Millennials Are the Loneliest Generation

New data from YouGov finds that Millennials report feeling lonely much more often than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts. | Continue reading | 22 minutes ago

Iran says it's building an AI supercomputer, despite sanctions

A top government official in Iran has announced plans a build a supercomputer dedicated to AI development. AI supercomputers can provide the memory, bandwidth and parallel processing power needed to handle large amounts of data. | Continue reading | 22 minutes ago


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Verilog for all proposed RISC-V bitmanip instructions

Working draft of the proposed RISC-V Bitmanipulation extension - riscv/riscv-bitmanip | Continue reading | 23 minutes ago

What was the cost to hire an entire Viking army? (2017)

A large contingent of trained, well armed warriors could hire themselves out as mercenaries for a nice wage during the Viking age.  Vikings at War by Kim Hjardar and Vegard Vike gives us a specific… | Continue reading | 25 minutes ago

The AR Show: Training for Quarterbacks and Walmart Clerks

This article features the latest episode of The AR Show. Based on a new collaboration, episode coverage now joins AR Insider’s editorial flow including narrative… Continue reading → The AR Show: Training for Quarterbacks & Walmart Clerks | Continue reading | 25 minutes ago

Aragon: Smart Contract Framework for Solidity

Aragon client to create and manage decentralized organizations on Ethereum. - aragon/aragon | Continue reading | 27 minutes ago

Researcher works to understand how gonorrhea develops resistance to antibiotics

Steadily and relentlessly, the bacterium that causes gonorrhea has slipped past medicine's defenses, acquiring resistance to once-reliable drugs, including penicillin, tetracycline, and ciprofloxacin. These former stalwarts are no longer used to treat the sexually transmitted dis … | Continue reading | 28 minutes ago

Scaling a Software Team: Feedback on Azure DevOps

First of all, let me get this straight: I’ve never been a big fan of Azure. I’m rather an AWS hardcore fan, love the way it’s built, its reliability, and the design focus on infra… | Continue reading | 29 minutes ago

What should interactive shells do in orphaned process groups?

The short question is, what should a shell do if it is in an orphaned process group that doesn't own the tty? But I recommend reading the long question because it's amusing.Here is a fun and exci... | Continue reading | 31 minutes ago

Ask HN: What do you think of a “varying ringtone”?

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Quantum radar has been demonstrated for the first time

A radar device that relies on entangled photons works at such low power that it can hide behind background noise, making it useful for biomedical and security applications. | Continue reading | 32 minutes ago

Ultrafast Laser Welding of Ceramics

Laser welding is an integral part of modern manufacturing, but it fractures ceramic materials. Penilla et al. developed two methods for welding ceramics using ultrafast lasers. One method tunes the ceramic properties, allowing the laser to transit through the ceramic and weld at … | Continue reading | 32 minutes ago

David Koch Has Died

The Koch brothers financed one of the most influential political networks in the modern era. The sprawling political empire includes conservative and libertarian nonprofits such as Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and Concerned Veterans for America. | Continue reading | 34 minutes ago

Your Morning Man: Matt Bomer

He’s growing his hair out. | Continue reading | 35 minutes ago

Elite British athletes have poor oral health

Elite athletes have high rates of oral disease despite brushing their teeth more frequently than most people, finds a new study. | Continue reading | 35 minutes ago

‘Mindhunter’ Director Carl Franklin on the Show’s Classical Style and Its Noir Influences [Interview]

In our Carl Franklin interview, the director of four episodes of Mindhunter season 2 talks about the series and what he's doing next. | Continue reading | 35 minutes ago

Con air

EV Grieve is the leading news, entertainment and lifestyle blog about the East Village of New York City. | Continue reading | 35 minutes ago

Reclaiming history with jars of dirt, and building stories from the ground up

EDITOR’S NOTE: Four hundred years ago, a Portugueses ship landed at a port in Virginia. Its cargo was “20 and odd” humans — the survivors of a horrendous crossing from Angola to the New World, and the first Africans to be sold as slaves in what would become the United States. It … | Continue reading | 36 minutes ago

Pony Points! Colbert skewers how cheaply we part with privacy

Hey, if you’ll send Russians your selfie + eternal permission to use your likeness, why not give up your darkest secrets in exchange for a pony picture? Pony Points!! (begins at 4:04, appropriately, in case the embed below doesn’t take you there to start)[YouTube] | Continue reading | 36 minutes ago

Who Owns Corporations?

For decades, the theory has obscured the basic standard that employees should do well when businesses do well. With cracks now in the foundation, however, new reforms could transform the inequalities at the heart of our economy. | Continue reading | 38 minutes ago

The End of Agile

I knew the end of Agile was coming when we started using hockey sticks. | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

Unit Testing in Coders at Work (2009)

In his now infamous blog post “The Duct Tape Programmer”, Joel Spolsky quoted Jamie Zawinski from my interview with him in Coders at Work talking about how they didn’t use many unit tests when deve… | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

Outlook for Masks, Materials and Wafers

Business is supposed to rebound in 2020, but that's not so clear anymore. | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

USPS loses about $1800 of packages from[video]

👉 Below we list tools & recording gear we use, repair guides to help you learn, online chip sources, & donation links: 👉 BlackBerry & Clinton the cat's wish ... | Continue reading | 43 minutes ago

The Deer in Infinite Loop

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When Ransomware Cripples a City, Who’s to Blame?

The former information technology director of a northern Florida city forced to pay $460,000 after a ransomware attack was fired. Now he’s suing. | Continue reading | 45 minutes ago

For $21 a Month, This Startup Will Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Wren, part of Y Combinator’s S19 class, is a subscription-based service for individuals that offsets carbon footprints by planting trees, protecting the rainforest or providing clean energy for refugees. | Continue reading | 46 minutes ago

Good Security: The Modern Approach to Data Security and Compliance

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Accelerate State of DevOps

DORA and Google Cloud have published the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report. | Continue reading | 49 minutes ago

Arctic Closure as Trigger of Atlantic Overturning at Eocene-Oligocene Transition

Proxies of deep circulation suggest that the onset or strengthening of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation occurred at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition. The authors show, using a paleoclimate model of the late Eocene, that a shift from Pacific to Atlantic overturning c … | Continue reading | 49 minutes ago

Astronomers Create 8M Baby Universes Inside a Computer and Watch Them Grow

What can simulating 8 million universes tell us about the history of our own universe? | Continue reading | 50 minutes ago

Gene Editing Transforms Gel into Shape-Shifting Smart Material

The CRISPR technique can trigger the new material to release drugs or pick up biological signals | Continue reading | 50 minutes ago

Test of Local Realism into the Past Without Detection and Locality Loopholes

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Pamela McCorduck: Machines Who Think [video]

Pamela McCorduck is an author who has written on the history and philosophical significance of artificial intelligence, the future of engineering, and the ro... | Continue reading | 52 minutes ago

The bias is moral – Artificial Intelligence

© Leandro Castelluccio A brief response and reflection to the article: “Benevolent Artificial Anti-Natalism (BAAN) – An EDGE Essay By Thomas Metzinger”- 08/07/2017. Link here In this art… | Continue reading | 52 minutes ago

Planck mass charged gravitino dark matter

Following up on our earlier work predicting fractionally charged supermassive gravitinos, we explain their potential relevance as novel candidates for dark matter and discuss possible signatures and ways to detect them. | Continue reading | 52 minutes ago

Toys from the Seventies and Eighties could be poisoning your children (2015)

Study finds lead, cadmium and even arsenic in many plastic toys from the period | Continue reading | 53 minutes ago

Sending Even a Tiny Message Through a Black Hole Would Make It Evaporate

Sending a carrier pigeon across the cosmos would probably be a more reliable way to send a message. | Continue reading | 53 minutes ago

First teleportation of 3D quantum states

The first experiment to teleport qutrits rather than qubits paves the way to teleporting the complete quantum state of a particle. | Continue reading | 54 minutes ago

Homeowners Make the Best Landlords

My previous post outlined how landlords add value to the service of shelter.  But if landlords presented no downsides, then no one would own their own homes. This post explains why people prefer to be to homeowners, and why our price-focused policies have frustrated affordable ho … | Continue reading | 54 minutes ago

Experimental Platforms Specialist – DevOps Engineer

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Artificial Intelligence Could Improve Health Care for All – Unless It Doesn’t

AI-driven medical tools could democratize health care, but some worry they could also worsen inequalities. July 29, 2019 by Jeremy Hsu You could be forgiven for thinking that AI will soon replace h… | Continue reading | 55 minutes ago

A Pair of Sneakers Explains the Billion-Dollar Sneaker Resale Industry

How one pair's journey through the secondary market explains a booming industry. | Continue reading | 56 minutes ago

Woodstock on Netflix

The Woodstock festival story from the point of view of the promoters. | Continue reading | 57 minutes ago

The Surprising Number of Programmers Who Can’t Program

Dear new developer, This came up in a Hacker News comment thread recently: I’ve been working since the 90s and I never attempted to do FizzBuzz. Is it really relevant? Maybe to screen junior … | Continue reading | 58 minutes ago

YouTube flags robot battle videos as “animal fights”

Are actual humans doing these "reviews"? | Continue reading | 58 minutes ago

Request for Authors

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