Article: Retail Sales During Core Back-to-School Shopping Months Will Climb

eMarketer expects the back-to-school season to ride a moderate rebound in the retail sector—and to continue the long-running shift to ecommerce. At the same, the shopping season itself is lengthening, and the web of influence for purchases is growing more complicated. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

After five years, Juno arrives in orbit around Jupiter

After traveling five years through the solar system, Juno has finally reached its destination and is currently in orbit around Jupiter, traveling nearly 250,000 kilometers per hour (150,000 mph). Read More | Continue reading | 4 years ago

NASA's Juno spacecraft is now in orbit around Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit, bringing it closer to the planet than any probe has come so far. The vehicle reached the gas giant’s north pole this evening, and NASA received confirmation that the vehicle had turned on its main engine at 11:18PM … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 07/05/2016 – Stalling Halfway!

Bitcoin price could be in for more volatility today as US traders return from their Fourth of July holiday.The post Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 07/05/2016 – Stalling Halfway! appeared first on NEWSBTC. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

The Motivations For Sharing On Facebook [infographic]

Since Facebook created the share button (a feature you may wish your puppy-loving aunt never discovered), our News Feeds have become populated with content that takes us outside of Facebook. It exposes us to new content and brands. The type of content users choose to share on Fac … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

'Monster Hunter Freedom Unite' is Updated and Back in the App Store

It's been a long road, but Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [$14.99] has been updated to work with the latest version of iOS and is back on the App Store. The iOS port of the classic PSP title had been broken since the arrival of iOS 9 back in September of 2015, barely a year after | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Emerging markets’ challenge to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley leads the global technology innovation markets with the credentials and an ecosystem that is second to none. We have had contact with many of the leading technology accelerators operating out of Silicon Valley; their opening line for the conversation is often: “How … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Vysor arrives on the Play Store

Vysor is a Chrome app that lets you display your Android's screen on your computer. Now that it's in the Play Store, it's easier than ever to install. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Google is building casting features right into Chrome

Google Chrome is about to learn a new trick.The browser is set to be updated with a new feature that allows you to take advantage of Google Cast without the need for a separate browser extension. SEE ALSO: Your seamless guide to using Google's new ChromecastGoogle Cast is a techn … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

6 apps to help you win summer

Summer is already in high gear and that means it's time for grilling, traveling and playing in the sun.Even though the days are longer, you may still need a little help to maximize your time so you can make the most of your summer plans — whatever they may be.Luckily, there are a … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - Low Carbon Hospital

Identifier: H2020-LCE-Prizes-2016-01Pillar: Societal ChallengesPlanned Opening Date: Deadline: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 17:00:00 (Brussels local time) | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - CO2 REUSE

Identifier: H2020-LCE-Prizes-2016-03Pillar: Societal ChallengesPlanned Opening Date: Deadline: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 17:00:00 (Brussels local time) | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - PHOTOVOLTAICS MEETS HISTORY

Identifier: H2020-LCE-Prizes-2016-02Pillar: Societal ChallengesPlanned Opening Date: Deadline: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 17:00:00 (Brussels local time) | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Soon you'll be able to Cast tabs from Chrome without an extension

Google is rolling out an update to Chrome 51 (the current version) that will allow users to Cast without having to install the Google Cast extension. The update will add native Cast functionality to the browser and put a button in the tool menu. Users will also be able to right c … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

How our founding fathers raised a Series A

For some of us, hotdogs, patriotic songs, and fireworks are enough. We here at TechCrunch expect more of our readers. Why be satisfied with fireworks when you could literally launch a Kickstarter into the sky. If you’re like me, you were likely quite disappointed to find out that … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A closer look at the HTC 10’s powerful theme engine

One of the coolest parts about the HTC 10 is its theme engine. Here's an in-depth look at how it works. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Is your brand identifiable by its values?

We all know the values of a company often define what an organisation stands for, and are usually at the core of its culture. When we speak about values though, frequently we associate it with human resources and the people we want to hire. This is great, but do you take the extr … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Augmented reality has no clothes

AR/VR continue to buzz hotly as contenders for the next wave of computing. Tech-industry pundits predict enormous future markets based on speculation that AR will replace the smartphone. The technology looks promising, but other smartphone killers haven’t panned out. Perhaps the … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Central Otago House by Sumich Chaplin Architects

Central Otago House is a traditional mountain refuge designed by New Zealand studio Sumich Chaplin Architects. This mountain house is ... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Gutenacht-Video: Einzeller spielen Pac-Man unterm Mikroskop

Forscher von der norwegischen Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge haben das wohl kleinste Pac-Man-Spiel überhaupt ausgetüftelt - jedenfalls wenn man großzügig über einige Details hinwegsieht und dafür immer schön... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Vontobel to Introduce Bitcoin Tracker Certificate to Trade on Swiss Exchange

The global Swiss banking and financial institution, Vontobel (SIX : VONN) has introduced a new product for their esteemed customers which enables them to trade bitcoin indirectly. The new product is a financial instrument similar to share certificates linked to the bitcoin value … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Huawei implied this image was taken with its P9 smartphone. Nope

As the United States celebrates Independence Day today, Huawei is celebrating its own independence, from facts. The Chinese smartphone maker posted the photo you see above on its Google+ page in an attempt to emphasize the quality of the dual-camera system in its flagship phone, … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Kern Residence – Seaside Retreat by Modal Design

Kern Residence was completed by architect Daniel Monti from Modal Design Studio. The interior design was conceived by Jamie Bush + Co. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Wilshire Corridor Office – Fresh and Easy by Jamie Bush

Wilshire Corridor Office is an interior design project completed by Los Angeles-based Jamie Bush + Co. Wilshire Corridor with views of the ... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Bayliss House by Ryder Architecture & Design / Los Angeles

Bayliss House is a single-family home designed by Ryder Architecture & Design in Los Angeles, US. A play of volumes in plan view, the Bayliss | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Skullgirls fights its way toward the Google Play Store

Skullgirls is a stylishly bombastic fighting game that stirs in a hard mix of RPG elements. We can expect it on Android by the end of the year. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Krótko dostępne zioło na przemęczenie/stres/układ nerwowy – owies w fazie mlecznej!

Dzień dobry! Mam dla Ciebie dobrą i pilną wiadomość! Dostępny jest już owies w fazie mlecznej! To fantastyczny tonik nerwowy, dostępny jedynie przez około... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Apple releases 4 iMessage apps ahead of iOS 10

Though people around the world are still waiting for the public release of iOS 10, today Apple released four animated sticker packs — Smileys, Hearts, Hands, and Classic Mac — that integrate with the new version of iMessage. The new version of iMessage makes it easy to share stic … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Citibank: Bitcoin Won’t Disrupt Payment Networks, but Changes Are Coming

Citi Research released a 56-page report on bitcoin saying that it is not going to disrupt banks or credit card networks. It says there will be increased transaction costs for bitcoin to provide increased volume. As for the use of bitcoin in remittance payments, it says bitcoin’s … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Chris Evans’ departure makes Top Gear instantly more watchable

Succeeding Jeremy Clarkson as the host of Top Gear was always going to be an impossible mission, and it turned out that BBC radio DJ Chris Evans was no Ethan Hunt. After just one season of what was supposed to be a three-year contract, Evans today resigned from his position, sayi … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Walmart rapidly expanding in-app checkout at brick and mortar locations in the US

Walmart Pay has recently arrived in 14 new states, nearly doubling the payment system's availability in the United States. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

If intense radiation weren’t bad enough, Juno has Jupiter’s rings of debris to worry about

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is about to make a terrifying plunge into orbit around Jupiter later tonight — one that involves passing through a terrifying hellscape of powerful radiation. Jupiter’s massive magnetic field, known as its magnetosphere, traps charged particles around the p … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Celebrate Camaro -- and America -- with this look back at pony-car greatness

A new Chevy promo video is rich with rare footage from the car's 50-year history. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Infographic: Proven Preventative Healthcare Practices

Continue reading | 4 years ago

Spire launches new app with breath monitoring, contextual feedback

San Francisco-based Spire, which sells a breath-monitoring wearable aimed at increasing mindfulness and calm, launched a new version of its app that includes real-time respiration monitoring and integrations with built-in iOS apps. Apple will also be selling the device in its ret … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A Cheap, Portable Test Developed for Zika Virus Infection

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a point-of-care device for detecting the Zika virus for under $2 a pop. It's about the size of a can of coke and can be operated by just about anyone, and even outside the clinic. A patient simply spits into the receptac … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

This is Juno’s last glimpse of Jupiter until it’s in orbit

NASA has released the last image of Jupiter from the agency's Juno spacecraft before it attempts to enter the planet's orbit tonight. The color image was taken on June 29th, with Juno 3.3 million miles away from the gas planet. Juno has now powered down its instruments to avoid a … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Trump tweets at “dishonest media” in Star of David kerfuffle

Happy American Independence Day, TechCrunchers. Today those of us in the U.S. celebrate the original Brexit with hot dogs, potato salad, and fireworks. Americans are also in the middle of a very weird presidential election, as you may know, and Republican presumptive nominee Dona … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Japan’s first VR porn festival shutdown because too many people wanted to come

With VR technology rapidly evolving and becoming a mainstay in the consumer market, naturally the adult entertainment industry wants to get their hands on it — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the past, the mainstream adoption of technologies like VHS, DVD and online vi … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch; Volatility Ahead?

It’s late on Monday evening, and time to take our second look of the day at the bitcoin price market. In this morning’s analysis, we noted that price would likely be relatively inactive, primarily as a result of the Independence Day celebrations in the US, and the impact this has … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Ben Brode Talks State of the Game, Warrior is All the Rage, Yogg-Saron Rules, and More Weekly 'Hearthstone' News in Touchstone #54

Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of all things Hearthstone [Free]. I've (almost) finished my move across the Atlantic, and now we are back to business as usual (minus the slight timezone change). This week we have Ben Brode talking about the current state … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Watch single-celled organisms play the smallest game of Pac-Man ever

Researchers at the University College of Southeast Norway are cruel people who like to play with the lives of lesser organisms. They're also pretty cool scientists who know how to have fun while researching microorganisms' hunting habits. The evidence for both these cases? A tiny … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Google vs Oracle post-script: the price for revealing sensitive financial information

Google will file a motion requesting sanctions against Oracle's law firm following the revelation of sensitive financial information during the court case. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Durant announces he’ll join Warriors

From staff reports The most sought-after free agent of the summer spent the weekend mulling a variety of offers. Although Kevin Durant (and every other free agent on the market) cannot sign until the free agency moratorium is lifted on July 7, he penned a column on The Pl … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

NASA’s Juno spacecraft enters Jupiter’s orbit: everything you need to know

On the evening of the Fourth of July, NASA's Juno spacecraft will attempt to enter Jupiter's orbit and begin a multi-week research phase. We're reporting on the mission live, so check back regularly for up to the moment stories on the spacecraft's progress. Continue reading… | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Don’t Let Brexit Be a Smokescreen for Broad New Spying Powers

The large crowd that filled the Committee Room for the second reading the Investigatory Powers Bill in the House of Lords on Monday suddenly began to thin. Another cabinet statement on the historic Brexit vote to leave the European Union was being issued and no one wanted to miss … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

SpaceBTC, the Latest Bitcoin Exchange to Serve the European Market

Brexit or not, Europe now has a new Bitcoin exchange! SpaceBTC, the latest Bitcoin exchange to open its doors to serve the inhabitants of the continent is operated by Pax Romana Group Limited, a company registered in the England and Wales. With the main base of operations located … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

The Popular FPS 'Critical Ops' Has Just Launched in 130 Countries, But No US Launch Yet

If you like first-person shooters, you've probably heard - or maybe even tried - Critical Ops, the popular mobile shooter that plays a lot like Counter-Strike. The game has been out in Canada for a few weeks now, but today the developer announced that the game has launched in mor … | Continue reading | 4 years ago