Vice and Apple Music launch The Score, a docu-series about local music scenes

Vice and Apple Music are teaming up to release a new docu-series that takes a hard look at some of the most interesting local music scenes in the world. The presser doesn’t give a whole lot of detail, but did include descriptions of a techno scene in South Africa and hip hop comi … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

There can be no middle ground on encryption

The US congress is striking a working group on encryption -- it needs to understand that its job is to enshrine best practices, not compromise. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Office-Macros: Microsoft dichtet klaffendes Sicherheitsloch etwas ab

Heute ist ein sehr vorhersehbarer, sehr unerwarteter schwarzer Tag für Hacker: Endlich macht es Microsoft Angreifern schwerer, über manipulierte Office-Dokumente Schadcode aus dem Netz nachzuladen. In der neusten Version von Office 2016 k... | Continue reading | 8 years ago

German Tech Magazine Trials Employee Payroll with Bitcoin

T3n, a German tech magazine has revealed that it will allow its employees to gain a portion of their salary in bitcoin. German tech publication t3n, an outlet that publishes technology news in both print and online media has revealed that it has been conducting a trial since Nove … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

US women smile 40% more than men but everyone in the UK is sad, say AI researchers

We hear an awful lot about how artificial intelligence can be used to solve hard statistical challenges – but we hear much less about how it could solve emotional problems. But this field already has a name, effective computing, and one of its leading firms today is Affectiva. Th … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Master Gmail, Chrome, spreadsheets and more: The Google Guru Bundle

The feeling of being chained to your inbox is a common one, but with the right set of tools and know-how, you can finally tame your Gmail inbox and master the many peripheral features. The Google Guru Bundle offers just that, with 8 courses covering 27+ hours of instruction on op … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Unfortunately, 'Pathfinder Adventures' Has Been Delayed Until April 26th, But There's a Silver Lining

As you can probably remember, Obsidian's Pathfinder Adventures was supposed to come out March 29th, and I, along with many of you, had been waiting for that date quite impatiently. Alas, it was not to be. As Obsidian announced yesterday, the developers decided to push back the re … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Google Photos now automatically turns your photos into smart albums

Google Photos does a lot of things automatically — for example, it turns similar photos into collages and animations — but now it can also take a batch of photos, choose the best shots and create an album with several nifty features. Once you produce a new batch of photos, Google … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Microsoft made a chatbot that tweets like a teen

Microsoft is trying to create AI that can pass for a teen. Its research team launched a chatbot this morning called Tay, which is meant to test and improve Microsoft's understanding of conversational language. But not just any conversational language — the most #teen tumblrcore w … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

An Israeli company is reportedly helping the FBI crack the San Bernardino iPhone

The FBI abruptly halted its heated case against Apple on Monday, citing a new break-in method from an unnamed "outside source." In the days since, the security industry has been puzzling over the identity of that mysterious source. But now, the mask is being lifted. Cellebrite, a … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

10 years on: A history of Twitter’s biggest missteps

This week, Twitter celebrated more than a decade of existence. Not many consumer-based social media startups can claim that title, but ten years on the company has amassed more than 350 million active users and sees one billion 140-character thoughts tossed into the abyss every f … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Hyundai's Ioniq comes in a trio of eco-friendly flavors: hybird, plug-in and electric

NEW YORK — The new Hyundai Ioniq isn't just a shot across the bow of Prius, it's a challenge to the Prius, Volt and the LEAF. That's because you can get the specially designed car in one of three eco-friendly flavors: hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric.See also: Sorry, Tesla: The … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Amazon improves Alexa Voice Services, which lets developers add Alexa’s voice control to their own devices

Last year, Amazon announced a set of tools that allowed third-party developers to integrate its virtual assistant Alexa, which today powers devices like the Echo speaker and Fire TV, into their own apps. Now, the company has introduced a number of improvements to one of these too … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Porsche Macan Wide Body Kit by Prior - The aftermarket specialists from Prior Design revealed today a new wide body kit... [...] | Continue reading | 8 years ago

What is the future of mobile video advertising? Find out at Mobile Summit — featuring Zynga and AOL

VB EVENT: Mobile video has become a huge market, and it’s only getting bigger. People are using their mobile phones to publish video on places like YouTube and Facebook, but they’re also using their phones to watch billions of videos a day. At some of the top video hosting sites … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Card-battler Chronicle: Runescape Legends enters open beta today

After years in development, card-battling strategy game Chronicle: Runescape Legends is now in open beta.Anyone with a PC can now try Chronicle, or download it from is less about battling characters or gaining control of the game board, and more infused … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

A Quick Reminder on Promotion in Your Articles

Get Your Readers’ Attention Without Promotion There are no sure-fire strategies to article writing; every author uses different techniques. Even with these differing techniques, authors typically have the same goal. They strive to use their full writing potential to get their con … | Continue reading

@alltop | 8 years ago

Oil Slump Hammers Kazakhstan Currency; Russian Central Bank To Explore Role For Bitcoin Blockchain

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will consider ways to use bitcoin blockchain technology when it meets in June as oil exporting countries such as Kazakhstan wrestle with eroding confidence in currency caused by low oil prices. Grigory Marchenko, the ex-chairman of the N … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Traceroute: Nerd-Doku kommt nach Deutschland

Die Wurzeln der Nerd-Kultur, wie sie heute gepflegt wird, liegen in den USA der Achtzigerjahre. Aber ihre Pollen wehten bis in die österreichische Provinz, wo sie in Johannes Grenzfurthner fruchtbaren Boden fand. Viele Jahre später macht... | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Glispa acquires and launches Ampiri ad mediation platform

Glispa, a global performance marketing firm, announced today that it has acquired MoneyTap and relaunched its ad mediation platform under the name Ampiri. Berlin-based Glispa has been expanding its ad monetization offerings as part of bid to become a full-service marketing platfo … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Pornhub gets immersive with new virtual reality category

Pornhub, one of the most popular adult entertainment sites in the world, is getting into the VR biz. The company will be teaming up with BaDoinkVR, which has already been creating premium VR adult content for quite a bit, to add a new “virtual reality” content section to its site … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Checkr nabs $40m to expand its background screening platform beyond the Valley

Back in October, we reported that Checkr — a San Francisco startup that runs employee background checks and vets potential hires by way of an API — was raising north of $30 million as it expanded its business beyond the 300,000 checks per month it already does for some 3,000 tech … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

The art of Pee-wee

Inside the USC's Ray Stark Family Theatre, the hair colors in the audience resembled a Manic Panic sampler pack. Atomic Turquoise towards the front, After Midnight across the aisle, Cleo Rose a few seats away from Bad Boy Blue with Violet Night streaks, a fried bleach job dotting … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Tara the chatbot hires freelancers so you don’t have to

Chatbots are the future – or at least, they’re very trendy at the moment. Expect to see lots of startups built on top of Slack and Facebook Messenger – or just standalone – over the coming months, fulfilling all sorts of needs. Tara is one such example. Tara is a Web-based chatbo … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Transform Your Brand Style Guide for the Future

Need insights into the latest content marketing trends? Get answers from our leadership on the D Custom blog. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

I went hands-on with PornHub’s new free ‘VR’ category

The promise of virtual reality is that it can make you feel like you’re anywhere, so — naturally — most people want to feel like they’re under an attractive naked person. And I think the Internet might start carrying that kind of content. Pornhub is positioning itself as a go-to … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

PornHub wants you to get behind VR porn, so it’s launching a virtual reality section

Starting today, PornHub — which I’m told is a pornography site — is teaming up with BaDoinkVR, a leader in adult virtual reality entertainment, to launch its new VR category. “At Pornhub it is our duty to provide our global audience with the latest in cutting edge technology. Vir … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

I had my bones rattled by the Balluga smart bed

Not since I fell asleep on top of my tablet watching House of Cards in bed have I laid down on top of so much technology. Testing out the Balluga smart bed — which launches today on Kickstarter — felt pretty normal until I was handed a smartphone with a connected app and told to … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Save 75% on any movie rental with this Google Play offer

For a limited time you can grab 75 percent off the store price of any single movie rental from Google Play’s rather large film collection. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

An AlunaGeorge concert will be recreated live inside Minecraft today

Minecraft wants its virtual world to be a part of the summer festival circuit. Later today, the first-ever live concert will take place in Minecraft, headlined by disco-dudes Lemaitre, the DJ pair Broiler, and dance-pop duo AlunaGeorge, Norway's The Local reports. It will actuall … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Nvidia Shield Tablet review: the new Nexus 7

It occurred to me while using the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 that I couldn’t think of an Android tablet I’d rather buy.That’s not the conclusion I’d expected to reach. The Shield Tablet K1 is an extremely minor repackaging of the original Shield Tablet, which came out in 2014 before … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Godzilla gone civilized? Nissan says the 2017 GT-R is finally comfortable

NEW YORK — Reading the press release of the refreshed 2017 Nissan GT-R, I was shocked to find words like "elegance," "civility" and "smoother" splashed across its pages. That's because I would have never used those words to describe the previous GT-Rs.The deeper I dug, I started … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

The 2017 Nissan GT-R is a more civilized, more powerful Godzilla

Nissan brought a substantially updated 2017 GT-R to the New York Auto Show this week, featuring more power, an updated look, and a touch of refinement inside the cabin.Basically, Godzilla is more terrifying — but also somehow friendlier — than ever.To be clear, this isn’t an all- … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Google is reportedly making an iOS keyboard with search functionality

It appears that Google is working on a third-party keyboard for iOS that would allow search functionality directly within the keyboard itself, according to The Verge. Casey Newton reports that the keyboard will have swipe functionality, letting users run their finger from one let … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

The dumb, distracted things drivers do before they crash

Virginia Tech quantifies the habits of the unsafe driver. Hidden cameras find drivers are distracted up to half the time. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

2017 Audi R8 V10 Spyder: Specifications, Equipment - The new generation 2017 Audi R8 V10 Spyder had its world debut today at the 2016... [...] | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Do you like stickers? Twitter wants to know

Do you like stickers? Do you like putting them on photos you plan to share online? Twitter wants to know!The company is considering a new product it’s calling “Stickers” that would let you add images to photos before tweeting them out. (It offers something similar with its celeb- … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Champagne Gun: Über-Wasserpistole tut nur so

Geld aus dem Fenster schmeißen wird auch immer mühsamer: Neureiche, die mit der Champagne Gun lässig Blubberwasser in die Partygegend spritzen, machen sich vielleicht auf Fotos ganz lässig, aber in Wirklichkeit ist das 549-Doll... | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Tesla is now offering Ludicrous Mode upgrades for older P90D models because why not

Want to make your P90D about 20 percent faster? Sure, no worries. Tesla is now allowing P90D buyers who skipped the insane Ludicrous Mode upgrade at the time of purchase to add it to their vehicle for $10,000. The company claims the upgrades will drop the car’s quarter mile time … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Dubai Government Looks to Blockchain Amid Drive Toward 'Smart Cities'

CoinDesk speaks to Noah Raford a key driver of Dubai's Museum of the Future initiative, which recently unveiled its support for blockchain tech. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 8 years ago

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will feature original voicework from the film’s cast

The Lego Star Wars series has a rich history that extends beyond the source material — an interpretation of the two trilogies that stays both stays true to the films while injecting innumerable visual gags. For its upcoming take on The Force Awakens, the first new Lego Star Wars … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Google Drive for Android is now a lot more useful

What makes Google’s suite of apps and products so appealing has a lot to do with how well they all work together. However, for far too long Google has kept its Drive app on Android mostly limited to basic management functions. Thankfully, with the latest update, that’s all change … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Toyota announces the Prius Prime, a fancy Prius that plugs in

Toyota today announced the Prius Prime, a plug-in hybrid version of the Prius, which I drove last year and quite liked. But the new name, quad-LED headlights, and fancy new taillight design unique to the Prius Prime suggest Toyota sees this car as something a little more than ano … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Toyota's Prius Prime might really be the best Prius yet

NEW YORK — Toyota pulled the covers off another new Prius Wednesday morning at the 2016 New York Auto Show.Toyota calls it the best Prius yet — and gave it a name to match. It's called Prius Prime. And, according to Toyota, Prime means best.See also: Sorry, Tesla: The world’s fas … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Deal: 64GB Moto X Pure Edition for $399 at Best Buy

Best Buy is currently selling the 64GB model of the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition for $399.99, $100 off the regular retail price. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens details what Poe Dameron did next

There's a new trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens with our first glimpse of the title's gameplay - and a look at what other story sections Disney has allowed the game to include.As reported previously, Lego's Force Awakens game will also feature story from the expanded … | Continue reading | 8 years ago

Why Android N freeform window mode isn’t worth the effort right now

I enabled freeform window mode on the Android N preview to see what all the fuss was about, but it wasn't anywhere near as as cool as I had hoped. | Continue reading | 8 years ago

LG's new G5 ad confirms April 1st release date

A new ad for LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G5, has confirmed the handset's release date: April 1st. The 15-second clip shows someone snapping one of the G5's modular components into place on the subway, ending with the strap-line: "It's good to play more." However, it's wo … | Continue reading | 8 years ago