Ode to skimming: Daisy Hildyard on reading and our attention spans

What We Talk About When We Talk About Books is not an attempt to replace one monolithic account of the book with another, but to encourage readers to think about what it is to read and what form that reading takes. | Continue reading

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Information theory as a forensics tool for investigating climate mysteries

During Earth's last glacial period, temperatures on the planet periodically spiked dramatically and rapidly. Data in layers of ice of Greenland and Antarctica show that these warming events—called Dansgaard-Oeschger and Antarctic Isotope Maximum events—occurred at least 25 times. … | Continue reading

@phys.org | 37 minutes ago

Top Tactics to Keep Node.js Rockin’ in Docker

Learn from Docker experts to simplify and advance your app development and management with Docker. Stay up to date on Docker events and new version announcements! | Continue reading

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Mathematical modelling vital to tackling disease outbreaks

Predicting and controlling disease outbreaks would be easier and more reliable with the wider application of mathematical modelling, according to a new study. | Continue reading

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UK mobile network Three having major outage

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Unit Test Front End Components

Testing our code is (or should be) part integral of our daily work. It can bring us more confidence, more quality, and better documentation. | Continue reading

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Ask HN: When do you think smartphones will become obsolete?

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Salon VinDel, the 12th Wine Fair in Maribor

Salon VinDel, the International Wine and Culinary Fair, will in its 12th edition take place in Maribor's Hotel Draš on 23 October 2019. | Continue reading

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How to sell your startup (and get a good deal)

You've spend years growing your business – but now you want to sell. We ask veteran investors, founders and experts how to get the best deal | Continue reading

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Aktuelle Trend-Destinationen, Budgets & Dauern von Incentive-Reisen

events hat sich mit einigen Spezialisten u. a. zur Bedeutung und Aktualität von Incentive-Reisen im Marketing-Mix sowie zu Trend-Destinationen, Gruppengrößen und Compliance ausgetauscht und interessante, teilweise auch abweichende Antworten erhalten. Diese Woche lesen Sie jeden T … | Continue reading

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Explori Event Data Collection Tool [Review]

Explori review. Tool for event planners and venues for post event feedback. | Continue reading

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James Niehues Has Been Your Ski Guide, Even If You Didn’t Know It

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Functional Programming with Python

Nowadays functional programming is becoming a new trend and people looking for Haskell and Scala as pure functional languages. But I think… | Continue reading

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StackOverflow faces fresh backlash from community on its new policies

I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow Moderator.Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make this Q&A site what it is.I'm resigning for three reasons:Stack Overflow Inc. has forgotten ho... | Continue reading

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Seth Godin – The Generosity of Authority

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We process and store terabytes of data

Pygmalios analytics platform is collecting data from various sensors installed in stores and receiving thousands of events every minute… | Continue reading

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‘Digital welfare state’: big tech allowed to target and surveil the poor

UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty says in devastating account big tech companies are being allowed to go unregulated in ‘human rights free-zones’ | Continue reading

@theguardian.com | 1 hour ago

Step by Step Guide: Blend Redux with ReactJs

IntroductionThis is the second post of the series: A blend of Redux and ReactJs - State Management Made Easy!If you are already comfortable with the core concepts of Redux, great! If you are just getting started with Redux, I would like to encoura... | Continue reading

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Seattle Designed Neighborhood Plans to Inhibit Inclusivity

This is a two-part series. The first part is a very brief overview of the Growth Management Act, King County’s Urban Growth Boundary, and how we ended up with neighborhood plans. The … | Continue reading

@theurbanist.org | 1 hour ago

The new war on naturalized citizens

The Trump administration is seeking to denaturalize and deport longtime U.S. citizens, seizing on tiny mistakes in the process and putting the status of every naturalized citizen at potential risk. | Continue reading

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Ask HN: Does job advertising for new grad is age discrimination?

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It Dress for Men

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Who says Internet of Things is for smart homes?

We are witnessing, across the world, a whole new revolution in manufacturing and supply, which we have now come to call The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. For more reach Hakuna Matata.! | Continue reading

@hakunamatata.in | 1 hour ago

Unknown Phone Numbers Should Be Avoided

We share some unfamiliar facts about unknown numbers. In this case, we tell you what to do. Unknown facts and mis-known. | Continue reading

@theunknowncall.com | 2 hours ago

Siddhi 5.1: Framework for building cloud-native event-driven applications

After a continuous effort for the past three months and sleepless nights, finally, we have released Siddhi Cloud-Native Stream Processor… | Continue reading

@medium.com | 2 hours ago

Kepler's Supernova

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Embedded system cross-development with Ubuntu Core

There are fundamental differences between developing general-purpose software applications and making software for embedded systems. Embedded systems software runs on resource-constrained hardware, in contrast to general-purpose server or client applications that run on more capa … | Continue reading

@ubuntu.com | 2 hours ago

Tesla Competitor Is Now Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for Its Exotic Luxury Car

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I took medical speed and played Deadliest Catch: The Game

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Developers are still making security mistakes using Git

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Pac-Man – Design Icons

While a nascent games industry was laser focused on emulating the success of Taito’s Space Invaders, one designer tried to make something completely differen... | Continue reading

@youtube.com | 2 hours ago

New XSplit Gamecaster V4 Is Here

XSplit Gamecaster V4 is out now! This new rebuilt live streaming software is free, in beta, has scenes and themes, supports Twitch, Facebook and more. | Continue reading

@xsplit.com | 2 hours ago

Ask HN: Is Webkit Open Source?

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Talking Clock continues to tick online after shutdown silenced 'George'

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Camping Spots Finder App UI Clone with React Native #2: List Section

This tutorial is the second part of our Camping Spots Finder App UI clone using | Continue reading

@kriss.io | 2 hours ago

Goodbye Ray, Hello Asynchronous Search for PySpark

Hopsworks supports easy hyperparameter optimization (both synchronous and asynchronous search), distributed training using PySpark, TensorFlow and GPUs. | Continue reading

@logicalclocks.com | 2 hours ago

ICCA officially includes association executives in its global association meetings community

ICCA has announced the January 2020 launch of its “ICCA Association Community” in a message yesterday morning to its global membership. | Continue reading

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Oman Announces Completion of Construction works at Madinat Al Irfan Theatre

Omran announced its successful completion of the construction work package of Madinat Al Irfan Theatre as part of OCEC project. | Continue reading

@kongres-magazine.eu | 2 hours ago

Catalina Vista

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Connections to Showcase Award-winning Networking Formula in Peru

Connections, the international private community for senior executives in high-end travel, is set to showcase its award-winning networking formula. | Continue reading

@kongres-magazine.eu | 2 hours ago

The Empty Toilet Paper Roll Torments Families. Procter and Gamble Has an Answer

For decades, companies have tried to ease the chore of changing rolls by rolling out ever-larger sizes, from ‘triple’ to ‘jumbo’ to ‘mega’ rolls. Now it isn’t clear what the limit is; ‘I would buy it if it lasted a year’ | Continue reading

@wsj.com | 2 hours ago

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Outperforms Tesla Model S P100D in German Test

The two EVs dueled in the wet and the Porsche came out on top, but since the tests were conducted by a German publication, many claim they were rigged. | Continue reading

@carscoops.com | 2 hours ago

Suicide rates tripled for US children age 10-to-14 across a decade [pdf]

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@cdc.gov | 2 hours ago

Trump’s Letter to President Erdogan of Turkey

Trump said he’d written the “very powerful” letter to warn the Turkish leader. | Continue reading

@nytimes.com | 2 hours ago

The Grove 8 – Growing Trees in Blender

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My Joyful Return to Budapest

Experiencing Budapest, Hungary for the second time. | Continue reading

@landlopers.com | 3 hours ago

Ask HN: What is your information distillation pipeline?

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Disney over the Top

Disney+ leads a wave of billion-dollar Netflix competitors that are transforming the entertainment industry and launching a new age of ambition (and anxiety) as Iger, Kevin Mayer and team explain their all-in strategy: "We're locked and loaded." | Continue reading

@hollywoodreporter.com | 3 hours ago