Sega cracks down on Puyo Puyo Tetris streams

UPDATE 06/04/2017 9.22pm: False alarm, everybody. As it turns out, these restrictions only apply to the Japanese versions of the game, not the English language release.Sega producer Sam Mullen clarified the situation on NeoGAF."For the English version of Puyo Puyo Tetris, there a … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Kushner and Bannon Battle for the Soul of the Trump White House

It’s only been a few months, but it feels like forever ago that Steve Bannon told New York Magazine that he had “bonded” with Jared Kushner, who “really gets this grassroots, populist movement in a huge way.”Now, the two men are at odds in an escalating conflict that might seem l … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Sprint lowers the price of its unlimited plans but ends its 50 percent discount

Sprint has lowered the cost of its unlimited plan to $50 for one line, but has quietly ended its offer to charge 50 percent off the cost of rival carriers. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook just reinvented Clippy

Remember Clippy? Microsoft's ill-fated early attempt at a digital assistant? Facebook sure does. And, if the recently launched M is any indication, the coders at the social media giant look back on the panic-inducing anthropomorphized paperclip with a bizarre degree of fondness.  … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

This web lingo fashion line is the only time I want to see 4chan in the real world

Originally spotted by Kotaku, New School student Kara Quinteros’ fashion line Start a New Thread pulls common phrases and acronyms off of 4chan and constructs them for the real world. Some of the designs — especially a transparent “normie” purse and plastic “anon” visor — look p … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

This giant Verizon drone is designed to give you internet service after disasters

When you're struggling to find a 4G LTE connection after a nasty storm in the future, you might be able to depend on some extra air support for coverage — at least if you're on Verizon's network.The carrier announced it recently tested a drone-based "flying cell-site" system for … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Proposals for Trump’s border wall include fences, lighthouses, and nuclear waste

This week, hundreds of companies submitted proposals for President Donald Trump’s nebulous signature campaign promise, a wall between the United States and Mexico. The cost of this politically charged construction project, as well as the source of the funding, is still unsettled. … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Poem of the Day: 'Boston Hymn' by Ralph Waldo Emerson

In “Emerson,” composed in 1868 and published posthumously in our December 1904 issue, theologian Henry James Sr. reflected on the distinct impression Ralph Waldo Emerson made upon his readers:No writer so quickens the pulse of generous youth; so makes his brain throb and reel wit … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

MobileGo Tokens – The Centrepiece of Several New Mobile Gaming Technologies

GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. The company aims to improve gamer experiences and to make the entire gaming industry a better industry. Gamecredits has worked with gaming industry leaders, … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Twitter sues US government over attempt to unmask anti-Trump account

Twitter has launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration, after the Department of Homeland Security sought to unmask an anonymous user of an anti-Trump account.According to Twitter’s suit, filed today in Northern California District Court, US Customs and Border Protection … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

'Robot Unicorn Attack 3' Launching Worldwide Next Thursday

The latest entry in the fabled Robot Unicorn Attack franchise was first announced back in January, and just about a week later it soft-launched in select territories. A couple of weeks after THAT, Adult Swim Games detailed some of what they had in store for Robot Unicorn Attack 3 … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Cheaper Microsoft mixed reality headsets are on the way

Microsoft’s brand of mixed reality is coming to cheap PCs before the end of the year.Affordable mixed reality headgear costing roughly $300 will be arriving this year —consumer models are expected in the fall with development editions coming sooner — from Windows and partners lik … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Microsoft Maluuba teaches management 101 to machines in its first paper since being acquired

 In mid-January, the ongoing race for AI put Montreal-based Maluuba on our radar. Microsoft acquired the startup and its team of researchers to build better machine intelligence tools for analyzing unstructured text to enable more natural human computer interaction — think bots t … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Nvidia launches world-beating Titan Xp graphics card

Nvidia's been enjoying a long and uninterrupted run at the top of the graphics card heap, and it just extended its lead with the new Titan Xp. For $1,200, the card offers the same Pascal GP102 GPU as the $5,000-ish Quadro P6000, with all 3,840 CUDA cores to play with. It also has … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Loft G in Mérida, Yucatán / Punto Arquitectónico

Punto Arquitectónico recently has designed Loft G in Mérida, Yucatán, México. The project consisted of integrating a multifunctional loft ... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Brent House Road / Nissen Richards Studio

Brent House Road is a renovation project completed by Nissen Richards Studio, a London multi-disciplinary design practice that specialises ... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Backlight Apartment in Taipei / 2BOOKS Design

Backlight Apartment was completed by 2BOOKS Design in Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan. The project is a very common type of apartment in Taiwan | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Vineyard House / Sutro Architects and Adeeni Design

The Vineyard House was designed by Sutro Architects in collaboration with interior designer Claudia Juestel, founder of Adeeni Design Group. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Joaquim Antunes Apartment / Tria Arquitetura

Joaquim Antunes apartment in São Paulo, designed by the architects Sarah Bonanno and Marina Cardoso de Almeida, principals of Tria Arquitetura | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Chantry Farm Barn / Hudson Architects

Chantry Farm Barn is a Grade II listed timber framed barn in Suffolk that had been left redundant and was beginning to fall into disrepair. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Powers House / The Raleigh Architecture Company

Recently completed by The Raleigh Architecture Company, the Powers house is located on what was a vacant corner lot. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

About this stabbing machine

 Thank you for joining me, ladies, gentlemen. Researchers have created a “stabbing machine,” with which they intend to “simulate stabbing events,” with the further intention of getting to the heart of knife-related crimes. Now, I don’t have a problem with teaching robots knifepla … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Transcript: Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus on the state of Apple’s pro Macs

 You have already read the news. But we thought we would also use this opportunity to share a transcript of the interview with Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing; Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering; John Ternus, Vice President … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The studio behind Candy Crush is making a Call of Duty mobile game

More than a year after Activision Blizzard officially acquired Candy Crush creator King for $5.9 billion, the Swedish developer has revealed that it’s creating a new mobile game based on Call of Duty. The game appears to be very early in development, and will be handled by a new … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Sprint will cut the cost of the LG G6 in half with its monthly payment plan

Sprint will begin selling the LG G6 on Friday, April 7 for $14.75 a month for 24 months, which cuts the cost of the smartphone by half. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Study: Microsoft Surface buyers more satisfied than iPad owners

Yes, you read that right: Microsoft just beat Apple in a customer satisfaction survey. According to a study performed by J.D. Power, one of the most prominent marketing research firms around, Microsoft’s Surface tablets edged out Apple’s iPads for the first time ever this year. O … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook’s AI ‘M’ now offers suggestions by listening to your chats

Facebook is rolling out a new version of its AI assistant for Messenger. “M Suggestions,” will, as the name suggests, interject with suggestions for various features based on keywords it picks up in your conversation. For example, if you ask your friend in Messenger, “Want to see … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A first-time wearables user reviews the Fitbit Alta HR

 Fitbit has eight different fitness trackers on the market right now. And while the company’s financials are downright troubling, it’s still shipping more product that every other wearable company. That’s due in part to tremendous name recognition, solid product design and mainst … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

100 Years Ago, the United States Entered World War I

On April 6, 1917, the United States congress voted to formally enter World War I. More than two years of war had been waged in Europe, as the U.S. tried to remain neutral. In early 1917, German submarine attacks on all ships bound for England resumed, adding to the building press … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views

Five years ago, YouTube opened their partner program to everyone. This was a really big deal: it meant anyone could sign up for the service, start uploading videos, and immediately begin making money. This model helped YouTube grow into the web’s biggest video platform, but it ha … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Circular runways could revolutionize how planes takeoff and land

Circular runways are a radical redefinition of airport layout. They're designed to deal with increasing air traffic, allowing for multiple aircraft to takeoff and land simultaneously. They're the brainchild of Henk Hesselink, a researcher at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre, who … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

What the Earth will look like in 2050, according to experts and people who live here

2050 is only about 30 years from now, which means it’s close enough that we can imagine it happening, but far enough away that we can’t confidently say what it will look like. Maybe that’s why 2050 is the year Kaspersky Lab chose to envision for its new futuristic, interactive ma … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Will Republican Hawks Convince Trump to Take a Tougher Line on Syria?

In the wake of a deadly chemical attack in Syria, some Republicans in Congress have called on President Trump to stand up more forcefully to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—with Senator Marco Rubio going so far as to suggest that the administration’s foreign policy has emboldene … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

23andMe is finally allowed to tell you if you have the genes for Parkinsons

 The Food and Drug Administration finally gave 23andMe a long sought-after green light today to sell genetic tests and their accompanying health risk reports to consumers for up to ten diseases, including late onset Alzheimers and Parkinson’s.In November 2013, the FDA put a morat … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

If you miss NBA Jam and NBA Street, take a look at NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds is a new arcade basketball game from developer Saber Interactive that throws out the rulebook of ordinary basketball play in favor of tons of sweet, sweet dunks in the spiritual style of over-the-top basketball games of eras past like NBA Jam and NBA Street.Playgr … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Litecoin Price Nears Two-Year High As SegWit Hopes Rise

Litecoin's price rally continues as the cryptocurrency approaches the support needed to activate SegWit. Source | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Flying car maker AeroMobil picks up $3.2M to help it move toward production

 AeroMobil, a European company that hopes to bring a flying car to market, has raised an additional €3 million ($3.2 million US) to help fund the production and demonstration of a new physical model of its vehicle, following the successful development and testing of the craft’s m … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Finally, a phone case that is also biodegradable

The 'Pela' phone case is made with a flax-based material. It's biodegradable and good for the environment.So now you can feel a bit better knowing that your phone case won't end up in a landfill.  Read more...More about Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, Accessories, an … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Broadcom Wi-Fi SoC exploit affects many Android devices

A security team from Google’s Project Zero has found several vulnerabilities on Broadcom’s Wi-Fi SoC, which affect most Android smartphones and tablets. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The US Border Patrol is trying to build face-reading drones

As President Trump maps out plans for a border wall with Mexico, Customs and Border Protection is looking at a more mobile way to monitor the border: consumer drones. The agency is currently soliciting proposals for small unmanned aerial systems, similar to consumer drones manufa … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Adobe tries to make selfies less embarrassing using AI and machine learning

Sensei, the arm of Adobe that fiddles around with AI and machine learning, has released a trailer for some new selfie-improving features they have in the works. Adobe hasn’t announced if or when these features will be included in any of its apps, but the video is still a fun watc … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Showtime adds offline downloads to its mobile apps

Showtime announced today that subscribers can now download videos from its streaming catalog to watch offline, including episodes of shows like Homeland, Billions, Dexter, and Shameless. The update rolls out to the Showtime and Showtime Anytime apps for iOS and Android today, add … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Senator Mitt Romney?

Republican leaders and high-powered donors in Utah are waging a quiet but concerted campaign to convince 83-year-old incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch not to seek reelection next year—and now, they may have found a successor. Mitt Romney, the one-time presidential nominee and leading … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Showtime’s library of movies and TV shows now available for offline viewing on mobile

Showtime's mobile apps now allow for downloading and watching movies and TV shows without the need for an internet connection. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

No doctor required: 23andMe cleared by FDA for at-home DNA tests

The genetic testing company 23andMe can now tell its customers if they have genes linked to 10 diseases or medical conditions, including late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and celiac disease — without a doctor’s involvement. The company’s DNA analysis service is … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook creates 10 commandments for spotting fake news

Facebook has taken a few steps to identify and flag fake news so far, but now it’s aiming to actually educate people on how to avoid it. The company is adding an alert to the top of your News Feed dubbed “Tips for spotting false news,” which will apparently show up several times … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Explore TV technology from the inside at innovative QLED Live event

Colours can have a powerful effect on your senses, your mood, and your overall sense of wellbeing. While vibrant reds and oranges are full of energy, colours like blue and green can have a more soothing effect.  But what if you could encounter pigments with a little more, shall w … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Adobe Research demos new app that may one day allow you to take better selfies

 Adobe has a tendency to show early demos of the technologies it’s working on but isn’t quite ready to launch publicly. The latest of these is a selfie app from Adobe Research the company outed on its YouTube channel earlier today. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago