Get the calming and pain-relieving benefits of CBD with these gummies

With the CBD market emerging into a health and wellness juggernaut over the past few years, it’s easy to think you can just grab a bag of gummies off a store shelf and you’re good to go. However, h… | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Democrats Introduce Bill to Condemn Coronavirus

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer have introduced a bill that, if passed, would condemn COVID-19 as a “very bad pandemic.” | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Transphobe Who Claimed to Identify as Attack Helicopter Destroyed by U.S. Airforce

Graham Webb has died after an AGM-114 Hellfire Missile fired from an MQ-9 Reaper Drone owned by the United States Airforce dropped on his house. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Facebook is censoring me

and most of you too. | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

“Coming for the Content, Staying for the Community” Started With Video Games (Or Maybe Religion?) But Will Define Media This Decade

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash Watching a half dozen French Resistance soldiers standing around debating whether Taco Bell is “authentic” teaches you some things. First, that most people have n… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Trumpworld Boosts Pence’s ‘Essential Worker’ Excuse Amid Aides Contracting COVID

Trumpworld echoed Vice President Mike Pence’s “essential worker” rationale on Sunday as justification for the VP staying on the campaign... | Continue reading | 6 hours ago

DIY X-Ray Skeleton Costume

This kids skeleton costume is super cute and easy to make. It is great if you are low on time and on a budget this Halloween season. | Continue reading | 6 hours ago

Sensory Processing Might Look Different Than You Expect

However, there are still a number of misconceptions, and sensory processing might look different than you expect. Learn more here! | Continue reading | 6 hours ago

RNC Chair Denies GOP Will Lose Senate After Trump Tells Donors It’ll Be ‘Tough’

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel on Sunday denied that the GOP is in danger of losing the Senate, despite President Trump... | Continue reading | 7 hours ago

Time to clean up with these 11 vacuums and other cleaners now on sale

The Jetsons are right around the corner.  Well, some stuff like flying cars are probably still a little out of our range, but it’s pretty amazing how much that cartoon from the 60’s got right … | Continue reading | 7 hours ago

We know that mass veganism would seriously help our climate. Might it need a “vegan industrial...

We know that mass veganism would seriously help our climate. Might it need a "vegan industrial revolution" to get us there?The above are not mocked-up photoshop pictures, but an actual pop-up shop - ... | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

25 Roast Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water

Your family will love everyone of these roast recipes. Kids can be picky, but these mouth watering roasts will have them wanting seconds! | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ Will Reunite Jessica Chastain with Oscar Isaac After Michelle Williams Drops Out

Though Michelle Williams was initially cast in the Scenes From a Marriage series remake, she's now been replaced by Jessica Chastain. | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

Theater Review: Tonya Pinkins in ‘The School for Wives’ – Livestream from Molière in the Park

Brooklyn theater company Molière in the Park continues to innovate through the live-performance dry | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

Labors of Love: The Hidden Burdens of a Romantic “Love Padlock” Tradition [ARTICLE]

The popularity of “love locks” can be traced back to the story of a schoolteacher named Nada and an army officer named Relja in the small Serbian town of Vrnjacka Banja. The couple pledged their love to one another while standing on a local bridge before Relja went off to fight i … | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

Thomas Frank On How Populism Can Save America

Caitlin Zaloom in Public Books: Founding editor of The Baffler and author of prophetic classics like Listen, Liberal and What’s the Matter with Kansas?, Thomas Frank skewers received wisdom across the political spectrum. In his new book, The People, No, Frank reveals that the Dem … | Continue reading | 8 hours ago

The Time Bomb at the Top of the World

Mario Molina and Durwood Zaelke in Project Syndicate: It is hard to imagine more devastating effects of climate change than the fires that have been raging in California, Oregon, and Washington, or the procession of hurricanes that have approached – and, at times, ravaged – the G … | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

What happens when our homes become our employers’ offices?

Justin E. H. Smith in Tablet: You will surely have heard by now of Jeffrey Toobin. Last week the CNN legal analyst and New Yorker writer was participating in an “election simulation” via Zoom, with other staffers from the magazine and employees of WNYC. Masha Gessen played Donald … | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

Farewell James Randi, prince of reason. Now who’ll mock the quacks and anti-vaxxers?

Catherine Bennett in The Guardian: Spoon-benders are unlikely to be the only profession toasting the disappearance – supposing we rule out further hauntings – of Randi, who, being himself a brilliant magician as “The Amazing Randi: The Man No Jail Can Hold” (previously “The Great … | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

Schumer Sounds Alarm Ahead Of Pence ‘Inexplicably’ Exposing Senate To COVID-19

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sounded the alarm to his colleagues on Sunday, a day before Vice President Mike... | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

Adele Annoys the Cast of ‘The Bachelor’ and Can’t Stop Laughing in a Decent ‘Saturday Night Live’

Adele hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, and she had no problem cutting loose with the cast, even if she had some problems not laughing. | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

Monitor Your Kids Screen Time with These Printables

It can be hard to monitor your kids screen durin the age of technology. But with printable screen time tickets and printables you can. | Continue reading | 9 hours ago

The Westin Zagreb presents the first studio for virtual and hybrid events in Zagreb

The Westin Zagreb and Maistra have designed and equipped the modern studio for live broadcast of a variety of events. | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Senate GOPers Vote To Advance Trump SCOTUS Pick’s Final Confirmation

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans voted overwhelmingly Sunday to advance Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett toward final confirmation despite... | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Web, we have a problem

Humans are not used to abundance. For millions of years, we wanted. A steady supply of food was rarely guaranteed. It is only in the last 100 years that food has become more abundant. We can’t cope. It’s estimated that one-third of food that is bought is wasted. Even much of the … | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Christie Is ‘Surprised’ Pence Is Still On Campaign Trail After Aides Contract COVID

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday said that he’s “surprised” that Vice President Mike Pence will continue... | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

‘The Life Ahead’ Trailer: Sophia Loren Returns After a Decade-Long Acting Hiatus

Netflix has released The Life Ahead trailer marking Sophia Loren's return to acting after the Hollywood legend's decade-long hiatus away from the screen. | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Why I’ll Never Get a Job in Mexico

This fine Mexican salon is hiring a stylist who won’t show up hungover at work –and I’m running out of options, here! Photo via Reddit | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Classic Rock Song Downloaded?

Local woman Denise Giorgeschi was “utterly shocked” after finding an mp3 file of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” downloaded onto a technological device in the year 2020. | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

iFixIt’s iPhone 12, 12 Pro Teardown

Continue reading | 11 hours ago

The 20 Best Hands On Activities for Kids They Will Play for Hours

These hands on activities focus mainly around science and STEM activities, but they all promise hours and hours of fun! | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

‘Creed 3’ Could Mark the Directorial Debut of Franchise Star Michael B. Jordan

After Steven Caple Jr. directed Creed II, following Ryan Coogler helming the first Rocky spin-off, the Creed 3 director could be star Michael B. Jordan. | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

Introducing Bark Home: An Internet Filter for Every Device in Your House

Everything you need to know about Bark’s brand new internet filter for the devices your kids use at home, from smart TVs to gaming consoles. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

A Letter From Our CTO: Does Bark Home Slow Down My Internet?

Does Bark Home slow down my internet? Bark CTO Brandon Hilkert explains how it won’t noticeably affect anything but uploads, usually a small portion of your total internet capacity. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Lowe’s Manager Sick of Slipknot Percussionist Testing Garbage Cans, Never Buying One

A Lowe’s manager removed Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan from the store again last week after he spent hours testing garbage bins without making a purchase. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

WH Admits ‘We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic’ As COVID Outbreak Hits VP Orbit

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows off-handedly told CNN on Sunday that the Trump administration is “not going to... | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

In photos: Washington state crews destroy first murder hornets nest in U.S.

The nest removal "appears to have been successful," the WSDA said. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Διαδικτυακή η 17η Διεθνής Έκθεση Βιβλίου Θεσσαλονίκης

Continue reading | 12 hours ago

good Cult of Smart interview

I’ve done more podcasts than I can count at this point and won’t try to round them all up. But I did want to call your attention to this interview in Business Insider, which I think is … | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

The six-car Donald Trump Express HO-scale train

Here’s a Donald Trump six-car train available by subscription: Only the first three cars have been defined, though! What happens if Sleepy Joe and President Kamala prevail in November? Do the… | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Medieval English people used to pay their rent in eels

Dr. John Wyatt Greenlee has his PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University, where he specialized in … eels? Which, as I’ve now learned from his eel-dedicated Twitter account, were a majo… | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Local Right Wing Terrorist Group Holds 87th Annual Policeman’s Ball

A right wing terrorist group known as “Norfolk Police Department” held an annual fundraising event to procure more funds for upgrading weapons and tactical vehicles. | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Crossing streams: A Beastie Boys and Ghostbusters musical mashup

Here’s a fun mashup: the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” set to Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters’ theme. We have YouTuber William Maranci to thank for crossing these … | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

We Make $30K and Have Twins. Here’s What We Spend on Groceries.

Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Taleb is wrong about IQ (2019)

Investigation of Talebs claims about IQ using real data. | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Fast

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Fast | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

‘Sue If You Must’: Lincoln Project Fires Back At Ivanka And Jared Over Billboards Threat

The Lincoln Project issued a scathing response to a threat from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s lawyer to sue the anti-Trump Republican... | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Neighborhood Security: Steps to Achieve Community Safety

Here are steps to improve neighborhood security to help you identify criminal and irregular activities by using different tools, app and technologies. | Continue reading | 13 hours ago