Google previously banned logins initiated from browsers where JavaScript had been disabled. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

French government releases in-house IM app to replace WhatsApp and Telegram use

French government open-sources in-house-made end-to-end encryption IM app named Tchap. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Source code of Iranian cyber-espionage tools leaked on Telegram

APT34 hacking tools and victim data leaked on a secretive Telegram channel since last month. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Security researcher MalwareTech pleads guilty

WannaCry hero faces up to ten years in a US prison. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Musk on Tesla's Autopilot: In a year, 'a human intervening will decrease safety'

Elon Musk reckons Tesla has already won the race for fully autonomous vehicle technology. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Shopify API flaw offered access to revenue data of thousands of stores

Updated: The bug was accepted as valid, but the researcher wasn’t paid. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Google Chrome to Get a Reader Mode

Feature already active in Chrome Canary distributions. Here's how to enable it. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Microsoft buys Real-Time operating system vendor Express Logic

Microsoft has purchased Express Logic, maker of ThreadX RTOS, one of the most widely deployed real-time operating systems for microcontroller-based devices. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Cisco warns over critical router flaw

Admins with Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers need to urgently address a remotely exploitable flaw. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

EU: No evidence of Kaspersky spying despite 'confirmed malicious' classification

European Commission "not in possession of any evidence regarding potential issues related to the use of Kaspersky Lab products." | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Former student destroys 59 university computers using USB Killer device

He also destroyed seven computer monitors and computer-enhanced podiums that had open USB slots. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Ubuntu 19.04 comes refreshed with the Linux 5.0 kernel

Both the Ubuntu Linux desktop and server come with significant updates. | Continue reading | 3 days ago


Subdomain currently in the possession of a German security researcher, preventing any abuse. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Russia supports bill to isolate the Internet, promote censorship

It is feared the bill will give the country its own version of China’s Great Firewall. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Bad bots now make up 20 percent of web traffic

Mimicking human mouse movements is only one of many tactics used to fly under the radar. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: Pricing, Specs, Availability

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2S 50-inch conferencing system will start shipping in June for a starting price of $8,999.99. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Researchers demo new quantum key distribution technique over fibre network

It is touted by Singtel and the National University of Singapore as a new technique for securing information in a quantum world. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Red Hat survey finds we're living in an open-source world

Red Hat's new survey of enterprise businesses reveals a world where almost everyone has joined the open-source bandwagon. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

A hacker has dumped nearly one billion user records over the past two months

Hacker Gnosticplayers has stolen over 932 million user records from 44 companies. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Pengwin: A Linux Specifically for Windows Subsystem for Linux

You've been able to run many Linux distros on Windows thanks to WSL for years. Now, there's a Linux distro built to work hand-in-glove with WSL. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years

Former and current Mozilla engineers are reaching their boiling points. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Windows patch warning: Windows 10 boot problems, as Windows 7 AV clash widens

Microsoft's April 2019 patches are now causing issues on Windows 10 as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Technology jobs market heats up in Brazil

Heads of digital transformation and digital lab managers will be highly sought after in the coming months, according to a new study. | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Microsoft discloses security breach that impacted some Outlook accounts

Incident took place after hackers compromised a Microsoft support agent's account. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

The Bayrob malware gang's rise and fall

The story of how a talented computer science student and his friends created and ran a multi-million dollar botnet. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Norsk Hydro ransomware incident losses reach $40M after one week

Norsk Hydro up and running with the exception of one business unit where "operations remain almost at a standstill." | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Report deems Russia a pioneer in GPS spoofing attacks

Russia has become the de-facto expert in GPS spoofing attacks, which it uses both internally and outside its borders. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Programming languages: Don't bother learning these ones in 2019

Developer-advice platform Codementor hopes to narrow the field of languages worth the time and effort to learn. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Russia fines Facebook $50 for failing to comply with local data privacy law

Twitter fined the same sum last week. LinkedIn was blocked inside Russia's borders in 2016 for the same offense. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

OpenStack Stein: A new cool drink of open-source cloud

The latest version of OpenStack is more container and telecom friendly than ever. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Matrix being hacked is meta2019 suffered a cyberattack which forced the group to boot all of their users out of the system. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

NoScript extension officially released for Google Chrome

After more a decade, NoScript is finally available for Chrome users. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Microsoft: WinRAR exploit gives attackers 'full control' of Windows PC

Microsoft shines a light on the handiwork of an advanced threat group known as MuddyWater | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Can the Internet Be Saved?

The House of Representatives has passed the Save the Internet Act, which would restore net neutrality. But both the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump promise to stop this effort dead in the tracks. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Spoiler attack: Now non-Spectre exploit gets CVE but no patch

No patch for Spoiler attack affecting all Intel chips, but a security advisory gives it an official CVE identifier. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Where Is Confluent Going?

Like MongoDB, Redis, and others, Confluent could become a victim of its own success. With Confluent’s trajectory paralleling that of Databricks, we’ll be very interested to hear what they and Google Cloud announce next week. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Huawei's surveillance system in Serbia threatens citizens' rights

The Chinese giant's Safe City Solution for Belgrade is raising questions about its use of personal data. | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Google challenges AWS with open-source support

By furthering its open-source company friendships, Google is making it clear they're much more open-source friendly than Amazon Web Services. | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adopts Kubernetes-Friendly Container Runtime

Red Hat's Container Runtime Interface -- Orchestrator (CRI-O) -- is now a CNCF incubation level project. As such, it may soon challenge Docker as the top container runtime. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Microsoft: Our bug bounty payouts hit $2m in 2018 and we're offering more in '19

Microsoft hands off bug-bounty payments to HackerOne but not Microsoft security-flaw submissions. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Programming language popularity: C++ bounces back at Python's expense

Broader compiler support is driving a resurgence in interest in the nearly 35-year-old C++ programming language, which replaces Python in Tiobe's top 3. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Linus Torvalds think the Linux desktop is in trouble

Linus Torvalds looks to Chromebooks and Android for the future of the Linux desktop, while Linux Mint developers aren't happy with each other. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Why 40% of us think we're in the top% (2014)

Psychologist David Dunning explains that not only are we terrible at seeing how stupid we are, but we're also too dumb to recognize genius right in front of us. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Chinese companies have leaked over 590M resumes via open databases

Leaks have taken place in the first three months of the year, via either ElasticSearch or MongoDB databases. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Microsoft changes how Windows 10 disconnects USB storage devices

USB storage devices will be easier to remove but will become slower. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Microsoft is closing its HealthVault patient-records service on November 20

Microsoft's HealthVault personal-health-record service is closing on November 20 and any data left in it at that time will be deleted, Microsoft officials are telling users via e-mail. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Dropbox uncovers 264 vulnerabilities in HackerOne Singapore bug hunt

Cloud storage vendor forks out US$319,300 in a one-day bug bounty programme that galvanised 45 HackerOne members in Singapore, where two hackers discuss their strategy and offer some advice for businesses to better secure their systems. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Backdoor code found in popular Bootstrap-Sass Ruby library

Bootstrap-Sass Ruby library had been downloaded more than 28 million times. Backdoored version only 1,470 times. | Continue reading | 15 days ago