Intel Kills Off All Optane-Only SSDs for Consumers, No Replacements Planned

All Optane SSDs for desktop PCs discontinued | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Medium acquires social eBook platform Glose

Today, Medium announced the acquisition of Glose, a social digital book platform based in Paris, France. Founded in 2014, Glose reaches… | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Live: NASA’s Space Launch System Hot-Fire Test

The space agency will soon ignite the engines of its giant rocket in a “hot fire” test, a key step before it can head to the moon. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

State bill would let you sue social media giants for political censorship

State Rep. Tom Kading has drafted a bill that would put social media giants like Twitter and Facebook in legal hot water for restricting political posts. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

IC Technology

Page describing the experience of Pieter Hooijmans with a wide range of IC tecnologies. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

HHS Expands Access to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is announcing it will publish Practice Guidelines for the Administration of Buprenorphine for Treating | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Attacking the DeFi ecosystem with flash loans for fun and profit

Credit allows a lender to loan out surplus capital to a borrower. In thetraditional economy, credit bears the risk that the borrower may default on itsdebt, the lender hence requires an upfront... | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Would Rust Secure Curl?

Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Par2cmdline is a PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool

fork of the original par2cmdline CVS repo. Contribute to Parchive/par2cmdline development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Watch: HBO Max Teases ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Space Jam 2’, ‘The Suicide Squad’ and More in New Sizzle Reel

A new HBO Max sizzle reel teases all the movies Warner Bros. Pictures is sending to the streaming movies the same day they hit theaters in 2021. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

What Is Facebook's Collab App and How Do You Use It?

Facebook is trying to muscle in on TikTok's territory with its Collab app. But what is it and how does it work? | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

These 15 deals on flashlights and headlamps are on sale for up to 66% off

It probably sounds trite, but a quality light source in an emergency really can make the difference between life and death. While you hope to never need it, a powerful, functioning flashlight or he… | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Pro-Trump 'Enemies of the People' doxing site is still active

Enemies of the People, the website inciting violence against U.S. officials who refused to support the President's claims to voter fraud, is still active and continues to expose personal details from more individuals. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

ThermoWorks “Smoke” Two-Channel Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Has two probe channels — one for the meat and one for your pit temps — and a dedicated receiver so you can track your temps up to 300 feet away. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Report: Boebert’s Comms Director Is Resigning After Capitol Attack

The communications director for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is resigning after less than two weeks in the role, Axios reported... | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

In which I am vaccinated

Got vaccinated against COVID-19 today. Stood in line for just over 90 minutes outside a Lower East Side high school that was being used as an immunization pod. There was an old couple in front of me in line; the man initially thought I was standing too closely behind him and dema … | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Aggregation Theory (2015)

The disruption caused by the Internet in industry after industry has a common theoretical basis described by Aggregation Theory. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

I Analysed Over 1,400 Articles in 6 Months Using Apple Notes (2020)

I combine Apple Notes with a proven research methodology, and automate it with Shortcuts to exploit its AI search and integration with iOS | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Design tips from and20 best-selling online courses

Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Poland proposes social media 'free speech' law

The law would see social networks fined if they ban a Polish user who has not broken local laws. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

How Akka Cluster Works: Actors Living in a Cluster

In this How Akka Cluster Works demo project, we dive deeper into the code and behavior behind Akka actors living in the cluster, supported by visualizations and sample code that you can download to your own machine. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Hacking the and

Continue reading | 3 hours ago

RustSec Advisory Database

Security advisory database for Rust crates published through - RustSec/advisory-db | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

India starts vaccinating 1.3B people

The campaign is unfolding in a country with more than 150,000 coronavirus deaths, the world’s third-highest tally. In the United States, President-elect Joe Biden warned that “things will get worse before they get better.” | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Twitter's Decision to Cut Off Trump

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive, had reservations about locking the president’s account. But the calls for violence that his tweets provoked were too overwhelming. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Goodyear MPP

Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Show HN: Canvas based GUI library for p5.js sketches

Hello community, I’d like to offer you a early preview to a p5.js library that allow p5.js users to create GUI based programs on top of the canvas. The library itself is implemented using p5.js API and is drawing all the controls on top of the canvas. The intent is to use the … | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

An open-source database based on CRDTS and end-to-end encryption

Continue reading | 3 hours ago

What Are Cyberwarfare, Cyberterrorism, and Cyberespionage?

They sound scary, but they're not the same. Learn the differences between cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, and cyberespionage. | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Hex Diagram Labels

Game development tutorials, especially pathfinding, hexagons, and procedural generation | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

NSA Recommends How Enterprises Can Securely Adopt Encrypted DNS

The National Security Agency released a cybersecurity product, “Adopting Encrypted DNS in Enterprise Environments,” Thursday explaining the benefits and risks of adopting the encrypted domain name | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Mnm – an open source project to replace email and SMTP

an open source project to replace email & SMTP | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Semeru volcano on Indonesia's Java island spews hot clouds

Mount Semeru, the highest volcano on Indonesia's most densely populated island of Java, spewed hot clouds as far away as 4.5 kilometers (nearly 3 miles) on Saturday. | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Pandemic interrupts longtime Isle Royale wolf, moose study

One of the world's longest-running wildlife field studies has fallen prey to the coronavirus pandemic. | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Bell's brewery releases beer named after very Midwestern idiom

Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan tapped into a very Michigan thing, Michiganders say, to name their newest beer. No, it’s not called party store (convenient store), ‘jeet? (d… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Kabbalah and Magic in the Renaissance

  | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Sea shanties are cool, and so are union work songs

Sea shanties (and other sea songs) are all the rage on TikTok right now. The sentiments of these often plaintive songs of hard labor, love, longing, and loss seem to have found a resonance in our c… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

The instinctive genius of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights"

In this episode of Songs That Changed Music, producer and musician Warren Hewitt breaks down 19-year-old Kate Bush’s 1978 single, “Wuthering Heights,” and explains what makes it s… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Here are all the ways time is an illusion

This explainer on all the ways that humans subjectively experience time is packed with all kinds of interesting factoid about how hard it is for us to accurately gauge time and place time in contex… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Retrofit for contactless touchscreens and buttons

Neonode has been around for a while, but they are making a big push for their products in the age of pandemics. I would want to see a LOT of data on these before I used one of these on an ATM or ot… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

An attempt to master a new garlic-peeling technique

Helen Rosner writes a witty post about becoming intrigued by a new garlic-peeling technique that moves at rapid-fire pace, and her attempt to master it. I won’t spoil the … ending. It&#… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Art Requires, A Long Look

Gig Ryan at The Sydney Review of Books: So much has been written on the Heide group of artists, Nolan, Tucker, Hester, and their patrons John and Sunday Reed that it is hard to imagine anything more could be added. π.ο.’s Heide however, though holding this group of communalism, c … | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

The Essential Octavia Butler

Stephen Kearse at the New York Times: The plaques and firsts are the least interesting part of her story, though. Above all, Butler was an observer and ponderer. The probing mind that animates her novels, short stories and essays is obsessed with the viability of the human enterp … | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Baked Alaska arrested

Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, a far-right activist and general Trump-era figure of fun, was arrested today by the FBI over his role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Gionet posted video t… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

Google Images Restored

This extension attempts to make Google Images look and feel like it did before they changed everything on August 6th. - fanfare/googleimagesrestored | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

For all of your sedition tracking needs

Stay abreast of all of that hot sedition tracking and arresting action, thanks to the the Sedition Tracker website and Twitter feed. Image: SeditionTracker inset | Continue reading | 4 hours ago

The Best of the Year stop motion animation on Vimeo goes to…

Congrats to Cairo maker, Dina Amin. She has been awarded Best of the Year in the stop motion category by Vimeo. If you don’t know Dina’s work, she is a product designer who does the coo… | Continue reading | 4 hours ago