Porretta Soul Festival 33rd Year

Since 1988 the Porretta Soul Festival, a Tribute to Otis Redding has become the most prestigious European event entirely dedicated to rhythm & blues and soul music: and particularly to the Memphis | Continue reading

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‘I Lost My Body’ Review: An Emotional Animated Film About a Severed Hand That Goes on an Adventure [Sitges 2019]

In our I Lost My Body review, we have a lot to say about one of the most surprising, strange and effective animated movies of 2019. | Continue reading

@slashfilm.com | 13 minutes ago

Pwsh has just implemented bash style –| and and& operators

Bash-style && and || control operators would be handy additions to the language. For instance, instead of writing (the examples are contrived, but hopefully illustrate the point): # If comm... | Continue reading

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Show HN: A free and open-source budgeting app you can self-host

:money_with_wings: A simple budgeting tool. Contribute to inoda/ontrack development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading

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Augmented reality for scientific posters and papers

A new smartphone app created by USC scientists uses augmented reality to visualize scientific data via 3D models and video. | Continue reading

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Upbeat Launches Taste-in-Music App on iOS

‎Your taste in music is everything.For fans, there's never been a better way to discover new music you love and share it with friends and fans like you.For artists, there's never been a more efficient, inexpensive (free!) way to promote your music directly to fans who are going t … | Continue reading

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2019 Best of the Midwest: Startup Cities Rankings

Highlighting this year’s biggest winners in a surging tech ecosystem | Continue reading

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Connect the Dots – A Sci-Fi Novel Outline

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Money Shame: Getting Real About Our Relationship with Money

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Libra Finds a Facebook Friend in Congress

Senator Mike Rounds takes exception to the “ominous” tone recently levelled at Facebook's Libra by his congressional colleagues.  | Continue reading

@decrypt.co | 33 minutes ago

Show HN: Automatic app usage stats and ability to name/manage Spaces on macOS

‎Take control of your time and learn about your habits!STATS AT A GLANCE:CurrentKey Stats makes it super easy to get an idea of how your day is going. Just click the menubar icon (or dock icon) to access your day's summary. Here you'll see your time spent in the day's top apps an … | Continue reading

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First Demonstration of a 1 Petabit per Second (1M Gbps) Network Node

Gathering the latest advancements in optical fiber telecommunications technology towards practical petabit-class backbone networks. The first 1 Petabit per second switching demonstration using spatial division multiplexing Prototype optical network testbed using multicore optical … | Continue reading

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Amazon Prime Video is confusing its customers with bait-and-switch tactics

28 of the top 100 shows on Amazon Prime Video aren’t available with a membership. | Continue reading

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Ask HN: Why doesn't the USA have a great car insurance comparison site?

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Natural Light Seltzer runs first TV ads as it chases market leader White Claw

The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand makes an ad buy across college football programming. | Continue reading

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My low cost provider of GPUs is out of stock. Any good alternatives?

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What Randomization Can and Cannot Do: The 2019 Nobel Prize

It is Nobel Prize season once again, a grand opportunity to dive into some of our field’s most influential papers and to consider their legacy. This year’s prize was inevitable, an awar… | Continue reading

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Project Trident Moves to Void Linux from FreeBSD

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Robert Zemeckis Returns to Disney for Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’ Remake

Following in the footsteps of the recent box office hits, the Disney Pinocchio remake is still moving forward, this time with director Robert Zemeckis. | Continue reading

@slashfilm.com | 39 minutes ago

John Boyega Sticks with Sci-Fi in ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ at Netflix

After the final chapter of the Skywalker saga debuts this winter, John Boyega will stick with sci-fi in a new Netflix movie called They Cloned Tyrone. | Continue reading

@slashfilm.com | 43 minutes ago

Global Game Oasis Hackathon Starting Today– Where Game Industry Meets Blockchain

Looking forward to build more blockchain games and rocking the industry with you at Game Oasis Hackathon! 🙌 | Continue reading

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Fun with location check-ins

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A beautiful astrophotography image from Pixel 4

“So simple, even a product manager can do it…” 😌 (Courtesy of my colleague Navin.) Click through for a higher-res version. | Continue reading

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It’s Coming!

One holiday that’s celebrated with a vengeance here on Beacon Hill is Halloween. It’s a little early I know but some buildings are already cranking up their decorations as per this door… | Continue reading

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Container Platform Networking at Cruise

Using Google Kubernetes Engine with a multi-cloud, private hybrid network. | Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Short: FTL

Abonnieren und sehen Sie weitere Science-Fiction-Shorts auf DUST: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh "FTL" von Adam Stern Ein einzelner Astronaut, der das erste schneller... | Continue reading

@youtube.com | 48 minutes ago

WhatsApp tax the final straw as protests erupt

Lebanese have been reeling under the burden of austerity measures as the small Mediterranean country battles to stay afloat | Continue reading

@en.annahar.com | 50 minutes ago

Testing Intel's Unreleased Core I9-9900KS

We take Intel's unreleased Special Edition Core i9-9900KS for a benchmarking spin. | Continue reading

@tomshardware.com | 51 minutes ago

The impossible fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity

Sea level rise, subsidence and political inertia, could soon see Jakarta become the first megacity claimed by climate change. A last-ditch plan to save the city may not be enough | Continue reading

@wired.co.uk | 51 minutes ago

'It gets late early out there': Sports Media Brief

Take Me Out to the Bawl Game. | Continue reading

@adage.com | 52 minutes ago

Lotus MVC: An iOS App Architecture

Go beyond basic iOS architectural patterns and improve the structure of your apps with the powerful Lotus MVC Pattern | Continue reading

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D at 20: Hits and Misses [pdf]

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SPOKO Meditation Bench

A premium, travel-friendly wooden kneeling stool for ensuring you achieve the right posture while meditating. | Continue reading

@toolsandtoys.net | 58 minutes ago

Playing Cards Shaped Like Slices of Pizza

Online novelty company Spilsbury are selling a deck of playing cards that are shaped just like slices of pizza with a picture of a pepperoni slice on the | Continue reading

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Handmade Art Dolls of Magical and Literary Origin

Ryan Friant of The Dream Syndicate creates amazing art dolls that are either magical in nature or of more traditional literary origins. Each doll is | Continue reading

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Protests paralyze Catalonia as marches head for Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain - Catalonia and its riot-swept regional capital, Barcelona, were paralyzed Friday by a mix of strikes and marches as the northeastern Spanish region endured its fifth day of mass protests over the conviction of independence leaders. | Continue reading

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Clozure Common Lisp

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Friday Squid Blogging: Six-Foot-Long Mass of Squid Eggs Found on Great Barrier Reef

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Executives – why do they always ask the hard questions?

Executives - why do they always ask the hard questions? | Continue reading

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Stay on Top of Your Gitlab Board

If you are a Team Lead, Product Manager or anything similar — I’m sure you want to know what’s going on in your Board. | Continue reading

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Show HN: Closest Volcano

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Canadian Education Is Steeped in Anti-Black Racism

For many Black youth, schools can be places of degradation, harm, and psychological violence | Continue reading

@thewalrus.ca | 1 hour ago

Poloniex Spins Out from Circle with New Backing and Global Focus

We are excited to announce that we are spinning out from Circle into a new company, Polo Digital Assets, Ltd., with the backing of a major… | Continue reading

@medium.com | 1 hour ago

16-Inch MacBook Pro Possibly Referenced in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 Beta

Icons possibly depicting the widely rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro have been uncovered by French blog MacGeneration in the first two betas of macOS... | Continue reading

@macrumors.com | 1 hour ago

As TikTok walks a political tightrope, Girls Who Code finds its voice there

An app with the attention of millions of young girls is a good place to spread a message about digital equality of the sexes. | Continue reading

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Builders Ditch Nest After Google Ties Devices to Digital Assistant

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Facebook Reaches Deal with Wall Street Journal, Others for News Section

News Corp has reached a deal to let Facebook Inc. feature headlines from The Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones media properties, as well the New York Post, in the social-media giant’s upcoming news section, the companies said. | Continue reading

@wsj.com | 1 hour ago

Video Games as High Art?

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