Congress Seeks Answers From IRS About Its Bitcoin Tax Investigation

Congressional leaders want answers about the Internal Revenue Service's ongoing effort to obtain user records from Coinbase.Source | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook and MLB partner to bring live streamed games to the social network

 Facebook and the MLB announced today a new live streaming partnership that will bring 20 live, regular season games to the social network. The games will air weekly on Facebook, with the first – Rockies at Reds – showing tomorrow night at 7:10 PM ET on the official MLB Facebook … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google’s AMP now powers 2B+ mobile pages and 900K domains, loads 2x faster

 As Google looks for ways to keep people using its own mobile search to discover content — in competition with apps and other services like Facebook’s Instant Articles — the company is announcing some updates to AMP, its collaborative project to speed up mobile web pages. Today a … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

R&K Insider: Travel advice for one and all

Sign up for R&K Insider, our collection of the most compelling happenings in food, politics, and travel from across the web. Happy Thursday, friends and readers. We do quite a bit of traveling here at R&K, and are always talking to friends and colleagues who are navigating from b … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

YouTube expands mobile livestreaming capabilities to more users

YouTube is making it even easier for people to livestream from their mobile devices (as if we needed another way to share our lives in real time.)Android Police reported on Wednesday that YouTube is making livestreaming accessible to all users by doing away with the "1,000 subscr … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Everything we learned about Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is not Destiny 1.5. Bungie revealed a great deal about its upcoming online shooter today during a streamed event, showing off gameplay and announcing new features that mark big changes and improvements from the first Destiny. It was a lot to keep track of, and the 30 mi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Joe Lieberman Is a Leading Contender for FBI Director

President Trump confirmed that Joe Lieberman is among his top picks to be director of the FBI,  just over a week after the stunning firing of James Comey. Lieberman, who represented Connecticut for 24 years in the Senate until 2013, would be a highly unusual choice to lead the po … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Can Star Trek: Discovery win back fans’ trust?

Yesterday, CBS dropped the first real trailer for the upcoming subscription-only series Star Trek: Discovery, finally giving fans a idea of what the first Trek TV show since 2005’s Enterprise will look like. It’s a good trailer, showing off some of the characters, including Comma … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Meet the company vying to take on Tesla in clean energy

Tesla isn't the only automaker vying to claim your rooftop as well as your garage. Mercedes-Benz now wants to sell you a full "ecosystem" of clean energy services, including solar panels that charge battery packs, which in turn charge electric vehicles — or at least let you store … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Medium now offers audio versions of its stories for members

Medium is hoping to sweeten the pot in order to get you to become a paying member. The publishing platform provider said that members will now be provided an audio version of every “exclusive, member-funded story” along with some additional selections chosen by the company’s edit … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Website – Free eBook

 Want to improve your site traffic, visitor engagement, and market content?  In this eBook, you will find 5 ways to improve your website, make Google love you and get high rankings in search results.… Read the rest | Continue reading

@alltop | 7 years ago

Medium launches audio versions of stories for members

 Medium has launched a new feature that could add more incentive to its paid membership program: audio stories. The paid member exclusive offering will provide an audio version of every story created specifically for its members, and will also be made available for some of the be … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

FCC votes to begin overturning net neutrality rules

The Federal Communications Commission voted today in favor of a plan to repeal Title II net neutrality rules, in a 2-1 vote along party lines. With this vote, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has made good on his plan to reverse the net neutrality rules put in place during the Obama adminis … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How to control your connected home with Google Assistant

GUEST: Whether you’re onboard or not, smart homes are the future. Of course, there are still a few quirks, and some devices are downright ridiculous. (Consider the Grillbot, an automatic grill cleaner, or the Davek Umbrella, with its “Loss Alert” sensor.) But smart technology def … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Major European Retailer Alza Accepts Bitcoin, Installs BTMs

[…]The post Major European Retailer Alza Accepts Bitcoin, Installs BTMs appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The FCC officially proposes to end net neutrality rules (but it’s not over yet)

 Today the FCC voted to officially propose an order that would eliminate net neutrality rules as we know them. To be clear, the rules are not being adopted today — that vote will be about three months from now, during which time the proposal is open for comment. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google's balloon-powered internet is helping Peru during extreme floods

During natural disasters, the ability to communicate with loved ones and get basic information is vital. But communication infrastructure is often one of the first things to be knocked out by high winds, massive rain, and flooding — especially in remote and rural regions.Massive … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How To Write SEO Content To Improve Your Search Rank

Medical & Health Copywriting | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Chromebooks will get new Android O features before phones do

The Chromebook Pro was meant to be a grand coming-out party for Android apps running on Chrome OS. The Samsung device would show Google’s ability to not just dominate the education space with web apps, but remove the “native app” issue for anybody that was holding out. But the fe … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Lightbox by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Designed as a home and studio for a photographer and his young family, Lightbox is located on a peninsula that extends south ... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Trump Administration Says It's Ready to 'Modernize' NAFTA

The Trump administration has announced its intention to move forward on one of its most prominent campaign promises: renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. In a two-page letter to Congress, recently approved U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer st … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Actual 'Single Greatest Witch Hunt of a Politician' in U.S. History

It’s been a turbulent 11 days in the Trump administration. From the abrupt firing last week of former FBI Director James Comey to the appointment Wednesday of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be the special prosecutor leading the investigation into Russian interference of th … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram unite with cross-app notifications

 Facebook’s family of apps are moving in together. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are each testing a feature that shows notification counters from the other apps and lets you instantly switch between them. The feature could boost engagement across the apps by using those madd … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Android Pay to expand to new markets, add improved loyalty card features

 Yesterday at Google’s developer conference I/O, the company announced upgrades to its Payment API that will make it easier for end users to switch between their multiple payment cards when checking out on the mobile web, or paying for things in apps – even if those cards were no … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A future of more extreme floods, brought to you by climate change

Extreme floods along the coastline may become much more common if sea levels continue to climb unchecked, new research says. Scientists estimate that as soon as 2030, a 4-inch sea level rise could double the frequency of severe flooding in many parts of the world, and increase it … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Destiny 2: everything you need to know about Bungie's new sci-fi epic

Continue reading… | Continue reading | 7 years ago

5 Questions That Will Challenge Your Assumptions About Marketing

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in truth, nary a marketer—let alone one of the renegade variety—succeeded without a deeply inquisitive nature. It’s not enough for us to know that something worked; we moreThe post 5 Questions That Will Challenge Your Assumptions … | Continue reading

@alltop | 7 years ago

5 Questions That Will Challenge Your Assumptions About Marketing

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but nary a marketer—let alone one of the renegade variety—has succeeded without a deeply inquisitive nature. Here's why. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

For investors seeking a purpose-built CRM toolkit, Affinity raised $13.5 million to get you covered

For the venture capitalists, hedge funders, investment bankers and private equity folks trawling the skyways looking for deals, there’s nothing more important than a strong network. But for most firms keeping track of meetings, managing follow-ups, and plotting a next move is sti … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier' Final Episode Launches May 30th, Probably

Telltale is about to wrap up the third season of its hit The Walking Dead [$4.99] series, also known as A New Frontier, probably on May 30th. I say probably because the mobile versions of the various episodes haven't always landed on the same day as the other versions. Hopefully, … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Venezuela's Crisis Deepens, Protests Escalate

Since April 1, daily anti-government  protests across Venezuela have frequently devolved into clashes with riot police, leaving thousands arrested, hundreds injured, and 43 dead. Opposition activists are protesting against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, blaming him f … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Ja, mama

Piąta rano, deszcz kapie na parapet. Cicho i wiosennie. Pierwsze rozmówki ptaków za oknem. Bobas u boku właśnie otwiera szeroko oczy i już wiem, że to koniec spania na dziś. Może gdybym nie miała dzieci, miałabym jeszcze jakąś małą nadzieję, że będzie mi za chwilę dane zapaść jes … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google Chrome is coming to VR with Google's latest Daydream update

Google Chrome is entering new realities.The company announced its seemingly ubiquitous web browser will soon come to Google's Daydream VR platform, giving us a chance to scroll through our favorite sites and spend even more time online while wearing the headset.  With this new in … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Microsoft will soon open its first two data centers in Africa

 Microsoft today announced that it will soon open two data center regions for its cloud-based services in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa. This marks Microsoft’s first data center expansion into Africa, and the plan is to get these new regions online in 2018. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Watch the first action-packed trailer for Black Lightning, The CW’s new superhero show

During today’s upfronts, The CW dropped the first trailer for Black Lightning, its latest superhero show. It shows off plenty of superpowered action, but the show won’t be part of the larger DC universe that the network has put together. Played by Cress Williams, Black Lightning … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Destiny 2’s beta is coming this summer

You won’t have to wait until September to see if Destiny 2 improves upon the original. Bungie gave the world its first good look at the sequel to its online shooter during a streamed event today that showed off gamplay and introduced new features like clans. But the developer als … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The seven biggest things we learned about Destiny 2 from today’s gameplay reveal

Bungie just unveiled a whole bunch of new information about Destiny 2, the follow-up to the original 2014 online-only shooter. After a series of teaser trailers and cinematic clips, Bungie finally took the wraps off. Here’s what we know:Story takes center stageDestiny 2 will have … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Destiny 2 will exclusively be available on PC through Blizzard’s

In a surprising announcement at today’s Destiny 2 event, Bungie revealed that the PC version of the Destiny sequel will be exclusively available on Blizzard’s platform. will be used to both purchase Destiny 2 as well as for online gameplay, making Destiny 2 … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Here's your first look at Destiny 2 gameplay footage

Bungie has just wrapped up its Destiny 2 reveal livestream, which showed off an ambitious-looking new story campaign led by a cast of familiar faces.A look at Destiny 2's first mission can be seen in the new gameplay trailer below. The action begins just moments after a Cabal att … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Destiny 2’s new Guided Games feature will make it far easier to be a solo player

Bungie today revealed key details about its upcoming Destiny sequel, including a new feature that will make it easier for solo players to pair up with larger groups to do multi-player activities. The feature, called Guided Games, will make it so players who don’t play in large gr … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Destiny 2 isn’t coming to Steam — it’s exclusive to Blizzard’s launcher

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg introduced Blizzard chief Mike Morhaime to announce that Destiny 2 will be exclusively available on the PC via Blizzard’s online service. “One community of gamers have never had an opportunity to have fun,” Hirshberg said. “Now … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Netflix is working on a Dark Crystal prequel series

Netflix has greenlit a prequel series to Jim Henson’s 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. The 10-episode revival will be called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Variety reports. The series will be directed by Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans).The series will … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Therapist Comforts the Troubled Musician

Music is often talked about as a form of therapy—after all a DJ can, as Indeep told us, save a life from a broken heart. It’s also often said that making music is like visiting a shrink; Ed Sheeran, in fact, just this month called songwriting “a form of therapy.” Yet in the publi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Amazon Charts, Amazon’s new bestseller list, ranks titles by ‘most read’ and more

 Amazon has long relied on customers providing feedback and providing other ranking data as part of the process of encouraging more sales on its platform, and now the e-commerce giant is adding a new twist on this to spur more buying in its books business.Today, Amazon announced … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Vevo wants to be the new MTV with its refined tvOS app

Vevo, the music video service most easily recognized for its presence on YouTube, is putting more faith and resources into TV. The company is today releasing a refined app for tvOS, designed to improve on its recent efforts to offer personalized music videos and original content … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Mummy trailer is selling an extended universe nobody asked for

The latest and “final” trailer for The Mummy is flush with creepy special effects, Tom Cruise, and somewhat sadly, complete sound. It also boldly reminds viewers that we’re not just looking at a single new film: this is just the first in an entire series of upcoming monster films … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Pixeljunk Series Heading to iOS and Android with Upcoming 'Eden Obscura'

PixelJunk is a series of downloadable games developed predominantly for PlayStation systems by Japanese studio Q-Games, and they've always seemed like the sort of games that would be a perfect fit on mobile. Apparently Q-Games feels the same way as they're finally branching out w … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Microsoft Unveils New Framework to Speed Up Blockchain PoCs

Microsoft has unveiled a new framework aimed at streamlining the blockchain proof-of-concept process. | Continue reading | 7 years ago