ProBeat: Microsoft’s Fluent Design System is boring, and that’s a good thing

OPINION: Microsoft revealed a lot this week at its annual Build developer conference. But to get a better sense of how the company wants to tie all its various apps, platforms, products, services, and devices together, look no further than the newly unveiled Microsoft Fluent Desi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Ethereum Exchange Protocol Race Heats Up With 'Swap' Launch

Members of the ethereum development community ConsenSys have unveiled a new peer-to-peer exchange protocol.Source | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Trump's $100 Million 'Exceptions' in Russian Income

Donald Trump has received more than $100 million in income from Russian sources in one-time transactions over the last decade, but does not have any outstanding debts or holdings in the country, his lawyers asserted in a letter that emerged on Friday.The letter, signed by Sherri … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Brazil Declares an End to Its Zika Health Emergency

Brazil has announced the end of its public health emergency over Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that became a global concern just 18 months ago.Brazil launched a major mosquito eradication program last year, and the health ministry said that from January to April 2017 there were … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google Maps for Android adds Street View images in navigation to show your turns

 Google Maps has quietly rolled out a new feature that will make it easier for you to see where you need to go when using turn-by-turn navigation: integrated Street View images on the directions screen. While the app has always allowed you to see an overview of the upcoming turns … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Fw: Vacancies: BL/HLF ‘Unlocking Our Sound Heritage’

| Iain E.F. Flett| 5 Provost Road | Tayport | Fife DD6 9JE || 01382 552218 | | | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Deal: Save $180 on Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote bundled with Amazon Echo

Best Buy is selling the Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote bundled with the Amazon Echo for $349.99, a $179.99 discount from its normal $529.98 price. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

GamesBeat roundup: EA’s huge revenues, and the importance of Asian character in Prey

Welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, we checked out Knack 2 for the PlayStation 4, Insomniac’s makes a stand against Trump’s travel ban, Gordon Ramsay’s mobile game gets meaner. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! Pieces of flair and opinion The DeanBeat: What’s b … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Photos of the Week: 5/6–5/12

“Poopootovs” fly in Caracas protests, a Ferrari races a Roman chariot in Italy, flooding in Quebec, celebrating Buddha’s birthday in Thailand, a hailstorm on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, and much more. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Virtual reality patients are teaching med students how to break bad news

How do you deliver bad news? It's an unfortunate question we all grapple with at some point in our lives. But regularly having tough, life-changing conversations is a job requirement for many doctors.SEE ALSO: Hospitals try giving patients a dose of VRA newly developed technology … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Trump's 10-Point Trade Plan for China

The Trump administration announced Thursday a new trade agreement with China that will allow for increased U.S. beef and natural gas exports to its top trading partner.Under the 10-point deal, China will lift its ban on U.S. beef imports (which was put in place following the outb … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

UK health service hit by ransomware, amid possible global attack on systems

 An apparent cyberattack with the motivation of extortion has hit hospitals across England, taking town systems for appointments. Patients are being turned away unless it’s an emergency. Pictures appearing on Twitter showed screens of NHS computers with ‘ransomware’ images demand … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Il maggio dei libri 2017

Programma “Da qui messere si domina la valle (ma quello che si vede, è?) – paesaggio, passaggio, viaggio”. 25 incontri letterari, visite guidate, una rassegna di cinema, una 24 ore di lettura 25 incontri, 4 gite letterarie nel territorio, una rassegna cinematografica, la consueta … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Facebook helps you celebrate Mother's Day by putting purple flowers everywhere

What's a better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with animated purple flowers on Facebook? Actual flowers, you say? Get out of here.Mother's Day is fast approaching and Facebook is here to help you celebrate. You can express your gratitude to the mothers in your life with numer … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Our favorite startups from 500 Startups’ 20th class

 41 startups graced the stage at 500 Startups’ 20th demo day at the Parc55 hotel in downtown San Francisco. The event came complete with mascots, a summer of love theme and a diverse array of early-stage companies.This time around, 500 focused in heavily on health startups. A num … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

It’s true: Pop music has become more repetitive

Does it ever seem to you that pop song lyrics are getting more repetitive? Evidence of one researcher and an algorithm suggests it’s not your imagination — in fact, it’s measurably true. In an essay on The Pudding, Colin Morris demonstrates repetition by compressing pop songs usi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Rogue One writer feels that films and games are in the same creative space

Gary Whitta, the co-writer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, said that he feels like games and films are in the same creative space in an interview with Jamil Moledina, games strategic lead at Google Play, at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2017: How games, sci-fi, and tech create re … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Here’s how the laptop ban works on flights to the US

 President Trump is reportedly gearing up to introduce a ban on laptops and other large electronic devices on flights between Europe and the U.S., expanding a ban that was initially placed on travelers entering America from selected airports in the Middle East in March. These day … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

AppOnboard Raises $4M to Undo Mobile Ads with Full Fidelity App Demos

PRESS RELEASE: AppOnboard Inc, the premier developer of interactive, Full-Fidelity Demos of mobile apps, has raised $4M from Troy Capital Partners, London Venture Partners ("LVP") and a syndicate of VCs and CxO luminaries of the mobile app ecosystem... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Gorilla Glass maker Corning gets $200 million from Apple’s US manufacturing investment fund

 Apple made news and scored some positive PR earlier this month when the company announced a $1 billion fund aimed at investing in US-based manufacturing. Now its is ready to announce the first big investment from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. New York-based Corning Incorporat … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Ransomware Attack on the NHS Is Part of a Worrying Trend

At least 16 hospitals across England were crippled by a large-scale ransomware attack on Friday.Doctors, administrators, and other NHS workers were locked out of their computers, and instead saw a pop-up message demanding ransom in exchange for access to the system, according to … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

One Video: Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

Every week, a slew of new music videos hits the web. Watching them at your desk is not time theft because you deserve it; think of it as a nice reward for surviving another work week. But what if you don’t have time to watch every video? Maybe you have a deadline, a hungry pet, o … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google Photos has a “paw mode” easter egg

A newly discovered Easter Egg in the most recent version of the Google Phone app will cause a cat or dog paw to pop up on screen with the right code. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Mystery of Off-The-Grid Whale Moms

Thick fog sat over Cape Cod Bay the morning of April 20, so the survey boat had to work by sound. Every so often, the researchers aboard cut their engine and listened for deep blows to track down surfacing right whales. By mid-afternoon, the fog had lifted, and Marilyn Marx could … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Twitch promotes unity and diversity among its broadcasters

The dust has settled on a lot of gamer hate controversies, but gamers and other streamers can still be a fractious lot. To build unity with its community and promote diversity, Amazon’s livestreaming site Twitch is launching a campaign to promote diversity and inclusivity. Twitch … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Caribbean Villa Edition

President Donald Trump has another property on the market: Le Château des Palmiers, his estate on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. The president’s company bought the 11-bedroom beachfront compound in 2013, and the Trump Organization has been using it as a rental property ever … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

With Toyota, Nvidia Racks Up Another Autonomous Car Design Win

Nvidia signs the No. 2 automaker as a partner for Drive PX, and already has Audi and Mercedes-Benz on-board. Target date for the first self-drive cars: 2020.The post With Toyota, Nvidia Racks Up Another Autonomous Car Design Win appeared first on ExtremeTech. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The Windows Store is looking a lot like the future of Windows

It’s been a busy few weeks for Microsoft: unveiling Windows 10 S, the Surface Laptop, and a slew of major Windows 10 updates and features at Build 2017. But one thing that stood out among the various announcements by Microsoft was a renewed focus on the Windows Store, which is in … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Is the Watergate-Comey Comparison Simply a Way to Score Partisan Points?

The election of Donald Trump, and the early days of his presidency, have driven many Americans to rummage through history in search of context and understanding. Trump himself has been compared to historical figures ranging from Ronald Reagan to Henry Ford, and from Andrew Jackso … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

$2.6 Million Bids for Just One Ethereum Name, $13.5 Million Bids in Total

[…]The post $2.6 Million Bids for Just One Ethereum Name, $13.5 Million Bids in Total appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Guardant Health adds $360 million to its war chest

 Guardant Health, a four-year-old, Redwood City, Ca.-based biotech company that sells blood tests to track and potentially detect cancer, has raised a whopping $360 million from investors, bringing its total funding to $550 million. SoftBank led the round, with participation from … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Palestinian Government Said to Be Considering a Bitcoin-Like Currency

Palestine's monetary authority is reportedly looking to create its own digital currency.Source | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Content is Everything (or Why CMOs Fail)

Content is king. — Bill Gates CMOs tend to survive only a tad over two years . There's a reason. While they're supposed to b... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For May 12th, 2017

Hey, it's HighScalability time: Earth's surface is covered with accidental hidden le... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Twitter CFO thinks WH press briefings via Twitter are a great idea!

 As President Trump continues to degrade our democracy and diminish the freedom of the press, Twitter’s CFO/COO Anthony Noto sees a marketing opportunity. @realDonaldTrump May I suggest questions submitted and answered via Twitter. A perfect record and we distribute to the world … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung is releasing another Tizen-based smartphone

Samsung has announced it will release another Tizen-based smartphone, the Z4, later this month. The latest entry in the Z line is a budget device aimed at developing markets, with the low-end specs to match:4.5-inch WVGA 480 × 800 displayQuad-core 1.5GHz processor1GB of RAM 5MP r … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

UK startup Improbable picks up improbable $502m investment

UK-based Improbable recently raised a 502 million dollar investment from the Japanese media conglomerate SoftBank. The company’s share in the VR startup will be non-controlling (within 50 percent), meaning that Improbable’s worth is now estimated to be over one billion dollars. A … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Why using AI in policing decisions risks race and class bias

AI is rocking the world of policing — and the consequences are still unclear. British police are poised to go live with a predictive artificial intelligence system that will help officers assess the risk of suspects re-offending. SEE ALSO: Mark this as the moment when United trol … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A New Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Ebola virus has emerged again in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and brought along two of its primary symptoms: confusion and misinformation.Earlier this morning, the World Health Organization announced that on May 11, the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of th … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

UK hospitals hit with massive ransomware attack

A massive ransomware attack has shut down work at 16 hospitals across the United Kingdom. According to The Guardian, the attack began at roughly 12:30PM local time, freezing systems and encrypting files. When employees tried to access the computers, they were presented with a dem … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The OnePlus 5 could be the phone that destroys Samsung's Galaxy S8

Hold on to your butts because the mother of all leaks for the OnePlus 5, one of the most anticipated phones of the year, has hit the interwebs.If these are indeed the specs for the OnePlus 5, which we've confirmed arrives this summer, then Samsung and every other Android phone ma … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

An audio tour of this week in news: Microsoft Build and the Echo Show

Welcome back. This week’s episode of The Vergecast comes after Microsoft Build 2017, so Nilay and Dieter bring in Ashley Carman and first-time guest Chaim Gartenberg, two of our great Circuit Breaker reporters, to fill us in on what happened. The cast also discusses Amazon’s newe … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Create a thriving online business — and learn to do it at your price

No one wants to always be workin’ for the man, man. Start charting your own destiny once you understand how to build an online business with the help of this Start a Side Business course bundle. Right now, you can get this entire package of 21st century business training for any … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Large-scale ransomware attack is spreading through hospitals, banks, and telcos

A massive cyber attack has crippled the IT systems of several NHS hospitals across England, forcing several trusts to redirect emergency patients, and causing chaos. According to The Guardian, computers in several NHS England hospitals have been simultaneously struck, locking cli … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Zusammenfassung: Microsoft Build 2017 Keynote in unter 14 Minuten

Wer es nicht geschafft haben sollte, sich die Microsoft Keynote zur Build 2017 im Livestream anzugucken und über ein reduziertes Zeitkonto verfügt. Die Kollegen aus den USA haben einen Zusammenschnitt produziert, der das Wichtigste der Entwicklerkonferenz... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung and LG are fighting to expand OLED display production

A new report claims LG and Samsung are fighting to expand production of OLED display panels, even as rumors of a supply crunch persist. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Copywriting & UX: Why Copywriters Need Wireframes

Wireframes are a visual guide to elements on a web page. To be a great copywriter, you need a solid understanding of wireframes and how to use them. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Five Reasons Why the Comey Affair Is Worse Than Watergate

The tangled affair now known as Watergate began 45 years ago, before most of today’s U.S. population had even been born. (The median age of Americans is about 38, so most people in the country were born in 1979 or thereafter.) Thus for most people “Watergate” is a historical allu … | Continue reading | 7 years ago