Sociocracy – Basic Concepts and Principles

Brief overview of sociocracy: basic concepts and principles, history, its use in organizations, its limits and differences to voting, consensus and hierarchical forms of organizing. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Traefik Proxy 2.x and TLS 101

In this article, we explore how Traefik Proxy makes TLS certificate options easy. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

FCC asks Google, Apple to remove TikTok

A commissioner with the U.S. communications regulator is asking Apple and Google to consider banning TikTok from their app stores over data security concerns related to the Chinese-owned company. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Be the Envy of the Overlanding Instagram Set With This Suzuki Jimny

The mightiest of mites. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Global water basins hotspots prioritize areas under threat

New research at the intersection of how humans and ecosystems interact with water shows that the most-stressed regions in the world are becoming drier, leading to water governance, economic and social challenges. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Things I wish everyone knew about Git (Part I)

Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Programming Languages That Will Make You Suffer (2020)

Welcome to the ultimate rating of modern programming languages | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

The 15 Best Chris Evans Movies, Ranked

Three years have passed since Chris Evans wielded the shield of Captain America. For many Marvel fans, Evans best embodied the altruistic vision that Jack Kirby and Joe Simon had for their pro-America and pro-Jewish character. After starring as Cap for eight years, Evans has beco … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

The Mathematics of Burger Flipping

What is the most effective way to grill food? Timing is everything, sinceonly one surface is exposed to heat at a given time. Should we flip only once,or many times? We present a simple model of cooking by flipping, and someinteresting observations emerge. The rate of cooking dep … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

US cities are capping former dumps and covering them with solar panels

US cities are covering the capped sites of former landfills with solar panels, turning the “brownfields” into “brightfields.” | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Ask HN: Where have all the forums gone?

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NASA's Perseverance Mars rover Hazcam image: 'Enchanted Lake' at Jezero Crater

Ask any space explorer, and they'll have a favorite photograph or two from their mission. For Katie Stack Morgan, the deputy project scientist for NASA's Perseverance Mars rover, the first close-up image of layered rocks at the base of Jezero Crater's ancient river delta holds a … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Wicked Songwriter Explains Why The Movie Needed To Be Split Into Two Parts

Stage musicals are tricky beasts when it comes to film adaptations. Many of them have very little spoken dialogue, which can lead to pacing issues when trying to re-imagine them as a three-act movie. What's more, Broadway musicals are split into two acts, the first of which typic … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Delete Your Gmail Service – Computer – Google Account Help

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

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Live coding with CoPilot AI writing 99% of the code for Space Invaders

What if I would ask an artificial intelligence to writa game for me? Is it hard? Will it work? I'm using Github Copilot to try it out. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Science Personified runs but cannot hide from COVID-19

From the UK Deplorables, “Anthony Fauci says that he’s experienced rebound Covid symptoms after taking a Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid – which studies now show is NOT effective for people who are vaccinated” (Daily Mail): Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he’s on his second course of Pa … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Our improved desktop Wikipedia experience is almost here

Since 2019, the Web team at the Wikimedia Foundation has been working to create a better desktop experience for Wikipedia readers and community members, regardless of their language or location. Ou… | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

JavaScript Reverse Transpiler

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Riding One of Last Wooden Escalators in the World

Travels With Tom visited Macy's Department Store in New York City, to ride of the last functioning wooden escalators in the world. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

The 10 Most Spectacular Kitchen Deals from Macy’s Epic July 4th Sale

Red, white, and sale! READ MORE... | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

4 Backyard Pool Features Real Estate Agents Absolutely Love to See

Not everyone sees a pool and jumps for joy. READ MORE... | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

"He's not like other human beings!"

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2022Dr. Dodes discusses Trump: Over at Salon, Chauncey DeVega had heard just about enough.In fact, DeVega had heard more than enough! For that reason, he decided to interview Dr, Lance Dodes, a retired assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medi … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Not Neo-Banking at Noah

The new generation of digital banks offer services that are better than their traditional banking counterparts. Here's why you should switch. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

C++ & Rust: (Interior) Mutability, Moving and Ownership

We'll explore mutability and ownership, as well as related topics like move-semantics and how Rust allows for certain behavior like shared ownership even though the Borrow-Checker theoretically disallows it. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

2001: Internet 3.0. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Responsive and Optimized Images with Hugo

How to take advantage of the amazingly capable image processing built into this SSG. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

However you can blame me for Internet 3.0, the title of an story I wrote in 2001. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Dear Sophie: Will a doctor get a green card faster than an engineer?

I’m a software engineer, and I’ve been waiting for a green card number for three years. My wife is a doctor, so can she apply for a green card? Will she get a green card sooner given her profession? | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Richard Branson discussed rebuilding Mriya, the largest cargo plane

The Antonov An-225 Mriya was destroyed in a fierce bombardment of Antonov Airport just days after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Experiencing a different Athens at The Modernist

Words Marta Knas Imagining Athens, one immediately thinks of the Acropolis or the Agora. The ancient allure is so strong one might miss the alternative Athenian experience. Climbing the Lycabettus Hill to catch a glimpse of the impressively wide landscape of the city. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Is inflation 8.6% or 6.5%? Yes

In normal times, the gap between the CPI and the PCE doesn't matter much. But these are not normal times. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Researchers measure atmospheric water vapor using open-air spectroscopy

Researchers have shown that a new mid-infrared spectrometer can precisely measure the ratios of different forms of water—known as isotopologues—in atmospheric water vapor through open air in a little over 15 minutes. Isotopologue ratios, which can be affected by land-based water … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Climate change may be culprit in Antarctic fish disease outbreak

Climate change might be behind an unusual disease outbreak among Antarctic fish. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Companies have changed their global supply chains in profound ways due to Brexit, US-China trade war and COVID

The continuing geopolitical risk and uncertainty experienced in recent years has prompted companies to change their global supply chains in profound ways, new research has found. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Snapchat Debuts Subscription Product

Several tech companies have also begun to experiment with subscriptions amid privacy changes and a macro-economic slowdown. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Jira Server Security Advisory 29th June 2022

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Pinterest pins down a new CEO: Google exec Bill Ready

Following word of Ben Silbermann's departure, Pinterest's stock price rose by more than 8% in after-hours trading. Bill Ready is the new CEO. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

BTW I always put "web3" in double quotes because it's an illegitmate name and hugely disrespectful. You shouldn't get to self-declare yourself the 3rd coming of something as hugely significant as the world wide web. I don't think we should have used the term Web 2.0, but don't bl … | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

I have a feeling that "web3" is going to be like the semantic web. It was supposed to set the world on fire, for some reason I never understood. How long do you have to wait? | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Cycles of History: On Jody Rosen’s “Two Wheels Good”

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ClearBuds: Speech enhancing and background noise cancelling ear-pods

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The Guide to Monitor and Analyze Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Unconscious Air

In response to a one potential future for economy flights, Dan Kois has imagined a slightly less hellish option for air travel.Link: | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Why is marketing performance analytics essential for businesses?

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The benefits of using marketing performance analytics

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Satellites zoom in on cities’ hottest neighborhoods

Extreme heat waves are putting lives in danger, with some of the hottest urban neighborhoods 10 degrees hotter or more than their wealthier neighbors. Often, these are communities of color. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

“Laid off from my dream job at Tesla without warning”

What started as a hiring freeze progressed to a 3.5% workforce reduction. Quishon Walker details his experience as one of the many who were let go. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago