Beauty and Sanctity in Rumi's ‘A Great Wagon’

Poetry, like music, takes me back to the time when I first heard that piece. I first heard the work of the Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Rumi when I was in college. The priest at the Episcopal campus ministry, who became my mentor, would substitute a Rumi poem for a biblical reading or … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How stable is the first Android O Developer Preview?

Google says the first Android O Dev Preview is meant only for developers. But just how stable is it? Here are our experiences so far. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook says one in five videos shared on the service are live streams

Facebook’s big live-streaming bet is starting to pay off. According to the company’s head of video, Fidji Simo, one in five videos shared on the social network is of the Facebook Live variety. The stat, shared by Simo in a public status update on her personal page, reveals that F … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Bitcoin's New Controversy: The AsicBoost Allegations Explained

A new allegation from a high-profile bitcoin developer has once again stoked the fire of its scaling debate.Source | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A Battle Between Nepotism and Nationalism

Stephen Bannon presided over Breitbart as it stoked anti-Muslim prejudice and white racial anxiety; saw Donald Trump as a useful vessel for destroying the Republican Party; and steered Trump’s presidential campaign toward white nationalism. The 63-year-old once suggested that a w … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung is selling an S8 Plus with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, but only in Asia

When Samsung announced the new Galaxy S8, it only talked about a single model of the device with 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. But it turns out there’s a better, more powerful variant of the larger S8 Plus that offers double the storage space at 128GB and 6B of RAM — b … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Kruche księżyce migdałowe z szafranem i wanilią

W moim rodzinnym domu raczej nie piekło się ciasteczek. Zazwyczaj jedliśmy jedno duże ciasto pieczone w prodiżu. A ja, kiedy byłam dzieckiem, lubiłam spędzać czas na przeglądaniu przepisów w książkach kucharskich. Czytałam składniki i wyobrażałam sobie smak „podkówek orzechowych” … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook Messenger’s AI “M” suggests features to use based on your convos

 Write “You owe me $20” and Messenger will suggest you use its payments feature. If someone says “goodbye”, Messenger will recommend a “bye-bye” GIF. That’s how Facebook’s new M Suggestions work. Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant will privately interject these recommen … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google updates Material Design Guidelines, releases color tool for creating palettes and testing accessibility

Google today updated its Material Design Guidelines, the living documentation of visual, interactive, and motion design guidance across its platforms and devices. At the same time, the company also launched a new color tool that aims to help developers create, share, and apply co … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

New Google tool helps developers pick the right colors for their apps

 With its Material Design guidelines, Google set out to create a unified set of ideas for how it wants developers to think about all the different aspects of their applications’ design, ranging from the basic layout to how to use animations effectively. As part of those guideline … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook’s AI assistant will now offer suggestions inside Messenger

Facebook’s AI assistant, known simply as M, will now pop into your Messenger chat windows to suggest actions it can take on your behalf, the company announced today. The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users in the US, with a broader expansion around the globe in the co … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Comcast reveals the first details on its Xfinity Mobile wireless service

Cable TV and internet provider Comcast has revealed the first real details of its upcoming wireless service, Xfinity Mobile. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook might pay fact-checking organizations to flag fake news

Facebook says that it’s open to paying fact-checkers if that’s what it takes to fight fake news.In an interview with Financial Times, Facebook’s News Feed leader, Adam Mosseri, said that the company would consider paying another organization for fact-checking if it made sense.“A … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Lending Club founder Renaud Laplanche is back with a new startup and $60 million in funding

 Renaud Laplanche had a terrible no good very bad 2016. But the founder and longtime CEO of Lending Club is back with a new lending startup called Upgrade, along with the support of investors who’ve provided the company with $60 million in funding. It’s a comeback that’s been rou … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung’s new MU Series TVs makes 4K quality slightly more affordable

Samsung announced the availability and pricing of its 2017 MU TV series yesterday, which makes Ultra 4K resolution affordable. The screens range from 40 inches to 82 inches and all also support High Dynamic Range. The series options vary by their feature set, so the most affordab … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

DrChrono raises $12 million in Series A to take on older EHR platforms like Athena Health

 A couple of early stage venture capital outfits have infused medical practice management platform DrChrono with $12 million in Series A financing to help the eight-year-old company compete with EHR incumbents in bigger health organizations like Athena Health and Allscripts. DrCh … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Uber and Lyft lost 8,000 drivers due to ‘unfair’ background checks

After 8,200 of their drivers have failed to pass Massachusetts’ strict background checks, Uber and Lyft are saying the state is too hard on them. According to the Boston Globe, 8,206 of the companies’ drivers — about 11-percent overall — were disqualified by the state following r … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Republicans Nuke the Filibuster to Put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

The judicial filibuster in the Senate is now dead.Republicans on Thursday ended decades of Senate tradition by changing the rules to keep Democrats from blocking President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. On a strict party-line vote at the direction … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook adds an educational guide to help users learn to spot fake news

Looks like Facebook is turning that top space in your news feed into something a little more useful than “It’s spring time!” or “Have a nice day!” In a blog post, the company said it will be adding alert to an “educational tool” when users log onto the service, which will provide … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch; A Simple Strategy For Tonight

If you read our coverage this morning, and indeed, if you’ve caught any of our bitcoin price watch pieces this week, you’ll be more than familiar with out 1100-1200 key level hypothesis. If you’re new to this week’s efforts, then first, welcome, and second, we’re basically using … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Runtastic’s new ‘Runtasty’ cooking app is apparently not a late April Fools’ joke

April Fools’ Day was last weekend, but we’re still seeing a few enterprising #brands get in last-minute jokes and goofs. That includes the developer of running app Runtastic, which today announced a spinoff cooking app called Runtasty. The announcement page has all the hallmarks … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

One in five Facebook videos is Live as it seizes the verb

 While most people still aren’t sure what to broadcast, and some have misused the format for unsavory or criminal purposes, Facebook now says one-fifth of the videos share on its network are now Live videos. It’s also seen Live broadcasting grow 4X in the past year, according to … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

It’s a good time to be a Samsung executive, apparently

Annual income to executives is said to have doubled in the last ten years, while the gender pay gap has been reduced. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The New Champions of School Integration

Policies that promote school integration by race and class took a significant hit last week when the U.S. Department of Education announced that it was killing a small but important federal program to support local diversity efforts. The initiative, “Opening Doors, Expanding Oppo … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

This Porsche-based electric supercar has a 215-mile range and crazy acceleration

 Austrian EV tuner Kriesel is making a name for itself in the world of high-performance electric conversions. After creating a purely electric Mercedes G-Class with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the company has now revealed the EVEX 910e, a converted Porsche 910 that has a fully electri … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

“Bitmain Has Never Used AsicBoost in Production”, Says Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu, co-founder of bitcoin mining equipment developer Bitmain, has rebutted a statement made yesterday by Gregory Maxwell where he says that a “design oversight” in Bitcoin’s proof of work “has a potential attack which can allow an attacking miner to save up-to 30% of their … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung Targets Blockchain Consortia With Nexledger Tech

Tech giant Samsung today unveiled its Nexledger blockchain platform, alongside a technology it could soon use to serve industry consortia. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Sunday baseball game outside Mountain Park, Alberta

Sunday baseball game outside Mountain Park, Alberta | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Showtime makes its entire library available for offline viewing on mobile devices

 Showtime will now allow subscribers to download its programming for offline viewing on mobile devices – following similar moves by Netflix and Amazon. The network says its entire library will be supported, including the full seasons of its top shows like Homeland, Billions, Ray … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook puts link to 10 tips for spotting “false news” atop feed

 Today Facebook begins fighting misinformation with news literacy education, in addition to product features. This week, users in 14 countries including the US will see an alert above the News Feed several times over the next few days that links them to Facebook’s Help Center whe … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

HTC U Ultra review: disappointment by a thousand cuts

In a season filled with almost endless smartphone hype and announcements, you’d be forgiven if you missed that HTC, once a major player in the Android world, announced and released a new, high-end phone. That phone, the $750 U Ultra, is the company’s current flagship, and the fir … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Anchor adds interviews to create a powerful mobile recording studio

Even in an era where people complain that everyone has a podcast, there are still plenty of curious people out there who’d like to give it a shot but don’t know where to start. (I am primarily talking about myself here, but maybe also you!) It’s one thing to have an idea for a sh … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Octopuses Do Something Really Strange to Their Genes

Octopuses have three hearts, parrot-like beaks, venomous bites, and eight semi-autonomous arms that can taste the world. They squirt ink, contort through the tiniest of spaces, and melt into the world by changing both color and texture. They are incredibly intelligent, capable of … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

What Do Southerners Hear in S-Town?

S-Town plays on some familiar themes of storytelling about the South. As Aja Romano has noted at Vox, the show fits firmly into the Southern gothic tradition immortalized in the works of authors like William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor, even though it’s nonfiction. But in an i … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Xbox Project Scorpio wird ganz schön mächtig

Microsoft hat Eurogamer verraten, wie das Innenleben der kommenden Xbox Project Scorpio Console aussehen wird. Eins ist klar: es wird die mächtigste Konsole auf dem Markt.Mit einer Octa-Core 2,3GHz x86 CPU, einer 1172MHz GPU mit 40 compute units,... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Latest Telegram beta update brings a new video messaging feature

The latest Telegram beta update adds the ability for users to easily send short video messages to their friends and families. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Sapho to launch Microsoft Teams bot for enterprise tasks

EXCLUSIVE: Sapho will soon launch a Microsoft Teams bot, the company has informed VentureBeat. Due out next week, Sapho bot for Microsoft Teams will combine multiple software systems into a single bot then provides actionable insights that can be completed with the tap of a butto … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How China’s President Could Bully Trump

When the new and relatively inexperienced U.S. president met the leader of the world’s second-most powerful nation in their first summit meeting, public smiles hid the battering that the American took behind closed doors. Sized up as a lightweight by the survivor of a brutal poli … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Project Scorpio focuses Xbox on games — so where are they?

The next Xbox is a powerful machine. As Digital Foundry revealed today in a lengthy rundown of specs, Project Scorpio — the codename for the next Xbox One — will be both faster and more powerful than its predecessor and its console competitor, capable of running games in native 4 … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

When Globalization Brings Brain-Invading Worms

There is a long, grim history of infectious diseases crisscrossing the globe aboard giant ships.Explorers looking to set up new colonies carried smallpox, measles, and other deadly viruses with them to distant lands. Even the vessels they used to get there contributed to the spre … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Values – Putting Them Into Practice

Culture in organizations has been a favorite topic of mine for many years.  The recent discussions of harassment in Uber and Thinkx or the management style of the Trump Organization are all rooted … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Hyperloop One test track is finished. When can we ride it?

Elon Musk's literal (transportation) pipe dream, Hyperloop One, just hit another critical milestone: The first Hyperloop test track—or really, test tube—is finished. The 1,640-foot long tube doesn't go anywhere. It isn't even a loop, just a perfectly straight line of conjoined tu … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Add MacBook storage without the added bulk with the Nifty MiniDrive — just $29.99

Maxing out the available storage on your MacBook can create a bigger hassle than you’d expect. And if you want external storage, that usually means using up a USB port and toting around an external drive pretty much everywhere you go. Instead, boost your storage capacity by anoth … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

It only takes seven minutes to catch up on the Fast and Furious movies

One of my regrets in life — not one of the main ones, like opening a credit card specifically to finance a spontaneous trip to E.B. White’s rural estate — is never taking the time to watch a Fast & the Furious movie. Who could have guessed that these seemingly chauvinist, boring … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Microsoft purges game emulators from Windows and Xbox stores

Game emulators are now banned from the Windows Store following a change to the rules, and Microsoft has wasted no time getting rid of the ones already there. According to the new rules, put into effect on March 29, “Apps that emulate a game system are not allowed on any device fa … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Xiaomi has released an IP67-rated, 360-degree camera with 6-axis EIS

The Mi Panoramic features two, 16 MP fisheye lenses and shoots in 3.5K. On sale now for $250. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Diablo III is five years old and better than ever

How many of the things you bought in 2012 are still good today? How many of them do you even have anymore? In my trade as a tech reviewer, I'm used to devices that go from new to obsolete in a matter of weeks, and in gaming, the window of novelty and joy is often even briefer. So … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Xbox Project Scorpio: everything we know about Microsoft's new console

Microsoft is building its most powerful console ever, Project Scorpio. Announced back at E3 2016, Xbox Project Scorpio will debut later this year in time for the holidays. Microsoft has started to share more information about the powerful hardware inside, and we're expecting to s … | Continue reading | 7 years ago