Olympus Pen F is a slick, powerful camera that caters to film nostalgics

Olympus keeps tugging at our heartstrings with digital cameras that resemble film cameras.Having remastered the single-lens reflex (SLR) into a desirable and powerful compact interchangeable camera with the OM-D series, Olympus has set its sights on reinventing the rangefinder to … | Continue reading

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Video: Wie Samsung das Galaxy S7 vor Wasser schützen will

Trotz aller Marketing-Hudeleien, die das neue Galaxy S7 und Galaxy S7 Edge als wasserfest deklarieren – Tauchgänge sollten mit dem Smartphone nicht gemacht werden. Der YouTuber JerryRigEverything hat sich das aktuelle Samsung-Flaggschif... | Continue reading

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US Gov to impose component restrictions on ZTE

ZTE is to face a tough time doing business in the USA, as the government is planning to restrict the company from purchasing components from within the country. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 3 years ago

Transaction Bottleneck Could Kill Bitcoin, NYU Academic Warns

Bitcoin’s growth – not government regulation – could kill bitcoin, according to one financial industry observer. David Yermack, chairman of the New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business finance department, told Fortune Magazine that bitcoin’s growth has jammed its paymen … | Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel will host the Emmys this year

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards this year, Deadline reports. Kimmel has hosted the television-centric awards show once before, in 2012. Continue reading… | Continue reading

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Score one free drink a day with Hooch, a subscription-based cocktail app

Hooch, which just launched in LA, is a subscription-based app that gives its members one cocktail a day for just $9.99 per month. Yes, we’re being serious. For less than the price of one cocktail, you can get one free drink each day at your choice of dozens of bars around New Yor … | Continue reading

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A regular inkjet printer can be used to spoof smartphone fingerprint scanners

Researchers at Michigan State University have shown how a regular inkjet printer using conductive inks can be used to unlock finger scanners using fingerprints printed on paper. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 3 years ago

The second-generation Atlas robot sets a high watermark for humanoid robotics

The 2nd generation Atlas robot can rival humans in its ability to walk across snowy, uneven terrain. | Continue reading

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Coding expertise awaits in the Complete Web Developer Course (92% off)

Looking for a Web-based career? Basic coding has become a fundamental requirement for employment in the digital world, but the good news is that resources are now available for you to become a full-fledged, employable coder with top level instruction. The Complete Web Developer C … | Continue reading

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There are about 50m Apple users who should feel pretty worried right now

It’s definitely easier to find someone commenting on the iPhone/FBI standoff than it is to find out exactly how many people use iPhones and iPads. But that number, particularly those people using iOS 7 or below, is pretty crucial if you look at one latest comment piece on the top … | Continue reading

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Watch Obama say goodbye to the MythBusters

After a 13-year run, the final episode of MythBusters' final season aired this weekend, and a reunion special featured a goodbye from a few special guests. President Barack Obama himself recorded a farewell to the show's hosts, sharing some memories and thanking them for "inspiri … | Continue reading

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Are modules the way forward or a flash in the pan?

The biggest mobile curve ball of recent memory has got to be LG's introduction of modular design in the LG G5. But with a long and largely unsuccessful history in tech, are modules really the way forward? | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 3 years ago

Bitcoin Investment Trust is a “Dumb Investment” Despite Profit Growth

Whenever a company in the Bitcoin space reaches a significant milestone of investment, there are those who oppose the entire idea of using digital currency in the first place. Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC) recently released some details on how they surpassed the US$65m … | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 3 years ago

SoftBank to split Japan business from overseas operations, including Sprint and Alibaba stakes

(By Supantha Mukherjee, Reuters) – Japanese telecoms conglomerate SoftBank Group Corp said it would separate its domestic business from overseas operations to better manage its mobile and broadband investments across the world. The overseas unit would include SoftBank’s stakes in … | Continue reading

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Content Marketer Spotlight: Ashley Taylor Anderson, Ceros

Every day, marketers face an endless list of tasks and deadlines. We’re always itching to get the next to-do crossed off our list, so we sometimes gloss over the creative process in order to get down to business.  But as Ashley Taylor Anderson, Director of Content at Ceros, notes … | Continue reading

@content4demand.com | 3 years ago

Staff Finder, the on-demand marketplace for temporary staff, bags €20M from One Peak and Goldman Sachs

Staff Finder, the European on-demand marketplace for temporary staffing, has closed a funding round led by One Peak Partners and Goldman Sachs Private Capital. Terms of the investment isn’t being disclosed, however sources tell TechCrunch that the round is in the region of €20 mi … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Go F*cking Work for Chrome insults you into keeping focused

I’m all about finding the best ways to optimize my day, and Go F*cking work for Chrome is a fantastic extension that guilt-trips you into stopping your procrastination. All you need to do is install the extension, put in some sites you want to be banned from visiting during work … | Continue reading

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Millennials: Industrious, idealistic and in control

Millennials are now the majority. This year, the 18-to 34-year-old millennial generation (or Gen Y) is set to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest living generation, with 75.3 million versus 74.9 million Boomers, according to Pew. They are also the largest generational group in t … | Continue reading

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As losses mount for SoundCloud, the music startup hires its first CRO, NBCU’s Alison Moore

SoundCloud — the audio streaming startup approaching 200 million users whose catalogue is based around user-generated content — has struggled with mounting losses and label licensing, while it plans new monetizing features. Now, it has hired an exec to tackle those challenges hea … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Darth Maul - Apprentice: Imposanter Fan-Movie nicht nur für Star-Wars-Fans

Jetzt, wo wahrscheinlich die allermeisten den letzten Star Wars gesehen haben dürften, geht die Zeit des Wartens los. Bis aber Episode 8 ansteht, wird noch einiges an Zeit vergehen. Zum Glück gibt es so wahnsinnige Fans wie jene von T7 Pr... | Continue reading

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Canada’s Execution Labs shuts game accelerator and moves upstream to larger investments

After three years, Canada’s Execution Labs has decided to shut its game startup accelerator program. Now it is transitioning to doing fewer, more custom investments in independent game studios. The effort shows that making fewer bets on more advanced startups may yield better res … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

Skyhook launches its new Personas to help solve a $100B industry problem

EXCLUSIVE: Location-based marketing is still stuck in the past. Whether you’re sending a coupon to a customer because GPS says they’re near your store, switching up the creative on your app in-store thanks to smart beacons, or serving an in-app advertisement thanks to a Wi-Fi SSI … | Continue reading

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Event Budget: Darauf müssen Planer achten

Ein sinnvolles Event Budget festzulegen, kann Planer vor einige Herausforderungen stellen. An welche Posten Eventmanager und Veranstaltungsplaner bei der Berechnung des Budgets denken müssen, fasst die Infografik von Planning Pod anschaulich zusammen.Dabei geht die Infografik auf … | Continue reading

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Move from event to impact

Move from event to impact: Focus news stories on MOI. Want to reach more readers? Position your message in the readers’ best interest. | Continue reading

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How to Leverage the Power of P.S. in Sales Emails

Learn how to use the P.S. in your sales emails to get more recipients to click on the offer you're proposing and take the action you want. | Continue reading

@xoombi.com | 3 years ago

Google’s AMP: The Fun and User-Friendly Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

How does Google's AMP Project affect you? Discover what you need to know about Accelerated Mobile Pages and creating mobile-optimized content. | Continue reading

@copyblogger.com | 3 years ago

6 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Employee Advocacy Program

Too often, employee advocacy programs fail their members. Avoid these mistakes to build a program that empowers both a brand and its team. | Continue reading

@convinceandconvert.com | 3 years ago

How To Track Your Marketing Objectives To Focus On 10X Growth

How do you set clear marketing objectives and measure progress in Google Analytics to focus on 10X growth? Discover how with this post + step-by-step guide. | Continue reading

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BMW’s insane car of the future replaces dashboards with augmented reality

BMW is in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, it just rolled out the Vision Next 100 concept at its Munich headquarters. By all appearances, it's one of the most insane concept cars BMW has ever conceived.If you squint your eyes, you can stil … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

Event TV: Behind-the-scenes at the Candy Crush castle with Jack Morton

Suzi Thrift, production director at Jack Morton, revealed how King Digital Entertainment's Candy Crush castle was created during an interview on the structure's launch night (2 March). | Continue reading

@eventmagazine.co.uk | 3 years ago

Oliver May wechselt zu HRS

Die Unternehmensgruppe HRS richtet sich unter der Positionierung "HRS Global Hotel Solutions" strategisch aus auf das Geschäft mit global tätigen Großkonzernen. Hierfür wurde auch die Führungsmannschaft erweitert. Die Verantwortung für den MICE-Sektor übernimmt Oliver May als Glo … | Continue reading

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4 Ways to Blow Your Marketing Budget

Are you sinking valuable marketing dollars into methods that won't pay off? | Continue reading

@inboundmarketingagents.com | 3 years ago

How to Know if You Care About Your Customers Enough

Guest post by Jay Baer (@jaybaer), author of the new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, Let‘s face it: choosing whether or not you hug your haters isn‘t about you knowing how to do so, it‘s about whether doing so aligns with the values of yo … | Continue reading

@briansolis.com | 3 years ago

Morning Shootaround — March 7

VIDEO: The Fast Break from Sunday’s action around the NBA NEWS OF THE MORNING The Warriors were due for a game like this | Lebron’s tweets can cause nightmares … if you let them | Gentry, Pelicans ready to look to the future? | Curry skeptical he could ever top Kobe’s 81 No. 1: T … | Continue reading

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Genovation GXE: Schnellstes E-Auto mit Straßenzulassung (Video)

Der Genovation GXE ist eine hochgetunte, elektrifizierte Corvette und darf sich nun "schnellstes E-Auto mit Straßenzulassung" nennen. Das bestätigt zumindest die International Mile Racing Association. Die Chevy Corvette schaffte in eine... | Continue reading

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There's a nice surprise waiting for you at the start of The Division

Ubisoft has seemingly kept one rather substantial secret about The Division up its sleeves prior to the launch, with a nice surprise waiting for players in their first moments with the game. Needless to say, should you want to go in unspoiled you should turn away now. The opening … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 3 years ago

Canadian Stock Exchange Hires Bitcoin Wiz to Explore Blockchain Tech

In what is quickly becoming a recurring theme among stock exchanges around the world, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is exploring blockchain technology applications for securities trading and clearing. The foray into understanding blockchain or distributed ledgers, the technolo … | Continue reading

@cryptocoinsnews.com | 3 years ago

The Brain Science Behind Business Storytelling

Kendall Haven, story consultant and pioneer in the neural and cognitive science of story, joins the Business of Story Podcast to share the latest discoveries in the field and to illustrate how to merge themes and messages into powerful story architecture. | Continue reading

@convinceandconvert.com | 3 years ago

Content Marketing Operations: Best Practices to Calm the Chaos

Here are some best practices that will serve every company in building a content marketing operation that tames the beast of content marketing chaos. | Continue reading

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Neue Impulse in EMEA: Wyndham Hotel Group bringt Super 8 nach Deutschland (FOTO)

Wyndham Hotel Group: Berlin (ots) - Das EMEA-Portfolio der Wyndham Hotel Group ist stärker als je zuvor. 2015 wurde mit 38 neuen Hotels und damit insgesamt 440 Hotels in der EMEA-Region bereits ein deutliches Wachstum erreicht. Diese Dynamik wird sich auch 2016 ... | Continue reading

@presseportal.de | 3 years ago

HTC 10 spotted again in new renders

Leaked renders of the upcoming HTC 10 flagship show of four possible color options and a curved metal unibody design. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 3 years ago

Is Nvidia’s PhysX causing AMD frame rate problems?

There's a rumor going around that blames AMD's low Gears of War performance on Nvidia's PhysX API. The truth is somewhat more complicated, and there's no clear answer as to what's harming AMD's performance at the moment. | Continue reading

@extremetech.com | 3 years ago

IST unter den Top-Instituten in Deutschland

Die IST-Hochschule und das IST-Studieninstitut gehören zu den beliebtesten Fernhochschulen und Fernschulen Deutschlands. Das ist das Ergebnis des FernstudiumCheck Reports 2015/2016 des Bewertungsportals FernstudiumCheck.de, für den fast 10.000 Erfahrungsberichte und Bewertungen v … | Continue reading

@events-magazin.de | 3 years ago

Property Partner lands £15.9M to scale up real estate crowdfunding platform

In any conversation I have about London’s fintech space, property crowdfunding platform Property Parter is almost certain to come up. The startup which lets you invest from as little as £50 in residential property — or the so-called the ‘buy to let’ market, as it’s called here in … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

BBVA continues its fintech acquisition run, buys Holvi, an online-only business bank

Spanish banking giant BBVA has made another M&A play as it looks for a bigger role in the next generation of financial services: today the company has announced the acquisition of Holvi, an online-only bank for entrepreneurs and SMBs based out of Finland. (“Holvi” means “vault” i … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

How to Engage Readers AND Grow Your Reader Base

Continue reading

@writingontheweb.com | 3 years ago

King of SaaS, Tom Tunguz on the perfect time for investing and the impact of late stage investors

Last week following volatility in global stock markets, I had the opportunity to check in with Tom Tunguz to discuss macro-economics and the public markets and explore the wider implications of their effects on early stage startups. Read More | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

First Click: Google AI vs. Go, Galaxy S7 vs. S7 Edge, and more in the week ahead

Google’s DeepMind will be taking on the world’s best Go player this week in what’s shaping up to be the 21st century’s take on Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov — the 1997 event that saw a reigning world chess champion defeated by a computer. The ancient Chinese board game of Go, howe … | Continue reading

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