Shakr are bringing the drinks to you. GUIDO is an autonmous bar that uses self driving technology. It can be summoned via an app. | Continue reading

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BreadBot Is an Autonomous Bread Making Robot

Wilkinson Baking Company has recently unleashed the BreadBot. It's a robot that makes bread completely autonomously. It can make up to 10 loafs every hour. | Continue reading

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Robot Dogs May Soon Be Delivering Packages

German automotive company Continental unveiled their vision on how driverless vehicles will team up with robot dogs to help deliver your packages. | Continue reading

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Autonomous AutoHaul Is World’s Largest Robot

Rio Tinto's AutoHaul is the world's largest robot and first automated heavy-haul, long-distance rail network in the world. It's located in Pilbara,Australia | Continue reading

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Techi Serve Robot Delivers Drinks in Dubai

The Techi Drink Serve Robot from Techmetics serves beverages and has been launched into the Dubai market by the Amro Kamel company. | Continue reading

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Ingestible Pill Can Be Controlled by Smartphone

Researchers at MIT have designed an ingestible pill that can be controlled via Bluetooth.  Smartphones can control on when to deliver drugs to the body. | Continue reading

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VAR Live Is Malaysia’s Largest VR Theme Park

Game developer VAR Live has opened up Malaysia’s largest VR Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur. It features 13 VR Attractions and 14 game rooms. | Continue reading

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Sunflower Security System Protects Homes with AI and Autonomous Drone

The Sunflower home security system uses artificial intelligence and an autonomous drone to help protect your property. The 'bee' drone will follow an intruder. | Continue reading

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AI and Facial Recognition Help Tell Farmers If Their Pigs Are Pregnant

Alibaba is helping pig farmers in China determine if their pigs are pregnant by using artificial intelligence and facial recognition. | Continue reading

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Huawei Facing Emotions App Helps Visually Impaired ‘Hear’ Expressions

Huawei's Facing Emotion app is helping the visually impaired communicate better by turning facial expressions into corresponding sounds. | Continue reading

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Arisa Robot Is Helping Riders Navigate Tokyo Subways

Tokyo officials are employing a robot named Arisa to help riders navigate it's complex subway system. The robot will be at the Ueno-Okachimachi Station through Dec 17. | Continue reading

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Comixify Turns Videos into Comic Books

Comixify uses machine learning and AI to turn videos into comic book frames. It was developed by Researchers at the Warsaw University of Technology. | Continue reading

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Robots Are Cooking Fried Chicken in Tokyo

The Karaage-kun Robot is cooking chicken has recently begun cooking fried chicken in Tokyo. The bot can cook chicken 80% faster than normal methods. | Continue reading

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Google Launches AI-Driven Audio News Service on Smart Speakers

Google is using AI to give users their own personalized audio news feed. Powered by Google Assistant, users will receive news based on interests. | Continue reading

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Using Facial Recognition to Identify Civil War Photos

Civil War Photo Sleuth Uses facial recognition, AI and crowd sourcing to help identify soldiers and civilians in photographs. | Continue reading

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Mozilla Launches VR Browser Firefox Reality

Mozilla has created a browser exclusively for VR headsets. It’s called Firefox Reality and users can access videos ,games and virtual worlds. | Continue reading

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Predictim Uses Artificial Intelligence to Screen Babysitters

Predictim is using Artifiical Intelligence to help parents select potential babysitters. AI analyses a persons digital footprint to give them a risk score. | Continue reading

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Zora Robot Acts as Companion for Dementia Patients

Zora the robot is acting as a companion to patients with dementia at a nursing facility in France. The robot helps keep patients motivated and engaged. | Continue reading

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Robot Sophia Sings Duet with Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show

Sophia the robot recently returned to the Tonight Show. She sang a duet of Christina Aguilera's 'Say Something' with host Jimmy Fallon. | Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Writes Latest Lexus ES Commercial

Artificial Intelligence helped create it's latest commercial "Driven by Intuition". IBM's Watson analyzed data from previous spots to help craft the script. | Continue reading

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MyPark Robots Hold a Parking Space for You at the Mall

MyPark is a service where robots will hold your parking spot at the mall for you. Everything is done by a smartphone app. | Continue reading

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At XCafe Robots Cook, Serve and Clean

China's largest online retailer JD.com has opened the country's first fully automated restaurant. At the XCafe in Tianjin, robots take cook, serve and clean. | Continue reading

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Wildbook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help WildLife Conservation

Wildbook uses artificial intelligence to keep track of animal populations by analyzing crowd sourced photos. Animals are then tracked on a database. | Continue reading

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Autonomous School Shuttle Program Shut Down by Feds

You love rebasing, right? Rewriting history might be appealing, but there are good reasons not to. | Continue reading

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Furhat Robot’s Face Can Be Changed by Press of Button

Furhat the robot assistant can speak 30 languages and has a variety of animated faces that can be projected with a press of a button. | Continue reading

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China’s Gait Recognition Can Identify People by Walk and Body Shape

China is using Gait Recognition that can identify people by body shape and how they walk. The country has already deployed the tech to Shanghai and Beijing. | Continue reading

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Robot Cowboy Is Herding Cattle in Nebraska

A 450-pound robot cowboy has been driving cattle and keeping workers safe at a Cargill beef plant in Schuyler, Nebraska. | Continue reading

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