BIZNOTE: Happy 1st anniversary, Animated Café – with a gift for families: New story time

(WSB photo, November 2022) Three months ago, we photographed Animated Café founder/proprietor Melanie (aka “Ana“) just after her coffee stand moved to 4518 Fauntleroy Way SW. Today, she has a new cause for celebration: It’s been exactly one year since she opened (originally at 35 … | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Finished reading: The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang. Not sure I’m going to continue the series. There’s great stuff here but I’m no longer feeling much sympathy for the main character. 📚 | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Revisiting Exchange Market Pressure

Linda Goldberg and Signe Krogstrup have a revised version of a paper entitled “International Capital Flow Pressures and Global Factors”. They write: we revisit these issues by recognizing that the observed responses of quantities of capital flows, exchange rates, and domestic mon … | Continue reading | 10 hours ago

Reliving a Bitmapped Past With a Veritable Hoard of Bitmap Fonts

The fonts seen with old computer systems such as those from Apple and Commodore, as well as Microsoft Windows 3.1 and older, form an integral part of our interaction with these systems. These days … | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

Update: Six steps forward, five steps back [me, health]

('pologies, I am finger painting this post on my phone, through an ssh client to my usual emacs environment, so all the finger spelling of a cli, but none of the autocorrect of a phone.)I'm back to being largely confined to my bed, and using crutches when not. Sitting is v hard.A … | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

the magical threshold of endurance

When I first set up my mastodon profile I wrote an introduction toot. I didn't think too much about it, preferring to write whatever that came to my mind feeling true about me at that moment. Part of it said: "recently i've gotten into cooking and running – they both require endu … | Continue reading | 11 hours ago

In Search of the Sacred: Pico Iyer on Our Models of Paradise

“The thought that we must die… is the reason we must live well.” | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Custom Domains 101

A more advanced strategy that comes up often in the privacy community is that of “custom domains.” These tools can provide a wide variety... | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

92 Moons

Geeze, Jupiter, take a break. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Association of Illustrators: Issues around AI Have Alarmed Creatives Everywhere

Little Black Book, As the UK government pauses a controversial copyright exception related to AI text-to-image tech, the Association of Illustrators discusses the detrimental effect that data mining has on artists’ livelihoods with LBB’s Zoe Antonov | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

My happiness will be written

When I say And never erased. | Continue reading | 12 hours ago

Top NFT & blockchain events for 2023 - Amberfi

Here is a calendar of events for NFT, blockchain and crypto conferences for 2023, including NFT NYC, Permissionless, Consensus, Bitcoin 2023 and more.( | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Riding waves is mostly solitary but sometimes there’s an opportunity for it to be social. @bairdphoto was at Ocean Beach at his son’s high school surf contest and reached out at the critical hour I was waking up and deciding which break to start Saturday at. I decided on OB. Daniel even snuck out into the water for a Party Wave!

from Instagram via IFTTT | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Cars vs Clouds: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

In the far future, the world is a blasted hellscape. Car-tribes prowl the wastelands, feuding for turf and pride. But far above the dust and blood floats a city of splendor, a jewel in the sky whose citizens lounge in lush gardens and drink and sing and love, thinking nothing of … | Continue reading | 13 hours ago

A PI TV Episode Review: RICHARD DIAMOND “The Sport” (1959).

Continue reading | 13 hours ago

Where did the world map come from?

Jeremy Shuback chronicled the history of the world map, from the cartography of Anaximander to the Catalan Atlas, as well as asking why world maps matter in the first place. The post Where did the world map come from? appeared first on Cultrface. | Continue reading | 14 hours ago

Great software is timeless

I started working as a freelancer in late 2011, on a PC I assembled myself. I knew that was not going to last. In the spring of 2012 I bought my first Mac, a 17" Mac Book Pro. The first thing I did, after initial setup, was to log into the store and buy iA Writer. iA Writer came … | Continue reading | 14 hours ago

The Independent Singapore’s “friend zone” article

You know when you see someone holding a corrosive belief, and you want to pull them aside and explain, as someone who has their best interests at heart, that they’re hurting themselves and those they purport to care about? The Independent Singapore posted a guest article by someo … | Continue reading | 14 hours ago

Software discrepancies delayed the Airbus A380

I have to disambiguate A380 now, given Intel’s foray into discrete GPUs. There’s something entirely nonsensical but fun about buying an ARC GPU for my next build so I can say it has an Airbus inside. But I digress. Next time you’re feeling inadequate about a software incompatibil … | Continue reading | 14 hours ago

The most romantic Valentine’s Day hotel packages around the world

Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentine’s Day is upon us, so try a romantic hotel getaway or two. While the above refrain might not make us the next poet laureate anytime soon, we can’t help but feel a little bit of romance now that it’s February. Crackling fireplaces in a hot … | Continue reading | 15 hours ago

Saturday 4 February 1659/60

In the morning at my lute an hour, and so to my office, where I staid expecting to have Mr. Squib come to me, but he did not. At noon walking in the Hall I found Mr. Swan and got him and Captain Stone together, and there advised about Mr. Downing's... | Continue reading | 15 hours ago

thejaymo:TFW :(

thejaymo:TFW :( | Continue reading | 15 hours ago

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

This beautiful and serene penthouse in central Israel was planned and designed by designer Dorit Sela. Focusing on creating a minimalist design, she chose to display pleasant spaces whilst concealing some of the property’s features for a clean effect. Continue reading | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

Two new AI content standards proposals

Just wanted to track these two proposals together in one place for safe-keeping: | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

Not Only in the Now | 2305

The artist should not concern themselves with the effervescent present of social media. The artist lives for deeper time & even deeper links. The post Not Only in the Now | 2305 appeared first on thejaymo. | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

This Art Isn't Done Until It Breaks the Glass

Would you call this "breaking the fourth wall"? This image definitely pops out to the audience in a novel way.Andrew Scott, an artist in Rochester, New York, has a new series of images titled Breakthrough. They show the subjects literally breaking through the glass cover for the … | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

The Unphotographabe: Walt Whitman on Birds Migrating at Midnight

Sometimes, a painting in words is worth a thousand pictures. I think about this more and more, in our compulsively visual culture, which increasingly reduces what we think and feel and see -- who and what we are -- to what can be photographed. I think of Susan Sontag, who called … | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

Random musing

It’s been proven that quite a few species of animals and birds have intelligence, speech, empathy, critical thinking, and analysis levels similar to those of humans. Dolphins, birds, parrots, dogs, monkeys to name a few. What if this is true for all major eras in Earth’s history … | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

Looks like Bridgy can now handle auto-posting from your site to Mastodon (currently using IFTTT, which is convoluted and pretty slow). There’s also a make your website your Fediverse account, but I don’t even understand that at the mo, power user stuff. | Continue reading | 16 hours ago

EU “chat control”

Let me start by saying that I am no techie and I do not understand exactly what the EU are proposing with this law. Perhaps I am getting steamed up about nothing. But it sounds horrible. I first read about this topic via a link from Reddit Europe to a post from the blog of a Swed … | Continue reading | 17 hours ago

Linux explained part 1 - History and basic concepts

On this blog, I’ve wrote some articles about Linux. But maybe you’re not entirely familiar with the lowest layers of the Linux distributions. I’ll propose you a little series of articles about Linux, its history, what is the Linux Kernel, the concept of Linux distribution, what a … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Slim Loris, Major Kami, DAS ELITE, and more…

Hey, what’s going on my dear music lovers, I hope you’re having a great weekend, enjoy it! This is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 05, and I want to let you know that I added on top of the website the “Album Of The Week” that this week is for Slim Loris... Continue Re … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Writing that changed my life

Gödel, Escher, Bach, Douglas Hofstadter’s 1979 book, came up recently in Andrew’s recent post on ESP. I read GEB when it came out. I was in high school. Not only did I learn a lot from the book, it directly … Continue reading → | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Walt Disney World Releases ‘TRON Lightcycle / Run’ P.O.V. Video

Cast member previews are underway at “TRON Lightcycle / Run” at Magic Kingdom, and Walt Disney World has released a new Point-Of-View ride video of the attraction, which appears to not be size-friendly. The Video We’ve already shown what riding the new attraction looks like via t … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Chestnut Home, Portugal / João Mendes Ribeiro

Chestnut home is located in Valeflor, in the north of Portugal, a rural area densely occupied by chestnut and oak trees, which extend on a slope facing East-South, with the Serra da Marofa as background. Continue reading | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Pluralistic: Higher interest rates increase both the monetary supply and inflation (04 Feb 2023)

Today's links Higher interest rates increase both the monetary supply and inflation: It takes a lot of motivated reasoning to believe otherwise. Hey look at this: Delights to delectate. This day in history: 2003, 2018, 2022. Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming/recent appearan … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Before and After: Allison Janney Surprised Her Assistant with a New Kitchen on HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU”

It's incredible what the right color combination can do for a room. READ MORE... | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

A Painting of Ophelia Almost Killed Her

In the Shakespeare play Hamlet, Ophelia is a tragic character who drowns herself after the death of her father and rejection by Hamlet. In 1851, John Everett Millais reproduced Ophelia's death in a painting that captured the horrific despair that drove her to suicide. For a model … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

Designed by an ex-Apple engineer, this futuristic trash can turns leftover food into chicken feed in your kitchen

One of the most challenging things I experience because I live alone and I live in a condo is trying to keep my trash from smelling. It's pretty exhausting to always go out and throw the trash in our basement whenever I have some leftover food or trash that might smell. What if t … | Continue reading | 18 hours ago

A lost and found rummage sale at the Parkside Lounge tomorrow (Sunday!)

This Sunday (Feb. 5!), the Parkside Lounge is hosting a rummage sale, featuring items that have been left in the bar's lost-and-found the past year as well as items from your "favorite staff." The sale will also feature some local merchants, such as the East Village Vintage … | Continue reading | 19 hours ago

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Had the partial waffles Henry chose not to finish.  Second cup after all dishes done and first laundry set for day.  Still slow and groggy, maybe it’s the weather.  No idea… just goi… | Continue reading | 19 hours ago

14 Fun Party Games to Play with Friends

From card games to apps, we predict theyll be a huge hit. READ MORE... | Continue reading | 19 hours ago

I'm not a coder

this started out as a mastodon post in this thread but i went way over the 500 char limit, so I just posted it here instead. i develop whole products as does marco. a funny thing happens when people think you do much less than what you actually do, they hire people to replace you … | Continue reading | 19 hours ago

Deals: M1 iPad Air Hits Record-Low Prices at TigerDirect, Starting at $313.99 (48% Off)

Online retailer TigerDirect has slashed pricing on the M1 iPad Air in several colors, offering the base 64GB configuration for just $313.99 in Purple and Pink. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with TigerDirect. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a … | Continue reading | 20 hours ago

Fulcrum Foils Finger Fatigue

It turns out that typing all day just might be bad for your hands and fingers. Repetitive Strain Injury, RSI, was a real problem for [David Schiller], particularly when coding. So, naturally, he st… | Continue reading | 20 hours ago

Slim Loris- Red Loris Yellow Loris

"Listeners will hopefully find our music recognizable but original at the same time. Like you´ve picked up an old vinyl for your collection and realized you've never actually played it before. Mattias Cederstam / Slim Loris | Continue reading | 20 hours ago

Cosa vedere ad Arte Fiera Bologna, che si tiene dal 3 al 5 febbraio - Vogue

Abbiamo selezionato le migliori performance, sezioni e gallerie oltre alle mostre e agli eventi organizzati in giro per la città. | Continue reading | 20 hours ago