Who Was ZYZZ?

Zyzz attracted one of the greatest cult followings in fitness. But who was he, how did he do it and what happened to the man behind ZYZZ?--------------------... | Continue reading

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Carbon Pricing Efficacy: Cross-Country Evidence (2020)

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New study show electric fields can improve efficiency of wastewater purification

Given its environmental toxicity, ammonia is removed during wastewater purification and then used for fertilizers or fuel. However, this process is very energy and chemical intensive. Now, researchers have shown that the application of an external electric field can greatly enhan … | Continue reading

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With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies (2018)

By mapping notes to letters, some musicians sneak secret words into tunes. | Continue reading

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‘Land Acknowledgments’ Are Just Moral Exhibitionism

These statements relieve the speaker and the audience of the responsibility to think about Indigenous peoples, at least until the next public event. | Continue reading

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Exploring Excelize with Go

Have you ever needed to wrangle data into Excel in an automated way? Excelize and Go let you do exactly that. | Continue reading

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The Muse (YC W12) Is Hiring a Senior Front End Engineer

Find our Senior Front-End Engineer job description for The Muse, as well as other career opportunities that the company is hiring for. | Continue reading

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CSS Animation Weekly #277

This week we're exploring animated landing pages, a load of cool practical guides and more!❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks | Continue reading

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How to display scoped labels inside free version of GitLab

Display scoped labels inside free version of GitLab with the help of Greasemonkey a user script manager for Firefox web-browser. | Continue reading

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With Delta having an R_0 = 5-6 the R_0 of Omicron would be around 10-30

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Omicron poses high global risk, world must prepare -WHO

The heavily mutated Omicron coronavirus variant is likely to spread internationally and poses a very high risk of infection surges that could have "severe consequences" in some places, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday. | Continue reading

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45+ Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals Available Now

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals are here. Shop Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deals on tech, headphones, TVs, vacuums, and more. | Continue reading

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Amazon Linux 2022 Offers Competitive Performance Against Ubuntu, CentOS

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Raspberry Pi Plans $500m Spring Listing

The listing could see Raspberry Pi valued at $500m | Continue reading

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Baby owls sleep face down: their necks are too weak to support their heads

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Should You Still Use Docker Swarm in 2021

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The Last Playboys

The best ever with the most beautiful women ever in the very best time of history. They won’t come back. They have left us the memory of their exploits. They lived at 180 miles an hour and mocked life. Different but the same in being gentlemen. They knew women, they loved them, t … | Continue reading

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Decorated mammoth ivory pendant is 41,500 years old

The pendant is the oldest example of a style that swept Paleolithic Europe. | Continue reading

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Successfully improving function call performance

We haven’t had much luck in our attempts to improve the runtime performance of Elm’s function calls, until now. | Continue reading

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Lena Is Retired

As an open source author, I will not assist or waste time implementing support for any new image/video/GPU texture file format that is not f... | Continue reading

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1958 proposal to dam the Bering Strait, nuclear powered propellers to melt pole

Arkady Markin, Soviet engineer; Proposed that the United States and Soviet Union build a gigantic dam across the Bering Strait and use nuclear power–driven propeller pumps to push the warm Pacific cur | Continue reading

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The Unique Hot Sauce We Love Now Comes in an Even Hotter Version (and It’s 20% Off)

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Alaska and United Work on Summer Plans During a Quiet Weekend

It was a quiet, peaceful weekend in Airlineville as families got together and celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. They were all feeling pretty thankful for the light at the end of the pandemic tun… | Continue reading

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The Surprising Architecture in Bees' Honeycombs

The insects’ hives are more complicated than researchers thought | Continue reading

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The Best Lowe's and Home Depot Cyber Monday Deals from DeWalt, Milwaukee and More

Cyber Monday home improvement deals are here. Shop Lowe’s and Home Depot Cyber Monday deals on drills, smart home gear, grills, home security, and more. | Continue reading

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Nix is the ultimate DevOps toolkit

At Channable we use Nix to build and deploy our services and to manage ourdevelopment environments. This was not always the case: in the past we useda combination of ecosystem-specific tools and custom scripts to glue themtogether. Consolidating everything with Nix has helped us … | Continue reading

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V a D O

## use your legs | Continue reading

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The Case of the Recursive Resolvers

On September 30th 2021, Slack had an outage that impacted less than 1% of our online user base, and lasted for 24 hours. This outage was the result of our attempt to enable DNSSEC — an extension intended to secure the DNS protocol, required for FedRAMP Moderate — but which ultima … | Continue reading

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Disney’s Influence on U.S. Copyright Law

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Rich Millennials Uninterested in Financial Advisers

Wealthy young investors don’t see much use for the wealth-management firms their parents rely on. They would rather pick their own stocks or plow their money into crypto. | Continue reading

@wsj.com | 1 hour ago

$5B hoard of metal the world wants but can’t have

Experts say a raw aluminum stockpile in Vietnam is the biggest they have ever seen. | Continue reading

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The robot that can write poetry and create artworks

When people think of artificial intelligence, the images that often come to mind are of the sinister robots that populate the worlds of "The Terminator," "i, Robot," "Westworld," and "Blade Runner." For many years, fiction has told us that AI is often used for evil rather than fo … | Continue reading

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The Best Cyber Monday Laptop Deals: Chromebooks, Gaming Laptops and PCs

Cyber Monday laptop deals here. Shop Cyber Monday deals on MacBooks, Chromebooks, gaming laptops, Windows Ultrabooks and more. | Continue reading

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New technology tackles London's air pollution problem

Air pollution problems on the streets of London are nothing new, but some of the newest solutions to air pollution problems seem to be coming from Green Tomato Cars on the city streets. CNN's Max Foster reports. | Continue reading

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The Best Cyber Monday Smart TV Deals from Samsung, Vizio, TCL and LG

Cyber Monday TV deals are here. Shop Cyber Monday deals on smart TVs, LED and OLED TVs, TV accessories and streaming devices from brands like LG, Samsung, TCL, and Vizio. | Continue reading

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Flow-field.js – A library for generating flow fields

A library for generating flow fields. Contribute to romellogoodman/flow-field.js development by creating an account on GitHub. | Continue reading

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Backblaze Safety Freeze

I have a server that's been running backblaze for backups for years, and it's never been a problem. A couple of days ago, we noticed on the... | Continue reading

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Envision VM (Part 3), Atoms and Data Storage

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Vertigo AI

To make this version of ‘Vertigo’, an artificial intelligence computer watched Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film 20 times | Continue reading

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It’s Time to Fear the Fungi

Humans have long been protected from fungal infections. Climate change could ruin that. | Continue reading

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Ask HN: iOS Mail Client with customizable “From” field?

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Are men animals?

Diagnosing men as violent and oversexed beasts is tempting but it’s a regressive idea built on dubious analogies | Continue reading

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The 215+ Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 2021

We've found a ton of Cyber Monday deals from Amazon. Shop the best Cyber Monday deals on robot vacuums, Amazon devices, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Samsung TVs and more. | Continue reading

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Other primates self-medicate – and what they could teach us

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What You’re Doing Is Proof of Quantum Theory

Nobody understands quantum mechanics,” Richard Feynman famously said. Long after Max Planck’s discovery in 1900 that energy comes… | Continue reading

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Unmanned high-speed vessel achieves breakthrough in dynamic cooperative techno

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Case for Simplicity and Client Satisfaction

Software engineers love complexity. Complexity is an inherent part of writing software because the medium itself (programming languages) is complex on its own. When you put together with it the discipline of doing software engineering, where you add time constraints, customers, b … | Continue reading

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