Cisco releases critical security alerts for DNA Center and SD-WAN software

Cisco has released critical security alerts for its DNA Center and SD-WAN software. | Continue reading | 22 minutes ago

Agile Austria Conference 2019

This year's theme of the Agile conference is "The Road to Agile". The conference will take place on 25. and 26. June 2019 in Graz. | Continue reading | 27 minutes ago

Intel's cascade of data centre riches

Customers will need to spend time matching Intel's new Cascade Lake processors to applications, and working out how best to deploy Optane DC memory, but there are real performance benefits to be had. | Continue reading | 31 minutes ago

MariaDB 10.4 GA release with online DDL, temporal and optimizer improvements

MariaDB release Community Server 10.4 with enhancements like temporal data processing, instant DDL operations, Optimizer, Performance and MariaDB Cluster. | Continue reading | 31 minutes ago

ReRISC: Reconfigurable RISC

Continue reading | 39 minutes ago

Linux Manjaro Phone Based on Plasma Mobile

Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

On the Relation Between Unit Testing and Code Quality

Unit testing has been considered as having a key role in building highquality software, and therefore it has been widely used in practice. However,data on the relationship between unit testing... | Continue reading | 41 minutes ago

Thoughts on Tribalism in Silicon Valley

Read the Side note Carefully | Continue reading | 42 minutes ago

China has a silver bullet in its trade-war arsenal: yuan devaluation

If China devalues the yuan, the country might think it can win the trade war and fix its massive debt overhang. | Continue reading | 44 minutes ago

Show HN: DivvyDroid – Qt/C++ application for remote controlling Android device

Qt/C++ Application to screencast and remote control Android devices - maxrd2/DivvyDroid | Continue reading | 44 minutes ago

Renault and Nissan sign exclusive agreement with Waymo for driverless mobility

Groupe Renault and Nissan to become the first automotive manufacturers to explore driverless mobility services with Waymo in France and Japan Exclusive agreement to initially focus on driverless mobility services for people and goods in France and Japan | Continue reading | 44 minutes ago

Cantonese is Hong Kong protesters’ power tool of satire and identity

Clever puns, catchy rhymes, and vivid imagery have helped create powerful symbols and slogans of resistance. | Continue reading | 46 minutes ago

Facebook unveils 'its most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance yet'

FACEBOOK is launching cryptocurrency next year that will allow people to move money from their smartphone into a digital “wallet”. The currency is known as Libra, which the social netwo… | Continue reading | 49 minutes ago

The mythical “Head of Marketing”

Most organizations have someone that they call the head of marketing, but unlike the other departments, this person’s job is usually more tactical and less strategic than it could be. That… | Continue reading | 51 minutes ago

You Don't Need Blockchain

Blockchain is popular but a lot of people don't really understand how it works. Herman explains this and points out where using different systems is better. | Continue reading | 51 minutes ago

How to get started with site reliability engineering [audio]

Google SRE Stephen Thorne shares best practices for starting an SRE team at your company. | Continue reading | 54 minutes ago

A curated list of browser globals that commonly cause confusion

Set up a modern web app by running one command. Contribute to facebook/create-react-app development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading | 55 minutes ago

How to Create Customer Loyalty Programs for E-Commerce

Know more about to create customer loyalty programs for eCommerce. Get customer loyalty right! | Continue reading | 55 minutes ago

To Protect Free Speech, Reform Section 230

Article 19.17 of the US-Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) unwisely expands the legal immunity for internet platforms provided by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  To preserve free speech, Congress must remove this provision and rewrite section 230. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Code Is the New Data

What do Facebook, a car and a Boeing have in common? They all run on source code with over 20M lines of code (L.O.C). | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

i386 architecture will be dropped starting with eoan (Ubuntu 19.10)

Q. What is i386? “i386” is the architecture name used internally in Ubuntu, Debian and some other Linux distributions to refer to the 32-bit instructions used in many Intel and Intel-compatible CPUs. Typically an i386 installation of any Linux distribution is able to run a kerne … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Markdown Template Generator – CGX CLI

💻🔥Generate all the recommended documentation (pre-filled) for the Github and Gitlab community standards - jeroenouw/cgx | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Handy Todo Task Manager

Nowadays everybody has to manage lots of tasks from different spheres of life. Nobody can hold such a huge amount of information in their… | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Write Custom Hooks to Clean Up Your Code

React hooks make it easy to add state to a component, and making your own custom hooks is dead easy too. Read on to find out how. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

WBO Has a New UI

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Technology in South African Schools

Introducing technology into the classroom is important, but teachers need proper support. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago


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A silly contraption using a JavaScript physics engine

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Wine tasting nine nights in a row

The famous Maribor's Lent Festival provides besides the musical and entartaining programme, also numerous wine and culinary delights | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Bruges Residence by TC Plus: Laboratory + Hospitality + Generosity

Bruges Residence is an experiment that forms part of a doctoral research into "the generous space" in which a family can make their home ... | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Gitlab: 哦nly support PostgreSQL (minimal version)

## What does this MR do? This MR extracts the minimum changes from that are necessary for us to say we've "removed support for MySQL". All the code is... | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Young adults have less to spend on non-essentials, study says

Britons between 18 and 29 have less left over after housing costs than older generations had at same age | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

The New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement

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Formally Verifying Algorand: Reinforcing a Chain of Steel

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macOS Catalina could add even more Project Catalyst apps

Evidence within the macOS Catalina beta suggests Apple has more in store for Project Catalyst with Messages and Shortcuts. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Why the C programming language still rules

The C language has been a software development staple for five decades. Here’s how it stacks up against C++, Java, C#, Go, Rust, and Python in 2019 | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Show HN: Enhance your product with data visualizations

Get visual answers from your data. Relax — take it vizy. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

How to Spot a Dying Company

In my 10 years working as a software developer, I have worked at 3 companies that was closing down or was on a downwards spiral. Even… | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Ask HN: How to get better at Data structures and Algorithm?

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Are there startup bootcamps for those without concrete ideas?

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Rust for Libra

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Where are the best full-time coding bootcamps?

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Reactn: React, but with built-in global state management

React, but with built-in global state management. Contribute to CharlesStover/reactn development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Attacking RSA Keys

RSA keys need to conform to certain mathematical properties in order to be secure. If the key is not generated carefully it can have vulnerabilities which may totally compromise the encryption algorithm. Sometimes this can be determined from the public key alone. This article des … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

The Return of Functional Programming

But first … | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

India's sixth biggest city is almost entirely out of water

The floor of Chembarambakkam Lake is cracked open, dry and sun-baked. About 25 kilometers away, in Chennai, India's sixth largest city, millions of people are running out of water. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

‘I am the change’: refugees, art and activism

Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Breaking the Ice Has Rarely Looked So Stunning

Surreal, beautiful, powerful, this short features two Russian icebreakers in the Arctic, busily busting routes into freezing ports in the Northern Sea. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago