Please Bring Back Our Downvotes: Society Desperately Needs It

Don’t listen to Zuck, the internet is not a ‘safe place’ for us to be coddled like children. | Continue reading | 4 minutes ago

The Orbiter space cimulator I

It's been a while ...Dear Orbiter users and developers,I haven't been around this place in quite some time, and for personal reasons haven't been able to push Orbiter development along for a few years now. In order to keep Orbiter alive and allow others to work on it, I have deci … | Continue reading | 5 minutes ago

Blue Origin has a secret project named “Jarvis” to compete with SpaceX

“This is the difference between taking a profit and a loss on New Glenn launches." | Continue reading | 6 minutes ago

Duolingo IPO: language learning app’s stock goes public on the Nasdaq

Shares will begin trading at $102 each with the company hoping to raise $520 million. | Continue reading | 9 minutes ago

World Federation of ADHD International Consensus: 208 Evidence-Based Conclusions

Misconceptions about ADHD stigmatize affected people, reduce credibility of providers, and prevent/delay treatment. To challenge misconceptions, we cu… | Continue reading | 10 minutes ago

Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020

When a team of scientists began analyzing events that influenced the world's climate in 2020, they made sure to consider the pandemic-related lockdowns that reduced emissions and led to clearer skies over many cities. | Continue reading | 11 minutes ago

Volkswagen's 1 litre car (2013)

Continue reading | 12 minutes ago

The Right Wing Media Wurlitzer Blew A Fuse Over The First Jan. 6 Hearing

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things. Noise,... | Continue reading | 12 minutes ago

GAMI Awarded Long-Awaited Approval for Unleaded 100-Octane Aviation Gas

After more than three decades of research and development, general aviation finally has an approved unleaded 100-octane fuel. At AirVenture on Tuesday, the FAA formally awarded a supplemental type certificate (STC) to General Aviation Modifications Inc., the Ada, Oklahoma, compan … | Continue reading | 13 minutes ago

Show HN: What I learned from my crowdfunding campaign

Listen to this episode from Wannabe Entrepreneur on Spotify. In today's episode, I will speak about why I think creating a kickstarter campaign is a great way to train multiple entrepreneurial skills and I will share what I have learned from my own campaign Relevant links: My so … | Continue reading | 14 minutes ago

South Up, NZ Centric, Equal Earth Map

(Yes, I’m back on my bullshit!) Regular readers may remember that I’m trying to create an “Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality” map. That is, a map with a Gall… | Continue reading | 16 minutes ago

Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupted on Wednesday, spewing a massive column of smoke and ash into the sky. | Continue reading | 17 minutes ago

Solastalgia and doomism: new climate lingo boggles the mind

One of the annoying things about global warming—besides the likelihood it will ravage life on Earth—is all the new words we are expected to learn in order to track our descent into climate chaos. | Continue reading | 17 minutes ago

Wu-Tang Clan Album Once Owned by Martin Shkreli Sold by U.S. Government

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Scaling with common sense #2: Being future ready

An assortment of common sense ideas and practices that we follow at Zerodha for being future ready with our software, systems, and our organisation. | Continue reading | 18 minutes ago

Tech Companies Should Plan for Hong Kong's Precarious Future

Authorities haven’t cracked down on Google and Facebook — yet. This is the moment they should protect their users. | Continue reading | 18 minutes ago

Supabase Storage Beta

Supabase Storage moves into Beta. | Continue reading | 20 minutes ago

Show HN: Raider – a web authentication testing framework

Authentication testing framework. Contribute to DigeeX/raider development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading | 20 minutes ago

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want." | Continue reading | 20 minutes ago

Supernova explosions are sustained by neutrinos from neutron stars, a new observation suggests

A model for supernova explosions first proposed in the 1980s has received strong support from the observation by RIKEN astrophysicists of titanium-rich plumes emanating from a remnant of such an explosion. | Continue reading | 26 minutes ago

Isaac Newton’s forgotten years as a cosmopolitan Londoner

Steve Donoghue in The Christian Science Monitor: Many of us tend to like our geniuses as neatly lovable caricatures. And when it comes to Isaac Newton, we tend to envision a virtually disembodied intellect who was inspired by a falling apple to revolutionize physics from the quie … | Continue reading | 27 minutes ago

Ecuador revokes citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

An Ecuadorian court on Monday ruled in favor of revoking the citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a judgment published by the Judicial Branch of Ecuador. | Continue reading | 28 minutes ago

Finding the source of the impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs

The impactor believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms on Earth some 66 million years ago likely came from the outer half of the main asteroid belt, a region previously thought to produce few impactors. Researchers from Southwest Research Institute have shown … | Continue reading | 28 minutes ago

Study: Letting cats decide when to be petted avoids hostility and increases their affection

Experts in feline behavior and welfare at Nottingham Trent University also found that paying close attention to cats' behavior and body language and thinking about where to stroke them were key when improving interactions between cats and people. | Continue reading | 28 minutes ago

Safety profiles of AZ and Pf vacc wrt blood clots are similar, study finds

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The Cancer Custodians

Lina Zeldovich in Nautilus: Part of Dennis Plenker’s daily job is growing cancer. And a variety of different ones, too. Depending on the day and the project, different tumors may burgeon in the petri dishes stocked in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where Plenker works as a res … | Continue reading | 31 minutes ago

Review Wizergos Low-Code Platform (

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Google introduces strike-based system against advertisers who violate policies

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Swiping right on jabs: dating app adds Covid vaccine badges in Australia

Popular overseas, vaccine badges are rolling out locally on online dating platforms like Bumble. But with access to a Covid jab still a concern, one CEO urges caution | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

Apple Watch data inconsistent (if extracted from proprietary SDK)

The data isn’t reliable for some studies, researchers say. | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

Turning Diapers into Sticky Notes

Every year, 3.5 million metric tons of sodden diapers end up in landfills. | Continue reading | 40 minutes ago

External IPv6 addresses for VM instances is now in General Availability

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De-anonymization Story

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The explosive Brexit spat that no one is talking about could slam the UK economy

Boris Johnson has spent decades agitating against the European Union and the last five years battling to free the United Kingdom from the shackles of regulation from Brussels. Now he's in the awkward position of finding himself at the mercy of EU leaders for permission to rejoin … | Continue reading | 43 minutes ago

OKdo launches the first official Raspberry Pi recycling initiative

OKdo Renew offers customers the opportunity to return selected Raspberry Pi boards for a reward London, UK, 28th July 2021 | Continue reading | 43 minutes ago

A 'greener' process for extracting compounds from agricultural and food waste

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have identified a 'greener' process for extracting health-promoting molecules found in agricultural and food waste, which can be repurposed in products such as skincare and pharmaceuticals. | Continue reading | 44 minutes ago

The thinnest CD-RW: Atomic-scale data storage possible

Using a focused laser beam, scientists can manipulate properties of nanomaterials, thus 'writing' information onto monolayer materials. By this means, the thinnest light disk at atomic level was demonstrated. | Continue reading | 44 minutes ago

Could A La Carte Session Selection Increase Virtual Event Registrations?

Attendees at virtual events usually have to register before seeing a schedule, but some events and platforms are shifting the paradigm. Could giving them more information and choice upfront help drive registration? | Continue reading | 46 minutes ago

GCC 11.2 Released

Continue reading | 52 minutes ago

Show HN: What are the hottest IPOs each week?

Every week we highlight the most popular companies from our readers in the IPO world. | Continue reading | 56 minutes ago

Northern Ireland's COVID certification service suspended after data leak

Northern Ireland's Department of Health (DoH) has temporarily halted its COVID-19 vaccine certification web service and mobile apps following a data exposure incident. | Continue reading | 56 minutes ago

Nissan and Bandai Namco team up to create new car sounds

Nissan has joined forces with experts at Bandai Namco to create a new set of warning signals!The new sounds are easily understood and full of feeling, changi... | Continue reading | 56 minutes ago

How political beef threatens to destabilize and fragment the internet

International power plays are a threat to a stable, open internet. Here's what's at stake, and how cyberspace could become siloed. | Continue reading | 57 minutes ago

Tokyo Reports Record Covid-19 Infections; Olympics Continue

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Walmart teams with Adobe to offer e-commerce tech for US SMBs

Walmart, Adobe - e-commerce for SMBs | Continue reading | 58 minutes ago

Show HN: Birthday Board – A birthday card alternative for remote co-workers

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Notice on Accelerating the Large-Scale Deployment and Application of IPv6

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Blizzard is encouraging its own employees to attend Wednesday’s walkout with PTO

Blizzard offers angry employees its blessing to protest | Continue reading | 1 hour ago