How to Get More Oral Surgery Referrals

Oral surgery practices thrive, or fail to thrive, based in large part on the quality and quantity of referrals from other dentists. As an oral surgeon, that’s not news or a surprise to you.  | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Market Your Accounting Practice with a Client Newsletter

Marketing is not a four-letter word; but sometimes, accountants are suspicious of marketing. Maybe you’re among those who view this discipline as disingenuous and perhaps even “beneath” the standards of your professionalism. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Unleashing the Power of Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys

Are you maximizing the potential of attorney marketing for your law practice? If you aren’t leveraging the power of newsletter marketing, then the answer has to be “no.” Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or maybe you already have a client newsletter, but you want to boost … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Improve Your Dental Case Acceptance with a Newsletter

It’s a recurring frustration for many dentists: You provide treatment advice based on your many years of experience. It’s in the best interest of your patient, and you know you can help him. Still, he doesn’t follow through with your treatment plan. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Must-haves for Professional Practice eNewsletter Success

Repeated communications with your clients or patients by way of an eNewsletter will keep your practice top-of-mind and help you stand out from other professionals in your field. Here are four must-haves to make the most of your professional practice eNewsletter: | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Renowned Endodontist Dr. Gary Glassman Talks Newsletter Marketing Success

A world-renowned oral health expert who looks at overall health, starting with the mouth, Dr. Gary Glassman is a partner at Endodontic Specialists in Downtown Yorkville, Toronto; a member of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto; and an Adjunct Professor of Dentis … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

4 Easy E-mail Marketing Tips for Professional Practices

Are you using e-mail newsletters to reach your clients or patients? Are you satisfied with the results? If you’re only satisfied, would you like to be ecstatic? You can be, with these four easy ways to maximize the value of eNewsletter marketing. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Why eNewsletters Are More Relevant Than Ever

Digital marketing encompasses a very broad spectrum of tools and techniques, including paid search marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media, e-mail, mobile apps and a variety of websites. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

9 Misleading Myths About Dental Marketing

When it comes to dental marketing best practices, you’ve heard various pearls of conventional wisdom. Maybe you’ve put some of those “proven” ideas into place for your practice, only to find out that they came up short. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Increase Case Acceptance with a Dental Patient Newsletter

A patient needs a treatment. You advise him of his options and explain why care is essential. You tell him that if he delays, the problem will get worse, and it may even become more expensive. You explain very clearly the details of the plan, and why you recommend such a course, … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Focus on Financial Issues in Year-End Tax Planning

Tax reform talk is heating up again in Washington. Although no one is sure if, or when, significant tax reforms will be enacted, this flurry of activity creates added complications for year-end tax planning. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Are You Just Another “Average” Dentist?

What separates one dentist from another? To make it personal: To your current and future patients, what differentiates you from all the other dental practices in your area? Don’t let your practice be seen as a commodity, as just another dental office. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Year-End Tax-Planning Letter Incorporates Business Ideas

Small-business owners are facing a predicament at the end of 2017. Year-end tax planning, which is typically difficult, is even more complicated this year due to the potential for sweeping tax reforms. This has left many business owners in a quandary. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

5 Client-retention Tactics to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

High-achieving legal practices create their successes. They know they shouldn’t take their clients’ loyalty for granted, so they make a strategic effort to build that loyalty. Here are five client-retention tactics you’ll want to be sure your law firm is doing well. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Target Individuals for Year-End Tax Planning

Year-end tax planning is often difficult, but this year is especially complicated due to the potential for sweeping tax reforms in the near future. Your clients will likely be looking to you, or should be looking to you, for guidance. But how can you deliver your message in a tim … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

When Dentists and Physicians Underestimate Competition, Referrals Dry Up

Dentists and physicians don’t always think of their peers as “competitors.” After all, your practice’s mission is not simply to make more money or sell more products, as it may be for your town’s largest big-box store. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Elevate Your Professional Brand with Newsletter Marketing

How strong is your professional practice’s brand? What do your clients, potential clients, partners and other influencers think of when they think of you? And is this impression consistent across your audience? | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Generate More Pediatric Dental Patient Referrals—with No Extra Work for Your Staff

Every pediatric dentist wants to be the top choice for patient referrals from local pediatricians and general dentists. But if these medical professionals don’t know about your practice, or they don’t view you as the best of the best, they will, unfortunately, recommend other ped … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

From Papyrus to E-mail: The History of Newsletter Marketing

From e-mail marketing to social media marketing, it seems that every year or two there is a new trend for you to keep in touch with your clients. Today, using ever-evolving technology that was nonexistent a generation ago, you can reach thousands of people with a click of a butto … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Periodontists, Do You Want More Referrals?

Most periodontists would agree that asking for referrals can be awkward at best, and extremely challenging at worst. But it doesn’t have to be. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials Are Quick to Switch Dentists: What Can You Do About It?

Patient loyalty has long been a major concern for dentists. While that will remain the case for a while, recent trends point to some ongoing shifts that dentists should recognize. And just as importantly for the health of your practice, you should know what to do about these chan … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

How to Make Your Practice Newsletter Matter to Your Clients

Whether you receive e-mail, snail mail or both, you know that not all newsletters are created equal. If you are like most readers, your in-box includes some unwanted mail that prompts you to unsubscribe, some that you scan and others that you spend more time reviewing—and may eve … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Visibility

It’s a hard reality for many high-ranking, exceptional professionals: An inferior product or service can win out over a far better one simply by having been better marketed. In fact, great organizations with great products and hard-working, intelligent staff go out of business ev … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

3 Reasons Newsletter Marketing Is Effective for Dentists

Newsletter marketing continues to be a highly effective tool for dentists. Is your practice using it to your advantage? Here are three reasons newsletter marketing remains a successful strategy for dentists—when practiced effectively. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

What is Newsletter Marketing?

The idea behind newsletter marketing is simple. Many practices, businesses, nonprofits, and government and advocacy organizations use newsletters to achieve their marketing or education goals. Name a product or service—from office supplies to community news to consulting work—and … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

3 Marketing Strategies Proven to Retain Clients

There are three key marketing strategies that successful professional practices use, each of which is important for client or patient retention. Prosperous practices never lose focus of the importance of client or patient retention in their marketing efforts. Newsletter marketing … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Five Big Ways Newsletter Marketing Can Help Your Medical Practice Stand Out

Physicians may not typically think of their colleagues as “competition.” But as medical specialists who have had patients leave their practice for another physician in their community can attest, the health care specialty world is quite competitive. While larger practices ... | Continue reading | 6 years ago

7 Newsletter Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you have many priorities. But if you are like the majority of your peers, one of your top objectives is to keep your practice growing. Even supposing that your dental practice is doing well, you simply can’t reach your developmental goals without the right dental ma … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Newsletter Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Most professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, financial planners, dentists, physical therapists or physicians, are trying to grow their practices. If you are like many, business development is a high priority. But let me ask you one rather direct question: | Continue reading | 6 years ago

For Professional Practices, Newsletters Top Social Media

An analysis by Social@Ogilvy, the social media arm of the ad agency powerhouse Ogilvy & Mather, has received abundant attention. It’s wise for professional practices to take note. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Professional Referral-Generating Best Practices for Dentists

Below is an excerpt from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Building a Profitable Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing. In this excerpt, you’ll learn some of the best practices for dental specialists seeking to increase their referrals with a dental ma … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Are Dental Newsletters Worth the Money?

You might imagine, as a newsletter marketing company for dentists, that we frequently hear questions about the cost-effectiveness of newsletters. “Are they worth it?” and “Will it help me grow my practice?” are the top questions dentists ask when they begin to evaluate our servic … | Continue reading | 6 years ago

What Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Newsletter Marketing Program?

Plenty of factors go into a successful newsletter marketing program for professional practices. From the list to the distribution to the measurement, there are many more steps and considerations than meet the eye. So what’s the most important factor? | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Why You Probably Have Fewer Loyal Patients Than You Think

If you were asked if your dental practice had a loyal patient base, how would you answer?All dentists strive to create a loyal patient base full of individuals and families who maintain consistent and reliable treatment schedules. Everyone wants a roster of all-star patients. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Endodontists: Your Referral Base Is Probably Far Too Small

In more than 25 years of helping dental specialists grow their practices with newsletter marketing programs, it has been our experience that endodontists share a common problem. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

6 Tips for Comparing Dental Newsletter Companies

In recent months and years, we’ve seen a significant uptick in the volume of dental newsletter marketing companies, many of which are new. Recognizing the growing market for newsletters from dentists, more companies are providing these solutions. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Practice Marketing Program Essentials

You have no shortage of opportunities to market your professional practice. From web marketing firms to direct mail companies to the most recent inquiry in your inbox or on your voicemail, your practice probably doesn’t lack for options. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

3 Big Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

Some dentists are very successful at marketing and growing their practices. If that describes you, well done! But many others struggle with making the right marketing decisions. We’ve seen many of the same mistakes repeated by well-intentioned dentists, and we want to share three … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Exceed “Average” by Educating Patients with a Newsletter

You’re probably aware of the statistics from Gallup that only about one in three U.S. adults visited the dentist in a recent 12-month period. That finding, reported in 2014, is consistent with the rate reported in 2008. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Why a Current Dental Patient E-mail List Is Essential

Many dental offices have done well at gathering patient e-mail addresses. However, if your practice goes the extra step of working to keep these e-mail lists current, you are aware that addresses change rapidly. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

E-mail is Alive and Kicking

Social media has long (in terms of social media’s lifetime, that is) behaved as the go-to content marketing tool. The big idea was that it would render many other forms of communication—namely, e-mail—worthless. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Top Referral Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

If you are like most dentists, you’d like more referrals, including those from your professional colleagues. But when it comes to generating more and better referrals, we see many of the same mistakes repeated over and over again. Here are three of the top dental referral mistake … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A Newsletter Marketing Success Q&A with Dr. Alan Brodine

Dr. Alan Brodine is a prosthodontist in Rochester, N.Y., where he has practiced since 1988. He’s also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Rochester and teaches in the prosthodontic residency training programs at several universities, as well as instructing the U.S … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How Dentists Can Measure the Success of Their Professional Referral Newsletter

It’s a common question among dentists: How do I know if my referral-generating newsletter is working?The answer is simple. It’s working if it gets results. But understanding those results isn’t always easy. Read on for insight to help you better understand how to measure the succ … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How Busy Dentists Can Manage a Newsletter Program

Your dental office is busy. Congratulations! That’s a good thing! But don’t make the mistake we’ve seen so many of your busy peers make over the years. Don’t get caught up in the cycle of patient demand and stop marketing your dental practice. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Now Is the Best Time to Expand Your Endodontist Referral Base with a Newsletter

How many dentists have sent referrals to your endodontic practice in the past two years? Thirty, forty, fifty or more? How large is that number compared with the total number of general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons in your practice area? | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Patients or Referring Dentists—Which Newsletter is Best?

Before you start a newsletter marketing program, it’s important to clearly define your audience. The target readership will be different for each dentist. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

8 Ways a Professional Referral Newsletter Can Grow Your Dental Practice

All successful dentists understand the value of attracting and retaining professional referral sources. Because of this, more dentists are sending newsletters to other dentists and physicians than ever before. These dentists know that newsletters are a proven way to grow their de … | Continue reading | 7 years ago