Measure Your Practice Newsletter’s Impact

Are you accurately measuring the impact of your practice’s newsletter? To determine your marketing impact, you must ask the right questions. Many practices ask new clients or patients about the source of their referrals, but they often fail to correlate those referrals to their n … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Build Your Ideal Prosthodontics Practice with a Newsletter

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Five Ways to Make an Outstanding Impression with New Referrals

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Pediatric Dentists’ Marketing: Don’t Forget About Existing Patients

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to focus all of your marketing efforts on generating new patients. Yes, gaining new patients is essential for the health and growth of every pediatric dental practice―yours included. But you should never make the mistake of losing focus … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Improving Communication with Referring Doctors Is Key, Says Successful Implant Dentist

Kanyon R. Keeney, DDS, shared in DentistryIQ what he says are the three core factors behind building a successful implant dentistry practice. Regardless of your specific dental specialty, his success tips will be useful to you. How can you make these dental implant marketing less … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

The Art and Science of Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals makes many financial planners more than a little uncomfortable. It can take you far outside of your comfort zone. The good news is that there is an art and science to asking for referrals. If you do it properly, you’ll further position your practice in a prof … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Dental Newsletters Are More Effective Than Postcards, Study Says

A recent study compared dental patient newsletters with dental postcards. Both are popular forms of dental marketing. Many dentists and dental specialists ask, “Which is better for my practice?” | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Your Checklist for Starting an Orthodontics Marketing Newsletter

The most successful orthodontic practices are the ones that receive the most patient referrals from other dentists. So how can your dental marketing help fuel referrals like it does for the top orthodontists? An orthodontics newsletter to referring dentists will increase your qua … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

What’s the Return on Investment of Law Firm Newsletters?

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Extend the Value of Your Dental Newsletters by Measuring the Pulse of Your Referral Base

Many dentists are successful in using referral-generating newsletters to build goodwill with other dentists and physicians. But even as powerful as newsletters are, they can’t build your practice all by themselves. You must always be mindful and intentional about generating patie … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Prosthodontist Checkup: How Strong Are Your Referral Relationships?

Too often, prosthodontist marketing is done sporadically. Many practices engage in marketing during those periods when their patient caseloads decline. Then, when the schedule gets busy again, these well-intentioned marketing activities fall by the wayside. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Don’t Let Your Dental Practice Make These Five Newsletter Mistakes

Dental practice newsletters are an increasingly popular tool. But just because they are more widely used than ever before doesn’t mean they are always used effectively. To make your newsletter as powerful as possible in building your practice, avoid these five common dental newsl … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Why Should Oral Surgeons Use Newsletter Marketing?

The answer to this question is simple. There is really one ultimate reason why oral surgeons should use newsletter marketing to build their practice―to generate a reliable and ongoing stream of professional referrals. This is a more important objective than ever before. Oral surg … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

It takes effort to build a newsletter subscriber list. And once you have built a list, it takes effort to keep the subscribers. It’s far easier to lose subscribers than to get them. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Make Your Periodontal Practice More Profitable with a Patient Newsletter

Dentists have used patient eNewsletters to grow their practices for many years. And now, more periodontists are using newsletters to reach their patients. Periodontists are going directly to both their current and past patients and keeping their practices front and center on an o … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Why Endodontists Should Have a Referral Newsletter

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Five Ways Newsletter Marketing Builds Successful Practices

Newsletters help build successful practices. Here are five essential ways they can help strengthen yours. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Make Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

It seems that pediatric dentists often have a difficult time retaining patients. Successful pediatric dentists work hard to keep their patients, even those whose treatments have lapsed. Because it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to keep an existing one … | Continue reading | 8 years ago